2020 car sad people: Zhongtai teaches Jianshen should not be “painful”?

Taoist recommended reason: Zheshang, a strong vendor promotion in the 19th century, with Yue Shang, Huizhang, Jin Shang, in history, is known as “four major business help”. In 2020, the founder of Geely Automobile founder Li Shufu and Zhongtai Automobile, the founder of the Geely Automobile. Li Shufu led his Geely in the wind and waves, even shed the city slightly, and expanded. At 2020, he should “pain” Tongfeng Electronics, Iron Bull Group and other enterprises. The Thai car founded in one hand is also struggling in semi-dead, and the reforming process is temporarily stagnant in the investors. The Zhejiang Commerce has repeatedly treated as a loser.

In 2020, that threatened “Let ordinary people open a luxury car”, the annual sales of Zhongtai Motors have fallen into a desperate, in the same year, Tongfeng Electronic regression State-owned, Iron Cow Group is bankrupt. Looking at it, Zheshang should take the Ren Ren’s Iron Empire almost lost. “Alone, unlimited Jiangshan, it is easy to see when it is easy to see”, the words of the South Tang, the words of Li Wei, I don’t know if I can describe the mood of this Zhejiang. “Painted Water Dog” has always been a matter of people who are happy, and “failure” should be the object of people “I’m intimate.” “Tao Ge said the car” editorial combed his deeds, founded in the hardware in 1992. In 1999, the name of the iron cattle group was a lot of noise. In 2003, the whole car manufacturing, 2007 hands holding two listed companies, Shanghai Shenfu for decades I am afraid I have a dream that I can’t think of my dreams of the year. The Thai, which was created in one hand, was also considered to live in failure, and even in recent years, it is only the stage of reorganization investors in recent months. At this point, she should be built as if she is a laughter in the car circle, should she be hurt?

Zhejiang business in the Times Festival

The story is widely singing as Zheshang and Geely founders, so that people have ignored the legendary Ren Ren, who is the same as Zhejiang, and the legend of the entrepreneurial road.

In the 1990s, it was a gold stage of China’s manufacturing development. In 1992, he should take the opportunity to see the era of benevolence, take all the savings and bring money to relatives and friends, and set up 80,000 yuan to start the Great Wall Machinery Hardware Factory, start to produce tractor components, and then participate in motorcycles, car zero Parts production. When the manufacturer of the factory, the factory manager’s Cong Ren is dissatisfied with the situation of Changhe van covers the hot-selling in the market. “I think, can we produce such a component?” Just, he has established Zhejiang Iron Cattle Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1996, putting your eyes on the baker sheet metal. In 1999, the Tieniu 1018a car top cover won the national key new product award, and finally replaced Japanese products and supplied for Changhe. At this time, the “iron cow” of Jianshen begins to be a lot of noise in the industry, and the orders that will allow the wealth of Jianren to get more.

It is unwilling to do only the upstream parts of the upstream components. In 2003, he bought a car production line in Taiwan in 2003. Zhongtai Automobile came into being. Zhongtai has been listed on the first model of 2005 to the 2016 station, which is the peak of sales, which is also the gold stage of the development of domestic vehicle manufacturers.

It is worth mentioning that now the new energy vehicle field of fire, Jianren starts the layout early in 2011, and set up a new energy source. Moreover, it should be awarded Junma Automobile and “Zhong Tamfort” such as Junma Automobile and “Zhong Tamfite” in 2015. Throughout this Zhejiang’s entrepreneurial history, it can also be called a private entrepreneur on the Times Festival.

Is it a failure?

Despite the entrepreneurship of the Ren Ren, the situation of the dislocation of the “Iron Empire” is also the fact. In the history of the development of Zhongtai, “people who use people” have always been one of the signs of Ren Ren. At the beginning of the establishment of Zhongtai Automobile, Wuxi, who was specially reached from Xiamen, became the chairman of Zhongtai Auto. According to reports, Wu Jianzhong is a brother-in-law that should be held.

In this development, Wu Jianzhong went out of “Take theism” mode, and the way to make a lottery in the way, including Audi Q5, etc. However, in the consumer’s mind, the brand of “the king of the cottage” is impressed. In fact, from the perspective of development regular, there is no big mistake in Wu Jianzhong. After all, in the relatively weak industrial foundation, the first time to make the car is a total choice, including Geely and other independent brand cars. The road to the car has gone through this stage.

After Wu Jianzhong, in 2015, Jinsuyong, who should be found, still not jumped out of this “strange circle”. According to reports, Jinsui Yong is a foreign embarrassment. After Jinsuyong was in charge of Zhongtai Auto, Zhongtai Auto tried to find a “brand reconstruction”, but we also saw that Zhongtai Motor has stepped into the downhill, and inadvertently fall into a desperate situation.

Construction of “Fishing”?

After the Zhongtai crisis appeared, Cheng Ren was transmitted into the largest “vampire”, and considered that the car should be made of the car for the money. In 2020, Zhongtai Automobile’s financial report was released. According to the financial report, the company’s operating income was 2986 million yuan, a year-on-year plummeted shareholder’s net profit from the listed company – 111.98 million yuan, a year-on-year declined by 1498.98%; Each share – 5.52 yuan, a big fell by 1515.38%. Single annual losses, this is rare in China’s car companies. It is worth mentioning that in 2019, Zhongtai Motor also got 3 billion “life-saving money” from Zhejiang Yongkang Rural Commercial Bank. Where is the money? At that time, including Zhongtai employees, media reports, etc., they are saying that the money should be Jianren and his family roll. Of course, this statement is not unevenness. Previously, the Shenzhen Exchange had issued a letter to Zhongtai Motor, requiring the company to explain the company’s specific measures that have been taken and intended to take 310 million non-operating funds, the above occupation Whether the payment is returned. Zhongtai said in the reply that the iron cattle group was occupied by 310 million yuan, as of the current unaffected company (February 9, 2021). In fact, it is not the first time that is suspected of “fishing gold” from Zhongtai Auto. Since 2016, I should build Renjiao Pai Motor listed matter. In March 2016, the Jinma shares under the iron cattle group were announced in the first time. It is planned to buy Jin Zhe Yong, the Great Wall, the Great Wall, and the Tianfeng Zhixin, Iron Bull Group. A total of 100% equity of Yongkang Zhongtai Automobile Co., Ltd. held by Shandon Shareholders, the price of the transaction is 11.6 billion yuan. At that time, Zhongtai Auto assets were only 2.2 billion, with a premium of more than 400%. Soon announced, the Securities Regulatory Commission issued a question of the relative relationship between its controlling shareholders, the actual controller, and the high valuation of the Thai car as high as 1.6 billion yuan. Subsequently, Jin Horse Shares made adjustments to this, the top two major shareholders of Zhongtai Automobile headed by Jinsui Yong, took the initiative to transfer 44.69% and 7.23% of the shares to the iron cattle group, so that the iron cattle group became the first major shareholder and actual situation of Zhongtai Auto. controller. After various operations, the final iron cattle group took the price of Zhongtai Motor 100% with the price of 1.16 billion yuan, and the Thai car was successful, but this is just a wave of “left hand down right” operation. The premium of the high price and the wind of the new energy vehicle have soared to more than 300 million, and the iron cattle group that should be held will be earned. Of course, the ultra-high premium is not all in all. According to the “Profit Forecast Compensation Agreement” and its supplementary agreement signed during the shell, Zhongtai Automobile 2016, 2018, 2019, the audited deduction, returned to the regular profit and loss The net profit of shareholders in Parent Corporation shall be no less than RMB 1.21 billion, 1.41 billion, 1.61 billion and 1.61 billion yuan. If the Thai car does not complete the performance commitment, then the Iron Bull Group prioritizes the shares of Zhongtai Auto, and the listed company is purchased with 1 yuan and cancels if the stock is not enough. And although Zhongtai cars has difficult results, it seems to be earned in the gambling, the iron cattle who should build Renren seems to be earned.

At the same year, the Thai car failed to complete the results, 2017 net profit was 1.34 billion yuan, only 95.15% of the performance commitment, and the iron cattle group used 10 million units of compensation, and listed companies were purchased with 1 yuan. It is worth noting that the shares obtained by the Iron Bull Group are exchanged through the Zhongtai Automobile to the listed company, and the number of shares do not affect its holding status. In 2018, Zhongtai Automobile did not have a profit of 419 million yuan, with 161 billion performance commitments to be 2 billion yuan. According to the compensation agreement, the Iron Bull Group needs to compensate for 468 million shares, and log out by listed companies. However, the Iron Bull Group has disclosed an agreement with Jinsu, Zhe Yong, which stipulates that the iron cattle group will compensate for the shares of Zhongtai Auto Performance, which is compensated by Jinsuyong to compensate for cash, in 2018. The stock price of Zhongtai Automobile is based on the trading day, and finally Jinsuyong pays the total compensation of 2028 million yuan to the Iron Own Group. As for compensation, I should recommend 80% of the shares of the listed company share of the Iron Cow Group to the bank, resulting in the shares held by the ownership. In other words, the iron cattle group not only compensates for the Thai car, but took advantage of $ 2 billion from Zhongtai, and I got a lot of income with shares. The iron cattle group should be the benevolence, and the money is naturally considered to fall into the hands of the Renren. In this context, there should be a billion statement that the Thai car cash in the Kecumbium.

Does he really do not make a dream?

“Use people,” “” Car to make money “, should have never thought about the car, can it really do? Although the label of Zhongtai Auto “Tip” is not going, since the beginning of 2017, he should seem to have realized that the Thai car needs to go on the road of self-research. Since this year, the R & D investment of Zhongtai Auto has increased year by year. In 2018, the R & D expenses of Zhongtai Automobile have increased by 21.15% in 2017 to $ 712 million; 2019 R & D costs increased to approximately 876 million yuan.

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