18% of pure electric owners opened back to gasoline vehicles, these reasons are also worth your attention.

A research report from Davis division from California showed that 18% of the pure electric car owners and 20% of the plug-in mixed car owners reopened the gasoline in more than 4,000 electric car owners participating in the survey. car. The reason is that almost all is related to charging convenience, it is worthwhile to pay attention to and evaluate.

1, there are other vehicles with other energy consumption. @lucy is that there is a better vehicle that uses the scene. For example, there is a Tesla Model S in the family, a Model 3 belongs to the sedan, and the use of the scene is biased in the city. In this case, I will change one of them to SUV or even pickup.

2, there is no level 2 (240 volt) charging conditions at home. It is easy to install home charging pile or high power home charging pile, this is easy to understand. The biggest advantage of electric cars is to have frequent racing gas stations, but if you can’t install your home pile, you can only go to the queue, the advantage of the pure electric car is greatly reduced.

3, there is no man in the family and there are fewer vehicles. Simply, that is, only one single female car owner of an electric car.

As for why the single female owner will open back to the gasoline car, I haven’t thought about it. Do you understand? Share it.

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