2021 big prediction: seven trend of new energy passenger cars

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2021 new energy passenger passenger cars seven trends:

1: Domestic foreign capital is united, the pattern variable is still large

2: The private market continues to expand

3: The microcontrol market is still broad

4: The high-end car market is fierce

5: Operators are expected to recover gradually

6: More exchanged tram type into the market

7: Non-limited purchase urban markets further expand

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Under the epidemic, the new energy passenger car market does not drop, which exceeds the industry expectations.

After a short freezing point in the early 2020, China’s new energy passenger car market rebounded, and 1130,000 people were achieved throughout the year, which was nearly 35% higher than last year. More exciting is that private users have a proportion of car purchase, and the real consumer market for new energy passenger cars is clearer.

2021, can this trend continue?

According to the trend of China’s new energy passenger car market in recent years, the “Enterprise Trend and Expert Analysis, etc., for everyone, for all the seven markets of new energy passengers in 2021. We also concluded that the six new energy passenger car market characteristics in 2020, attached to the forecast.


2021 new energy passenger car seven predictions

Predict 1

Domestic foreign investment has been united, the pattern variable is still large

In the double-point policy, the governments of the local governments promote and the more mature multi-mature in the electric vehicle consumption market, the battle for China’s new energy passenger car market is more intense.

Self-primary brands, BYD, SAIC, Geely, and Great Wall will not bring the market share to hand. When BYD increases Chinese production, continue the pure electric and insertion double layout of the Dynasty; the Geely Committee will launch the product in 2021, in 2021; Euler brand is fully turned to “Cat” positioning, will continue Fight for the boutique trolley market.

Daily-pure electric ARIYA

In terms of foreign-funded brands, Tesla’s Model Y has been listed in New Year’s Day, causing not small fluctuations in the electric car market; the public ID. Series will be listed in the early 2021st, and they are hoped by the Volkswagen Group; Nissan flagship pure electric ariya and in Japan E-Power, which is excellent in local sales, also plans to enter China in 2021.

In addition, in the latest release of “Energy Saving and New Energy Automotive Technology Road Map 2.0”, the components of the hybrid technology route, the traditional faucet, which believes in the field of Toyota will also increase product promotion.

Predict 2

The private market continues to expand

2020, Tesla Model 3, Hongguang MINI EV, BYD Han, Ideal One of the hot sales of the new energy passenger car market is not lacking, lacking in line with user needs, solving electricity of consumer travel pain points car.

Source: number of people

In 2021, new energy car subsidies continued to resort, and it is foreseeable that in the subsidy era, the electric car that is not solving the user’s painful design will continue to be abandoned by the market. As long as there is a product suitable for different consumer groups, precise positioning, the private market will continue to expand.

Predict 3

The microcontrol market is still broad

The hot sale of Wuling Series electric vehicles allows the main plant from the miniature electric car, and has never tried the brand and more of the people who have never seen the market.

In 2021, Wuling will continue to enhance the macro Mini EV to ensure that the explosive effect continues. In 2020, the Shangqi passenger car first launched the A00-level pure electric Clever and made a good result; in 2021, the car is still one of the key models of SAIC; the Euler “Cat” model tastes sweet in the field of microcontrol In 2021, the promotion will continue to increase.

Changan Benben E-Star National Edition

In addition, in addition to Wuli, many car companies are also prepared to launch a pure electric scheduling model below 40,000 yuan. Before 2016 New Year’s Day, Changan Benbun E-Star National Edition opened pre-sale, battery life more than 300 kilometers, limited price of only 29,800 yuan, once again challenged the micro electric vehicle market.

Predict 4

The high-end car market is fierce

After opening the high-end consumption market in China, Tesla has gradually explored the popular market, while the competition for high-end electric vehicles is more intense. As consumers have deepened electricity and intelligent understanding and experience, more and more users of traditional luxury brand fuel vehicles began to transfer electric vehicles.

From the top, from left to right, it is the intellectual car.

In addition to Tesla, Weai, Ideal, BYD and other companies and models that have been used to confirm the market power, the high-end high-altitude automotive will be delivered to the first model in 2021; Jiji, I have just established a medical car, will also be 2021 He has opened several high-end electric vehicles.

Predict 5

Operators are expected to gradually recover

With the 2020 “anti-vloising” experience, in 2021, China’s exuded of the epidemic on the new energy operations market may be relatively small.

In addition, the Chinese government has made “efforts to achieve carbon neutrality” 2060 years ago, in promoting energy conservation and new energy vehicles are the most important choices, and the “oil exchange electricity” of the taxi and webmarks It is the way the central and local government pushes, which can reduce carbon emissions faster.

Dip and BYD cooperated with D1 enterprise level, D1, D1, which is developed by BYD, and the promotion is large, and the commercial path is clear, and it is also expected to promote the application of new energy networks.

Predict 6

More changing batteries into the market

In 2020, the shifting situation was great. Especially in the host factory, in addition to Beiqi new energy, Dongfeng and Jews and so long began to promote the car, FAW, Geely, and Weilai and other car companies began to directly lay out and changed the power transmission network, and in-depth participation in power transmission mode operations .

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology No. 338 batch of “Road Mechanical Vehicle Production Enterprises and Product Announcement”

Socowthrough technology, also gradually expanded to the private car field from the field of operation vehicles, and accumulates more practical experience. More exchanged tram types also appear in the new energy vehicle promotion catalog, 2021 new energy passenger cars, meet more models that support electric exchange.

Predict 7

Non-limited purchase city has potential

From January to November 2020, the number of new energy passenger cars in non-limited purchase cities was close to 550,000 vehicles, exceeding 500,000 levels in 2019. Regardless of miniature pure electric or high-end electric vehicles, there is a large amount of distribution in three and below.

Especially the micro-pure electricity of thermal mini EV, Eu La R1, Chery EQ, etc. The number of people is mainly concentrated in the three-wire and the following cities.

Source: National Industry and Commerce Auto Dealer Chamber of Commerce, executive president, Li Jinyong, President of New Energy Automobile Special Committee, at the “Electric Vehicle Observer” 2nd New Energy Automobile Commercialization Conference

In 2021, more prices, life, and design close to the user’s models, I believe that more non-limited purchase cities will be occupied.


2020 new energy passenger car six major market characteristics

Features 1

Old faucet isast, new giants birth

Before 2019, the traditional independent brand is the absolute mainstream in China’s new energy passenger car market, and the number of TOP10 car companies is entirely traditional independent brands.

In 2020, this situation has changed.

First, traditional autonomous brands have appeared. In 2019, there are only SAICs in TOP5 car enterprises. Only SAIC is universal Wuling and BYD maintain TOP5 position in 2020, the rest of the three Beiqi new energy, Geely, and the SAF is extruded TOP5.

Second, foreign brands began to force. In the TOP10 car enterprise, Tesla became the biggest winner, ranked third place. The number of TO20-car enterprises, the foreign brand reached 6.

Third, the newly made companies have improved. In 2020, China’s number of new car companies increased from 4 last year to 5, respectively, ideals, Xiaopeng, Weima, and Head.

Features 2

Private consumption is rising, and the operation market is sluggish

In 2020, the private consumption and operation market of new energy passenger cars is ice and fire: the private consumption share of new energy passengers in 2020 reached 72%, far higher than the 53% level last year; the occupancy rate of operators The last year’s 29% fell to 16% of 2020.

Features 3

The microcontrol is hot, and the explosive effect is continuous.

In 2020, the sales of micro electric vehicles were hot, and there were 5 cars more than 10,000, namely: Hong Kong MINI EV, EQ1, Baojun E100 and Baojun E200. Wuling is the biggest winner in the field of microcons, and the total danger accounts for nearly 56% of the A00 model.

Moreover, since the macro Mini EV is still limited by capacity, the explosion effect is still continuous.

Features 4

New forces lead, high-end consumption open

2020 is the first year of China’s high-end electric vehicle consumption.

The new energy passenger car accumulated in the TOP10 model, high-end models have 4, which are Tesla Model 3, Ideal One, Wei to ES6 and BYD Han. The high-end electric vehicle in 2019 is only the BMW 5 Series and Wei Si ES6. Before this, the high-end electric vehicle manufactured by traditional Chinese brand has been absent.

Features 5

The advantages of pure electric power expand, the insert is still weak

In 2020, the pure electric passenger car continued to expand the advantages of the puller passenger car. The pure electric passenger car continues to expand the advantages of the puller passenger car. The proportion of pure electric and insertion market is 81% and 19%, respectively.

Source: number of people

Features 6

Shanghai has won many times, the policy is still large

At present, China’s new energy passenger car market is still affected by policy. The first-line limit purchase purchase is the main risk of 2020 new energy passengers. The top 5 distribution is Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Tianjin.

In Beijing, the number of dangers in the pure electric passenger car appeared after the label in February 2020, the first year’s first wave of hazards appeared.

In 2020, Shanghai has become a new energy passenger car feeding month, especially in November, Shanghai has more than 23,000, is the first month of the city more than 10,000 months, and Shanghai released in October. New energy auto new politics, stimulate consumer purchase closely.

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