3,000 km NGP expedition, five major points to ask Xiaopeng

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Tomorrow, the “Thousands of Miles of Thousands of Miles. Exploring the Obstest” will be set off.

According to the message previously announced by Xiaopeng Automobile, this event will start from Guangzhou, the way to Shantou, Quanzhou, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, and Jinan eventually arrived at Beijing, 3675 kilometers per jog, which can use the NGP function to exceed the high-speed mileage 3,100 km.

Although the NGP is automatically navigated by automatic navigation, NGP is automatically driving. Xiaopeng official article is also written “auxiliary driving”.

But for this expedition, I am full of expectations.

Can it be able to do very low hundred kilometers in the actual road; can not achieve high-order pre-judgment – avoid big trucks, automatic deceleration when the ramp is congested; and can not exceed 99% of the other home Similar features, including Tesla’s NOA ….

If you can do it, it will break the arrogance or prejudice for automatic driving.

What kind of arrogance and prejudice? Look at this small video above.

More in China, this is also the struggling of China’s car companies in the global intelligent electric vehicle competition.

So before they depart, I took five key questions and found a Xiaopeng’s product manager.

First, it is too stupid x

What kind of zero takeover? This is very embarrassed.

If you have seen the road demonstration of “L3” or “L4”, you know what I am talking about: a guidance car is in front, behind the L3 or even L4-level vehicles of their home.

I deliberately asked: Is this NGP expedition to guide the car?

Xiaopeng Automobile automatic driving department, Huang Xin, what does it mean? What is the guide car?

I have described a pass, he sprayed back: “That is too silly X.”

He haha ​​laughed, and then said that this expedition they finished is completely the actual road condition randomly, no boot, and do not set the limit.

“Let’s say it, you will start after the collection, you will open.” Huang Xin said that this NGP expedition is 3,700 kilometers full of NGP.

Do you have no road? I don’t agree, I will ask. Xiaopeng’s person said they have explored it. In order to do activities, they must run a trip, but just just a way.

Does there are every ramp to be guided, go to the limited scene, go to “cheats to do Kung Fu”?

“That’s not, do you see how you are leisurely do? How to do.” He said.

Such a statement, everyone remembers. Without guidance, there is no limit, more than 3,000 kilometers under real scenes.

Second, tend to 0

But “What is the performance? Can you do not take over?” Under the real scene, the road conditions will be extremely complicated.

“Our expectation, first of all, this is the normal situation, for example, you are overtaking and change, this normal road condition is definitely hope that the takeover is as low as possible.” Huang Xin said.

How low is it as low as possible? One thousand kilometers once? Five hundred kilometers? One hundred kilometers? I asked.

“I personally go to this thing, I hope that under this road condition will tend to zero.”

“How big is your confidence?” He said that he is actually a normal road condition, he is quite confident.

But what is abnormal road condition?

He got several categories.

The first category is a road;

“For example, the construction of the car seal a few roads, you don’t know how it is sealing the way. Some three lanes will be sealed, let you walk the emergency lane.” Huang Xin said that in this case, the system has to take over. Because now Xiaopeng’s NGP, “We have not given this rule, allowing it to take emergency lanes.”

The second category is a burst;

“For example, the big truck really falls, then the detection can not be taken, you still have to take over.”

The third category is the case where the close cannot be seen;

Mainly in the entry and exit ramp, there is a special long car next to it. “It is found in the seven or eight cars. You can’t see it at all. In this case, it will also cause a take over. “

Huang Xin said that it must take over the ability of NGP response ability. “Because the ability of this type of function now, there is no Cover.”

But in general, such a tube number will not be too large, and will not affect the receipt of the NGP expedition.

After listening to him, I began to figure out: “3,000 kilometers, what is the level of zero in the normal road condition?”

To this end, I specifically checked the following California DMV 2020 automatic driving. It is the world’s most authoritative, special report specifically for automatic driving tests. Of course, there are people who are ill, saying that the Test of California DMV allows travel to and from a road, not true enough.

Overall case, everyone can look at the picture. The first is the Waymo of Google, almost 30,000 miles.

Let’s talk about Apple. Many people think that Apple will launch a smart car in the ultimate form in 2023.

Since it is intelligent, of course it must be automatic. Apple has also made an automatic driving test in California, with a total mileage from 7554 miles in 2019 to 18805 miles in 2020. But the number of connections is also raised from 19 years to 130 times. Calculate, average 145 miles. Supplementally, the above data is equipped with data on the automatic driving test vehicle of high-order sensors such as laser radar. NGP is a mass production automatic driving assistance.

Three, more like people

For NGP, I highly look at a very important reason, which is the above picture.

Most car companies have only done the dark blue part of the picture, which is “sports control, sports planning, sensor integration, radar perception, visual perception, positioning”;

Tesrado’s “behavioral planning, behavior / exercise prediction”; and on P7, Xiaopeng car has done the above, Bitcorado’s “map integration”, “map management”.

NGP is currently the highest level of automatic driving assistance on P7. Its special place is also to observe from these two items. It is observed that it is more like people.

Let’s talk about “behavioral planning, behavior / exercise prediction”.

Specifically to NGP, it is the special scene depicted above: the identification and avoidance of traffic cones, failed vehicles, automatic emergency avoidance, large trucks, night overtaking reminder, etc.

Among them, “Change Automatic Emergency Shrink” We have experienced. P7 can make a very advanced action. This time I mainly questionable.

The identification and avoidance of traffic, Huang Xin said that there is a big improvement in the latest version, the test situation, the recognition rate exceeds 90%.

The remaining 10% is “if there are two lanes in front of the two lanes”, that is, the current NGP can not emerge in two lanes across the high speed.

“Night Overrunks” This feature already exists in the current version, “We can do better on interaction”.

Another advanced feature – “Automatic acceleration when entering the lane slow car”, the current NGP version has been implemented.

This feature is essentially a pre-judgment. This is a life-saving time when there is a vehicle compaction line.

Of course, there are still some scenes, the current NGP version has not been implemented.

“The fault vehicle avoidance” is still tuning, “big truck avoidance”, then goes back online, very fast. “

In fact, these scenes mentioned above are “Corner Case”, which is a small probability event.

It does not guarantee that this scene will encounter such a scene in this NGP expedition, but once you encounter, you can see that P7 is unsigned with advanced?

Fourth, SLAM and real-time data

Then, “Map Fusion” is then divided into two.

A piece called real-time map data is integrated.

I asked Huang Xin, a more difficult scene – incorporated in a continuous congestion section when I was turned into a ramp, “I have already started blocking two kilometers two kilometers, what should I do?”

His answered is: “This situation needs to be combined with some real-time traffic, just like driving, you see that the navigation is blocked, you will do some moves in advance.”

“Real-time traffic” is very like a Gaode map real-time traffic data, or can be critical to the V2X – Vehicle Union. However, “real-time traffic comes in” on NGP, but can’t be said to be a V2X, more or mapped in real time integration.

“This is what we do in our entire plan, but the priority will be more relying.”

The second block is called SLAM, synchronous positioning and composition.

It tests the real-time perception, decision, positioning and control of NGP. Or, stand-alone capabilities that do not rely on high-precision maps. In the park, it can also be said to be a parking lot memory.

It is understood that the current NGP version is relatively high for high-precision maps, because visual perceptions and SLAM’s ability is also raised.

Although in the “high-precision map” lack of scenes, if you want to go to the ramp, “I have to make it too much, but we don’t want to do such a thing in this stage.”

And “When my ability is raised to an extent, it can be decreased for that part of the dependence.”

How much time does this increase take? “I think this should be in the second half of the year, you can see some changes in this.”

5. The most basic foundation is also the most difficult

The last question, tortured the basic capabilities of Xiaopeng NGP.

“At least in the first and second levels.” Huang Xin’s original words, the NGP responded to the emergency ability of the highway to have a car and passed.

As for the ability of NGP at very close to “squeezing”, “frankly, there is no very radical strategy now.”

This is actually a little Versailles, because the front and rear space required when NGP needs to be in parallel, compared to other manufacturers is already small.

“Now on the straight road, the traffic is relatively large, then it will not be able to sacrifice the efficiency because it is on the straight road.”

However, “If there is still three kilometers, it will miss the intersection at this time.” Huang Xin said that NGP will be more radical than normal, and the requirements will be less. . “The success rate exceeds 90%.” Is another basic capability – the ability to enter and enter the ramp.

Huang Xin said that the current version of NGP has exceeded 90% of the integrated success rate when entering and exiting the ramp.

“We see that from the highway A finally cut to the highway B, regardless of how many bends in the middle ramp, it is to see the success rate of the head to the end.”

For NGP, the two capabilities mentioned above can be seen as basic work, and the test is to identify, position, decision, and control over the longitudinal (front and back) and horizontal (left and right).

The simplest, but also the most difficult. Some said that this expedition, NGP performance even hangs the NOA of Testra. let us wait and see.

Ok, today’s article is here. After 12 hours, the NGP expedition will start. I hope this expedition can change humanity for technology, and the arrogance and prejudice of automatic driving technology.


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