265,000 smart standard, the fastest 3 seconds are unique, Mustang Mach-E is not fragrant?

Last night, Ford Mustang Mach-E held a listing conference in Shanghai, announced that domestic MUSTANG MACH-E opened pre-sale, and the starting price was as low as 265,000, even the highest version of GT First EDTION limited edition – 100 km acceleration 3 seconds, a variety of smart driving, 20-inch hub, B & O 10 speakers are all adapted, and it is only 37.99 million.

My first feeling is: This is a good horse!

The excitement brought about by the conference has not yet faded. Today, I will analyze what to analyze and analyze what I trip to me, and the scene is roughly after reading the feelings.

Sit hard, start now.

First, racing

Mach-e tense me, not intelligent full, not localized voice, but the “racing” flanks. This matches me and my friends’ impression on Ford and Mustang.

The GT First EDTION drifted on the track, and the video “smoking” video is too charming.

It is not only fast, can do 3s, and excellent driving. This is an intelligent electric vehicle in addition to PoLestar.

The official statement is that the Mustang Mach-E GT First Edition is the first mass production model for the first use of the Ford Properties Car Team Excluster. Moreover, the MUSTANG MACH-E has also used a long-term track test, custom-made multiplier P zero or aqide Eagle Touring series tire, and the front wheel is also standardized with BREMBO all-aluminum four-live plug brake card.

This is my first feeling for this car.

Second, special

As a muscle car, the representative of Pony Car, Mustang has never been different.

From the running car to SUV, Mustang Mach-E Continues such a uniqueness, shark nose, three column taillights, have completely can’t see the driver of the door handle, makes me feel that this is a special, Different from the vast majority of electric vehicles.

Is this different, is this reason sufficient?

If it is not enough, then these six colors will bring you different feelings.

Yes, it is different.

As for the interior, we just have a rough look at it today. I like its suspended central control screen button, I feel particularly cool, specially in technology.

But there are friends say that it feels a bit, especially the rear space, which feels small compared to its wheelbase.

I looked rudely, and the rear space was no longer better than my EC6. There is also a lost disadvantage with Tesla, but the length of the seat is better than Model Y. (Because not let go.)

After coming out, we have talked, I feel that this is the design of the European and American native models. It is more in line with the young people in space, which is more in line with people who like to drive, and the overall space design and luxury feel is distinguished.

Third, intelligent

It is said that smart is full of exaggeration. However, in terms of intelligence, Mustang Mach-E does get rid of traditional car companies to twisting, not enough, do not give the school. It satisfies my intelligent demand for a smart electric vehicle.

It is indeed the top of the smart driving, but 70 points is already a baseline that can be started.

Simply put, the full-strand of 6 cameras and 17 radar, intelligent driving assistance hardware, all-line-in-one Ford CO-PILOT360 intelligent driving assistant professional bag, including more than 20 intelligent driving assistance, such as ACC full speed domain Adaptive cruise, TJA congestion auxiliary driving, ICA high-speed assist driving, etc. all standard.

Ford also provides an upgrade package to buy, simply, the BlueCruise of their home, implements “accurate automatic driving status” on a particular highway.

What is this feature? According to the information obtained by the Ford China Workshop, first, it is possible to achieve ALC to turn around, followed, there is a potential to automatically change the NOA pilot auxiliary function that automatically enter and exit.

It is also necessary to add a new new electronic electrical architecture – FuLly NetWork Vehicle (FNV). This part, I have never seen it at all today.

What can fn to make Mach-E do? No sense upgrade!

Mach-E ‘s OTA will first apply A / B dual backup techniques for the first time. It’s a bit similar to you in using a computer, the system is a C drive, but the remote upgrade will generate a new system in the D disk. When the remote upgrade, the computer is used normally and will automatically switch the system disk to the D disk.

Therefore, the user can use the vehicle normally when MACH-E upgrade, the vehicle does not black screen, plus support for breakpoints. After the upgrade is complete, you only need to start the vehicle again to switch to a new system.

What can fn to make Mach-E do? FOTA.

Ford Engineer said that Mach-E supports almost all ECUs (electronic control units) FOTA, covering the most important smart driving, smart cockpit and power modules of vehicles. Fourth, localization

Localization is also an additional item.

The Mustang Mach-E mentioned in today’s conference will be equipped with a new generation of SYNC + 2.0 intelligent interconnect systems.

Ford’s Zhu Jiang said that this is a Ford and Baidu depth custom. But according to my understanding, its outstanding characteristics of this system are localization, which will specially take the usage habits of Chinese users.

The map will have multiple layers of fusion. What does that mean? That is to do a motor map that fuses the charging scene. When the system is insufficient, it is recommended to recommend the charging station on the driving route. This is a particularly China’s layer fusion. Look at the world, such functions are still scarce.

The voice system makes a natural semantic dialogue. That is, the voice system can do the same natural exchange as people. For example, when controlling air conditioners, you can say “I am a little hot”, and don’t say “Set the air conditioning temperature to 23 degrees”; when opening the window, you can say “open window”, the system will locate the identification, not to say ” Open the window of the main driving position or the window behind the left. It also supports continuous dialogue after waking up.

Five, the price is really fragrant

You must say the price. Complete price and model lists are as above.

The minimum is 265,000, and the standard endurance has been more than 470 kilometers. After long-lasting flight, the version of the life is more than 600 kilometers, 30.99 million; the long-decrection of the full-year-old drive performance is more than 540 kilometers, 339,900; GT First Edition is more than 480 km, 379,900.

To add a sentence, Mach-E is not NEDC standard when calculating the battery life, but is closer to WLTP’s new national standard CLTC.

Taking the Mach E standard navigation version of the CLTC battery life is more than 470 kilometers, and the NEDC endless mileage will be around 510 kilometers.

Such a price, such a life, such intelligence, such a localization, so that I have issued microblogging when I posted it yet: This is the most determined and most sincere, the most sincere Global intelligent electric models are listed in China.

Sixth, break

There is also a very interesting thing at the press conference. Mark, general manager of Ford China Electric Vehicle Division, thanked Tezer, because it established the industry benchmark; a family called Wei, because it changed the industry Bring a new user experience.

As for the Chief Operation Officer of Ford Automobile (China) Electric Car Division, Zhu Jiang, which is a very familiar man who is very familiar with the owner.

Therefore, in seeing the service network, user system, and charging network layout of Ford Mustang Mach-E, there is always a familiarity.

For example, the Ford China Electric Vehicle Division will not put the Mustang Mach-E to existing Ford Gasulid Truck Channels, which will use direct sales model and establish exclusive electric vehicle sales network. In 2021, the Mustang Mach-e City Experience Store will take the lead in opening the customer in 2021.

Another example, “user-centered” will become the core of the new model. Through a series of new service flows such as “Five-Star Songs”, Ford China Electric Auto Business Department listens directly to the user’s voice, with the direct feedback of the market to manage business partners and its own operations.

Even on the charging network, the national fast charge network will also be open to the Mustang Mach-e user. More complete expressions, MUSTANG MACH-E users can access more than 340 high-quality public charging piles in more than 340 cities across the country through exclusive APPs, including more than 160,000 fast films.

In addition, in 2021, Ford will also take the lead in achieving plug-and-play function on more than 45,000 third-party fast charge. If the user is charged, there is no need to take out the phone scan code to complete the authentication and payment. Insert, charging, pulling the gun, and three actions can be charged.

The whole post conference, I have three sentences deeply.

One sentence is Ford now big boss: If we don’t submit yourself, others will do it.

One sentence is the “life and death of the Mark”, it is not convinced, “in the smart car, Ford is to be completely investive.

The last sentence is from Dickens, “This is the best era, this is the worst era.”

Zhu Rong said before, from 1889 to now, the automotive industry is currently changing in real changes, as the product is defined. Next is super exciting, it is also a decade of super fierce, life and death.

“I personally feel that traditional cars can survive and enter the new era, but Ford will be one of them.”

Mach-E is the first answer from Ford, as well as the most thorough and most determined answers to all traditional big factories.

This car and its service are really very good, I hope Ford said.

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