12 km of the downtown, driving zero-takeover, Huawei didn’t brag, arcfox polar fox alpha s Huawei Hi version really played? !

This morning, we were in the main road of Pudong New Area, and even the residential area of ​​the human car mixed. ARCFOX, Arpha, who was equipped with Huawei automatic driving technology, took 12 km, full of zero Intervention (hereinafter referred to as Alpha s).

The reason why it will come to Shanghai to test the automatic driving of this car, because of the 2021 analyst meeting on Monday, Xu Zhunjun said such a paragraph:

“Our team tells me that we are doing the best, of course, I hope that they are the best, blowing cows, I don’t know, they have been able to do automatic driving in the city’s 1000 km, this bit Slaple is much better, you can experience it in Shanghai soon. ”

We thought “very fast”, refers to “first half of the year”, but it didn’t expect it to be less than 100 hours.

What level is 12 km “full zero intervention”? Is it a well-selected “Turndo” road or a random strain limit test? This automatic driving premiere of Huawei and Nepto, is it worth looking forward to?

Don’t worry, let’s answer you slowly.

Huawei automatic driving color geometry?

The “Bitesla strong” on Monday Xu Zhunjun said, “In fact, public opinion has doubts. We have experienced Tesla, Xiaopeng, and a high-level auxiliary driving model, in fact, there is also a concern – isn’t it to brag?

It is necessary to know that Tesla’s FSD Beta is still in the internal test, Xiaopeng’s city NGP will be listed in the fourth quarter, and Huawei has said a “1000 kilometers of zero intervention” in the market, and the automatic driving circle. This is tantamount to a deep water bomb.

Let me first say that our conclusions have been completed this morning test: praise.

This automatic driving test starts from Shanghai Huawei, Shanghai Huawei, Pudong New Area, has experienced multiple crossroads, left / right large curvature city road corner, urban sub-channel (two cars), road traffic in the residential area Wait a scene.

Below we are divided into several specific scenes, talk about Huawei INSIDE automatic driving.

No protection left turn

Nathaniel Fairfield, the headmo behavior team, has not protected to “one of the most difficult things”.

When there is no protection intersection, the driver of the left turn needs to negotiate with the world. Some drivers are decisive and brave, and some are steadily stabilized but hesitate. If you are finished, there is no protection to one of the scenes of the driver’s experience and judgment.

Similarly, no protection left is also a “test gold stone” that tests automatic driving.

This is also the most fundamental reason why our Huawei and Alpha s is stunned today – Huawei Ads (Autonomous Driving Solution) has a robust and solid, and there is no need to manually intervene in the left turnover port encountered.

The only special limit scene, there is no protection left in the intersection of the double lane. At that time, the vehicle was twice a row, we thought that they had to quit, and they didn’t go. But I can’t think of the end or after adjustment.

But more importantly, all the intersections we have encountered, this alpha s did not prompt the takeover. “Resolute” and “Decisions” are Huawei ADS to turn left, and even give us the deepest impression in the test.

This is the essence of “hesitation” with some of our models we tested.

2. Correct

Perception, decision, execution, this is three items of the automatic driving architecture.

The “execution” is the most direct experience in the occupant, because the execution will express the specific action of the vehicle, the unprotected left turn above is a example.

Another mainstream scenario reflects automatic driving execution capabilities is a variant.

Huawei ADS is equivalent to the variability of the Alpha S version.

The test vehicle opened the Huawei Institute of China. After the safety officer turned right. After the two down the lever opened the automatic driving, the vehicle was almost ten seconds, and completed the first time the first time was changed from the middle lane to the left lane. process. The whole process is smooth, and the human driver is completely different.

At first we think this “silky smooth” should only appear in a more empty section. But the whole process runs down, even if it is a busy road, even the traffic segment, Huawei ADS has a very “old driver”.

A very worth mentioning scene is “Take a trip”, that is, the current car flows, turns to the next doorway.

For example, the scene above is a typical “tricking”. Here, the system is red, not the “takeover” in the traditional sense, but reminds the driver to pay attention to the environment around the vehicle, the actual variability is still humanized, and the change is reduced.

The same humanization, is also reflected in deceleration.

The above scene is that we drive in the empty left lane, the right lane is in a congestion state, and there is a car convex. At this time, ADS performs a linear deceleration and is taunt.

3. Cose

Cension, or the front car is closely inserted, is a typical urban road driving scene, and is one of the “Everest” of the city automatic driving. This is said that it is necessary to deal with the gallop scene, it is necessary to automatically drive the perception: 1. Spa in response, 2. Perceptual range, 3. High sense accuracy. The mainstream opinion in the industry is that the pure visual program is difficult to delegate the archway of the urban road.

So the laser radar is hoped and is considered to be a “weapon” that solves the complex scene of the urban slow road segment.

This Alpha S Huawei has three laser radar at the head of the HI-style head, located in front of the front and left and right sides, and can cover the view of the vehicle “plug”.

And actually experienced a circle, although obvious experience is only once, but this Alpha S Hi is still successfully perceived, and the automatic driving mode is not exited in time.

4. Avoid a large car

Avoiding large cars and braking efforts, with brake changes, etc., is the operation of checking if the automatic driving system is “humanized”.

At present, the mainstream high-level auxiliary driving system, such as Tesla NOA, Xiaopeng NGP, etc., has achieved the function of avoiding the big car. Huawei ADS is no exception, which we have also experienced the operation of several vaccies several times, and it will not expand it here.

5. Red green light recognition

The traffic logo recognizes the functionality that L2 assists will be equipped, but it has reached a high-order automatic driving, requiring a grade.

Huawei ADS’s red-green lamp identification effect is also worthy of affirmation, and ADS has been recognized in front of the green light, and renders on the big screen.

Huawei, the same car, said that this is the practice of matching high-precision maps in the distance HD camera.

6. Human car mix

Slightly regrettable, we were tested more than 9 o’clock in the morning, and the road conditions were relatively ideal. Even in the people-shaped residential area, there is no very limit of people in a very limit.

The more typical scene is that this electric bicycle brother passes from our head at the intersection. The rendering of Huawei ADS is relatively timely, and she still does not trigger the takeover.

It is worth mentioning that in the residential area, we have experienced a big curvature right, and the processing of Huawei ADS is very smooth.

7. Rendering and display

What needs to be emphasized is that we will test the engineering vehicle. You can see that the central control is an external tablet as a display, and the proportion of the system UI is adapted, and it is also designed according to the size of the tablet.

The engineer told us that the UI menu adapted to adapt the size and proportion of the main control screen, but this does not hinder the rendering ability of our ADS.

The first thing to say is “God mode”, that is, zoom in, zooming in road information identified, narrowing, rotational switching angle, etc. The effect of Huawei ADS is very mature, and the usage is also unparalleled with Tesla AutoPilot.

Secondly, it is rendered after the car during the driving process.

We have experienced auxiliary driving model, most of which are difficult to complete the smooth rendering of the rear vehicle “After the car side → the vehicle side → Super Cars”, but Huawei ADS is timely and smooth, this pair Improve driver confidence is very important.

Then it is marked.

Huawei ADS will label the close-up vehicle as yellow, closer or collision risk, is marked in red.

In addition, the vehicle is performing some operations that require the driver to maintain attention, such as the “tricks” mentioned above, the entire operating area is red, reminding the driver to maintain attention, but “Red” Does not mean that the takeover.

Overall Huawei ADS rendering and display, and its automatic driving performance is worthy of praise. The joining of high-precision map also allows navigation to show better.

After the Huawei ADS

In addition to the experience, we also exchanged with Huawei’s engineers and product managers, and hope to get more “flood”.

“Huawei has more than 7 years in automatic driving, there are 2000 related engineers who do automatic driving”, and the product manager tells us.

She said that Huawei has 200-300 self-employed cars, which are tested on open roads, and the daily road test data is approximately 10 million kilometers.

Algorithm, data, hardware parameters, these three areas are called “iron people” inside Huawei to automatically drive.

Thousands of kilometers a year, Huawei’s data accumulation, as for the other two points, product manager said that Huawei has now had a full stack of algorithm capabilities.

She got an example, “” The (car) is taken down, which is actually a very high demand for the algorithm. ” In addition to perception, including RTK, IMU, fusion map positioning, etc., Huawei has implemented end-to-end “full stack algorithm”.

Hardware, is the old man of Huawei. Product Manager said to us, strong hardware actually requires software and algorithm driver, how large is the central overtime force, but also determine the sensor layout according to the algorithm.

Hold the hardware of the 400tops force, still emphasize the software and algorithm, um, a little Versailles?

Accompanied by the engineers who have finished the road test, it revealed more Huawei ADS’s ability. For example, the engineer said that the current Huawei ADS has organized winter test in the extremely cold area of ​​the north. As for the actual performance, his original words are “no problem in rain and snow”;

For example, Round Island, this is a problem that Tesla FSD Beta multiple versions has not been completely solved. Engineers said that Huawei ADS could have no problem at all, but we did not encounter a circumstances road condition in this test;

There is also a ramp acceleration, that is, some ramps of 3040, actually followed by the speed limit to seriously affect the pass efficiency. The engineer told us that Huawei ADS can realize the actual speed of the lever adjustment ramp, which can pass higher efficiency than the unreasonable speed limit.


After Xiaomi announced the car, we heard a voice from different channels: compared to millet, engineers were more willing to believe in Huawei.

But even if we didn’t think of Northern Air, Huawei is also good, it will say this is a spot.

According to the information of polar fox, Arcfox Nevil Alpha S Huawei will be officially delivered in the fourth quarter, and the urban automatic driving function will be “delivered”, it is the spot.

In addition to Huawei ADS, the car Hongmeng system will also start in the Hi version of Alpha S Huawei. Huawei’s HMS service, end cloud combination, etc., will receive market inspections in the car later in this year.

In addition to the automatic driving ability, what highlights of the extreme fox arcfox Alpha S? Can Huawei have to use this car and become Google in the auto industry?

Tomorrow, that is, the Night of the Arcfox Polar Fox brand, and the Shanghai Auto Show, on the 19th, we know.

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