10,000 V3 piles a year! Tesla super charging pile started

According to Tesla China Charging Team on February 3, Tesla super charging piles have begun to make a country, the first batch of domestic V3 piles have been laid offline. Previously, Tesla China has confirmed that the annual production capacity of Shanghai Charging Pile Factory is 10,000, all V3 piles and has no export programs.

According to Tesla China Charging Team February 1, Tesla has only 20,000 super charging piles worldwide, with about 5,800 of them in China. If you calculate the above message, by the end of 2021, the domestic super charge is expected to exceed 15,000, and it will become a single market that has the world ‘s number of Tesla super charges.

In addition to the super charging pile, as of February 1, Tesla also charged more than 1,800 destination charging piles in China.

The domestic car owners complained in the day, the localization is poor, the localization is poor, but there is a key factor, we can’t ignore, Tesla is a foreign company, many aspects have a natural brand natural advantage. . If you give them time, it is not entirely impossible to capture and even surpass domestic brands.

If you really have to compare, it can only be a matter of the experience of the United States, the local users of Tesla, and the owner of Xiaopeng car owners. We believe that, waiting for it, Xiaopeng is really going out of the country. When they fight with Tesla, they don’t necessarily be better than Tesla. What do you think?

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