140,000 level 600 kilometers true battery, electric car is popular

Price and life are two key factors that hinder consumers to buy electric vehicles.

In terms of battery life, the car meter is promoted the laboratory testing life, and the actual battery life is often not satisfactory, and in terms of selling price, the subsidy is a head, and the consumers are flicker.

Today, 1000 kilometers “futures” electric cars are hot fried, but consumers can buy electric vehicles in the 10th to 500,000 yuan intervals, still mainly based on battery life 400 or 500 kilometers.

These four or five hundred kilometers of battery models are terrible in terms of ratings, and electric vehicles that are less than 50% of the biennied price rates are all. The model for longer life, such as the limited number of 600 kilometers of Xiaopeng P7, Tesla Model 3 and other models are generally high, and even more than 250,000 yuan.

Endurance and price are difficult to balance, hinder the electric car to enter the ordinary people’s home.

Want to buy a car, there is. Want to buy a high car, there is. I want to buy life and long, have a high configured car, and money is not enough. The cost performance is the biggest hindrance to electric vehicles entering the family.

Geometric a pro

This situation or will change: the price of 148,700, the electric car, 600 kilometers, is coming.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, the third car of geometric cars – geometric a pro low price listing, pulling 600 kilometers of battery life to less than 150,000 yuan in one fell swoop.

One penny, low price into the market, inevitably be suspected by consumers, come together today, look at the geometry A PRO until the fragrance?


70-degree level enjoyment

600 kilometers of battery life, 70 degrees, life is not imaginary.

Geometric A Pro’s power battery pack capacity is 70kWh, is the leader in the same level, or even the leader in the over-level competitive car.

In the model of the A-stage car, the power battery pack capacity of geometric A Pro is 11.2 kWh than Aion S. And Qin Pro Ev, the battery capacity of geometric A PRO is almost, but the hundred kilometers of geometric a can consume 11.66kWh, and the life is 80 kilometers long.

If compared with the B-class car Xiaopeng P7, it is not difficult to see the geometric A Pro battery pack capacity and the endless mileage actually a level level.

Three-electric technology, geometric A Pro is more leaded than Xiaopeng P7, in the case of the power battery pack, the work condition of the geometric A Pro is longer than Xiaopeng P7.

The three-electric technology advantage of geometric a pro is its SEM intelligent energy management system.

Geometric a pro front hatch

SEM Energy Management System, a change in electric vehicle three-power system is a situation in which three power components are integrated, and the response speed is effectively improved, and there is a prominent performance in reducing energy consumption.

Take the geometric A PRO 600km cubic version as an example, its 100 kilometers of energy consumption is as low as 11.66kWh / 100km, while Xiaopeng P7 exceeds 12KWh / 100km.

SEM has 5 energy management dimensions, which are energy storage, energy saving, recovery, control, and promotion, each dimension, and corresponding specific technologies.

Taking the energy storage design as an example, geometric A PRO uses the latest Ni55 triple lithium battery program in Ningde Times. The energy density ratio of this battery pack reaches 183Wh / kg, which exceeds NCM811 ternary lithium battery pack average 170Wh / kg level, but is better.

The same is 70kWh left and right power, the power battery pack of Geometric A Pro weight 395kg, and Xiaopeng P7’s power battery pack weight reaches 450kg. Lower power battery pack weight, the improvement of the handling of the whole vehicle, the improvement mileage is improved, there is no reason.

In terms of power battery safety, geometric A Pro takes the first to use the “Domain Safety Coordination” design concept Guarding battery safety. This system is constructed by the electric core layer, the battery system layer, the whole vehicle protective layer, the test verification layer, and the cloud large data layer.

During the production of the power battery, the power cell is made in a sterile-free environment, and the power battery cell is arranged in the protection of the battery cover through “suspension design”, and constructs the second Layer protection.

Combined with the body structure design, geometric A Pro also constructs three-ring cage structural protection, and prevents the battery from being extruded when the battery is collided. This “whole domain security junction” design is reported to take the lead through national CNAS certification.

Another dimension worthy of attention is a return energy, and the geometric A PRO is equipped with two-way heat pump air conditioning technology, and the actual life of the winter can be increased by 10%.

With 70-degree electric, 600 kilometers of battery electric vehicles, the price tends to exceed 200,000 yuan, but the geometric A Pro will sell the price to less than 150,000 yuan, and have a high cost accessories such as two-way heat pump air conditioning. People are strange, how the geometric cars control the cost.



One penny, this says should not be forgotten.

Geometric A Pro allows consumers to buy 600 kilometers of battery life with less than 150,000 yuan, it is inevitable that they have doubt in configuration.

However, in the highly competitive electric car market, the cost is reduced to the cost of the cost, but flee consumers’ mental eyes. Compromise to cost, consumers do not accept institutions, but the key to see what configuration is, whether it affects the car.

The price is 1.487 million yuan, the battery is 600 kilometers, and the geometric A PRO 600 cubic version is indeed in the configuration.

But the geometric cars are deeply treated, and the geometry A PRO 600 cubic version is an appearance, interiors, motivation, and is automatic driving.

In terms of appearance, geometric a pro upgrades to advanced two-color body design.

In the impression of consumers, two-color vehicle body is often a exclusive configuration of top luxury cars such as Rolls Royce and Maybach. There are not many households in the two-color body, the reason is that the cost and design beauty limit.

Cost improvement is not difficult to understand, more paint colors, more steps, and the cost is naturally improved. The design level, the two-color vehicle body has a strong visual impact, but it is easy to generate “dance” feeling with force, and it is quite awkward.

Geometric a pro uses the detail of smoked black headlights to avoid the emergence of “dance” issues, ensuring the coordination and luxury of the two-color body in appearance.

In terms of interior, the geometric A Pro interior layout continues the style of the pre-sequence model, but in the coloring color of the pre-sequence model, it uses a more bold color matching.

It is worth mentioning that the geometric A Pro has CN95 certification in China Auto Research 001, and Germany Rhein Tüv certification, ensuring the air quality of the air.

In terms of comfort configuration in the car, geometric A Pro has CN95 protection, ION negative ion purifiers, AQS ecological filter systems, antibacterial steering wheel, and other functions, can better protect the occupants in the vehicle.

In terms of power, geometric A Pro takes the lead in using a 150 kW permanent magnet synchronous motor, and is in the forefront of the same-level model power level.

There is a good thing to have, 148,700, the 200-kilometer geometry A Pro 600km cubic version does not choose to have no subtraction on the appearance interior, but a subtraction in the automatic driving configuration.

Through the above comparison, the idea of ​​the geometric car is clear, and the most common use of consumers such as appearance interiors, the geometric A PRO 600 cubic version is in the first echelon in the same level of the competitive car, and Consumers use lots of automatic driving functions, geometric A Pro car systems, which make consumers choose to choose from.

ACC adaptive cruise, ICC intelligent pilot, LKA lane maintains high-order intelligent auxiliary driving function, all equipped in the high model of Geometric A Pro.

Good steel is used on the blade, minus the non-common automatic driving configuration, and uses the cost to improve the life of the car, and the geometric cars will be taking.


30% off and worry-free after sales

Buying an electric car, consumers are most worried, and the life is still the second, and the depreciation rate is low, and the consumption desire is seriously affected.

The depreciation speed of the electric car is fast, even the second-hand car owner will smell the wind, depreciation of 50% a year, is not impossible.

Consumers are concerned about the depreciation of the depreciation. According to the research committee of the China Auto Financial and Accounting Rate, the brand of electric vehicles has the highest value of electric vehicles is Tesla, but the annual preservation rate is only 76%, and the independent brand is A comprehensive fall.

The electric vehicle market is different from the fuel-saving market. The fuel-saving market has entered a mature period. There is a mature system in the after-sales service, used cars, etc., and there is no similar mature system.

There is no market in the market, and the vehicle enterprises should take responsibility to provide consumers. But unfortunately, most car companies do not have this responsibility awareness, and have not been able to realize the competition in the electric motor industry, but not only in the single level of the product, but also the competition of car enterprise service levels.

Geometric cars are aware of this and prepare for this.

In the face of the preservation rate of electric vehicles, the geometric car commitment provides the geometric A PRO consumers to provide the full-vehicle 2-year reserve reserve, this value is worth a bit.

Even in a mature fuel stroke market, there is also a fresh car and enterprise dare to commit such a promise.

At the after-sales service, consumer consumers’ concerns about the reliability of electric vehicles, geometric cars provide lifetime free three-electric warranty services and lifetime free basic maintenance services.

On the car service, the geometric car app users, geometric cars provide an additional 1000 yuan to the 400-yuan purchase discount, and provide consumers with the high 24 issue loans.

Standing in the industry, the power of the product, the electric car is difficult to compete with the development of mature fuel vehicles, and the vehicle enterprises need to provide comprehensive cross-level enjoyment in the customer service, car experience, used car repurchase. Let consumers pay for electric vehicles.

In the geometric A Pro 600km cubic version, 600 kilometers of battery life will be pulled down to less than 150,000 yuan, and there is already a higher ability to compete with the fuel car at the product level.

After the geometric car silently provides second-hand car premises, life free warranty, life free basic maintenance, etc., and give consumers to give up the fuel truck and buy the basic guarantee of electric vehicles.

Products and services have to force, geometric cars with geometric A Pro to throw olive branches to fuel vehicle owners.

Perhaps, starting from the 600 kilometers of geometric A PRO, the era of oil exchange is coming soon.


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