1200 kilometers of battery life, 100 kilometers fuel consumption 3.8L, BYD’s mixed technology has more cattle

Friends who have fuel cars in the family believe that even small displacements are buying a vegetable car, coupled with the old driver’s gold right foot, so 100 kilometers is nearly six or seven oils. That’s now, if you tell you a hundred kilometers of fuel consumption of only 3.8L, but also a good car for excellent motivation, exquisite design, do you believe? In fact, the above content is the true performance of BYD Qin Plus DM-I. What are the magical things in this car? Let’s take a look.

In terms of appearance, this car continued Long Yan design in BYD in recent years, which is also a classic design of the mainstream aesthetics of the Chinese people. The huge intake grill is matched with a matrix chrome-plated decoration point, so that this truck looks very atmospheric. At the same time, this matrix design can also effectively reduce the heat energy of the vehicle. The arrow headlights are designed, while the highlights of the far light is also quite in place.

The side part of the body, the lower-high body shape plus 4765/1837 / 1495mm size, the overall wheelbase reached 2718mm, although the manufacturer will be positioned as a A-class sedan, but such size is quite excellent. The end of the car, thanks to the overall shape of the body, so that this trolley seems to have both passwords like slippery design. Family-type running lights plus Slogan, which is redesigned by BYD, so that this car looks quite comparable.

The interior section, the car continued BYD to design the annular design used in many models, plus a distinctive central console, so that this trolley looks very young. In order to ensure the experience of subsequent owners, the manufacturer is equipped with an OTA remote upgrade function for this car, allowing this car to always maintain the best use.

As a household buying cars, the biggest highlight is quite strong. On the one hand, the car gives consumers huge storage space, even if there is a child in the home, it will not feel stretched to open this car. The rear floor is flat, coupled with the rear seat 4, 6, can form a flat platform with the trunk after the rear seat 4, 6, which is more convenient to use.

In terms of power, the car adopts inexplicrature 1.5L self-suction engine, maximum power 110 hp, maximum torque 135 Nm. The motor uses two configurations, 55 kilometers of pure battery life version of the model equipped with a maximum power of 180 horsepower, maximum torque 316 Nm, and 120 kilometers of pure battery models are equipped with maximum power. 197 horsepower, maximum torque 325 Nm motor. Two versions of models equipped with the lithium iron phosphate battery electrical cores were 8.32 kWh, respectively, and 18.32 kWh, they can solve the needs of commuting in ordinary cities. At the same time, the charging time will not be too long, which can be described as two.

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