2020 Euler’s accumulated sales reached 56,261

2020 China’s car market is a challenging year, especially for new forces brand, not good, come out. But there is a new force camp, but there is a special case. At the past December, the European brand was sold 12,745, and the year was 380.4% year-on-year. From January to December this year, the accumulated sales of Euler has reached 56,261, highlighting the pioneer strength of “new forces leadership brand”. Retropride “New Forces Brand” Euler’s growth road, in addition to the most cold of “Black Swan” incident, the monthly sales of monthly sales have a monthly increase. In May, the Euler sales will pick up the peak level of the sales season of 11 / December 2019; in November, Ou realized the sale, the real fair, the truth, and the first echelon of the new forces. Up to December, Euler has achieved sales “10 links”, and continuously double the months of 10 rows, becoming a new energy new forces camp, a veritable leader!

The hard product laying the quality word of mouth, and the super high sound is transformed.

Euler’s reputation is not accidental. Think of the way to success, the password may be – laid the high-quality reputation that is laid by the hard product force, and then the increase in high-quality conversion. Undoubtedly, the product is to succeed in the success of Euler, all of the three products under Eula – black cat, white cat, good cat, can say all kinds of characteristics, both explosive qualities.

Among them, the black cat hits 70,000 yuan boutique pure tram market, which is a fist product that fills the market blanks and expands its own product matrix. This fashion tide product is a target guest group, with high-quality, high intelligence, economical and other features, whether it is to meet the user’s emotional fitness, whether it is to meet the user’s emotional fitness Both are in the market leading position, which makes it rapidly won the consumer’s recognition and favor. At the past December, Euler black cat sales were sold by 1,310, up 334.7% year-on-year, realize single month breaks, sales growth in high-end models in the segment, becoming the largest sales of European contributions to Ou . And the performance of the people, also let the black cat have once again honored 7-80,000 yuan in pure electricity market sales champion, and the first camp in the new energy industry.

It is white cat to form a CP combination with black cats. It also has a good product strength. As a “intelligent tide”, a white cat set, a white cat set, a personalized, socializing, intelligent, an interpretation of the quality of the color, is not defined, Zhiyou “The personality of” “is the ideal choice for the majority of love cats.

Euler brand new generation intellectual beauty runs a new cat, interpretation of retro life aesthetics, the listing of the listing of the listing of the listing of the list, showing the extraordinary air of the “Potential stock”. This car is based on Great Wall Car Lemon Platform Architecture + Coffee Intelligent Ecology, with retro classic modeling, equipped with rich intelligence and security technology, Ora Retro Futurism, Ora Cabin, Ora Pilot, Ora Cabin, Ora Active, etc. Powdered a new generation. More importantly, the pricing range of 10-14 million yuan has a significant zone with black / white cats, so it also carries the brand up, product, and break the “ceiling” of its own brand new energy products. The sales increase in sales and the strong sought after and the user have repeatedly proved the smooth reach of its “up” target.

User thinking helps brand communication, experience marketing continuous expansion

The success of Euler lies in the blessing of excellence, and the emotional level is not fitted with the depth of the user. It is difficult to explore the marketing trajectory in Ou, It is not difficult to find that OR is an iterative upgrade of marketing ecology, and the user has established a link to realize the renewal of user operation, and then join hands with the user to go to the stage, successfully lead the cat line up.

In July, Xiamen Ou Lau’s white cat is listed. Chengdu Auto Show Ou La R1 is renamed the eula black cat, while the Euler’s good cat debuted, marking the official opening of the cat system; September, Euli Cat opened The “520 Great Goddess Priority Adoption Plan” seeks to take the distance from the new generation. At the same time, “Euler Global Youth Creating Plan 2.0”, build a perfect career development channel, grow with users. In November, because of the “cat”, marriage is married at the Guangzhou Auto Show and succeeded. It played an emotional drama about the strange song of the comet; ELE Cats rejected the classics in the new generation, glorifying in Taizhou Factory. In December, Euler’s global electric vehicle modified cultural carnival officially opened, opened the door of electric tide converted culture for the new generation …..

It can be seen that Euler is using emotional resonance with the user, closer to each other’s experience marketing, continuous expansion of the binding layer, boost users form brand loyalty. In terms of popularity, Euler’s series of marketing movements is to enhance the user’s intimacy, truly resonance with the new generation youth, and finally converted to high sales.

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