2021 What new products are you expected to bring new products?

Today, new energy cars have developed for a while, and in many ways, it is more mature, and new energy vehicles are also recognized by consumers. In many new energy car companies, the new potential for the car can be described as a function, and many new blood forces are like a fresh blood, stimulating the development of the domestic auto industry. In the past time, the new power of the car gave the market too many surprises, then in 2021, which new products will be brought about? Let’s take a look.

Weimar W6

Weima cars do not speak in the new forces of the car, but does not represent its strength, but sinking to provide more good cars for the market. It is understood that the Weimar will launch its third model in this year’s Shanghai Auto Show-Wema W6. Weima W6 is a SUV model, the appearance is a fashion route, especially the tear of the front face, very memorable. The car is not only high value, but also has some new changes, such as the AVP automatic parking system, can help the owner to better park, reduce the chance of occurring when parking. Because the new car has not announced the specific data, the power is unknown, but the Shanghai Auto Show is in front of you, I believe that we can see the true face of Weima W6.

Xiaopeng P5

Xiaopeng improved in the new forces, and flying in the three majesty. With a Xiaopeng P7, Xiaopeng P7 has established the banner of domestic luxury electric vehicles. Although the brand name starts listening to some “a play”, with the growth of brand strength, Xiaopeng is also more and more lanted. In 2021, Xiaopeng P5 or at the end of the first quarter and met.

Xiaopeng P5 is still a mysterious car, but it can be seen from the precautions that this is another electric car in the appearance of a car. The headlight design of the front face complements the brand, very handsome. It is understood that Xiaopeng P5 has many black technology in this car, which is very suitable for the young market. For example, the configuration of laser radar can be said to be very selling. The author believes that Xiaopeng P5 This car will more inclined to 150,000 to 200,000 market positioning, similar to light luxury positioning, can make consumers to satisfy the cost-effective, still very expected.

Which Eureka 03

This brand name is very domineering, and its brand positioning is very shot and the research and development speed is also amazing. However, which is SUV in the model, lacks the help of the car. In the next Shanghai Auto Show, an electric car named Eureka 03 will be available or will make up for such shortcomings.

It is understood that the appearance of Eureka 03 uses the design style of the coupe, full of sports, and the design language is bold, and people have seen the blood. It is also very rich in configuration, which will be equipped with laser radar, which can realize the L4 level automatic driving. Of course, this is not the most attractive, the most attractive thing is its battery life, the new car will reach more than 800km, it is really expected!

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