360 is also ranking among the car, and said: for the people

360 is also ranking among the car, and said: for the people

Nowadays, the cross-border can be said to be uncommon. With the hot, the brand of the new energy, the brand is also more and more, it can be said to be the next “New Forces”. Compared to some existing car brands, cross-border can be said to be a more bold behavior. After all, it is like a closing mountain. Even if you have a good job in your respective industries, it is also a “white hand”, a newcomer.

As we all know, the little time, Xiaomi announced the news that joined the car line, so many people feel surprised. Why is it surprised? Because Xiaomi is doing mobile phones in everyone’s cognition because the cost is highly identified, and if the car can be like a mobile phone, the price is high, that the benefit is consumers.

There is no longer, another business is also announced to make a car, it is 360.360 is a software, and it is a leader in the security software. The previous 360 also tried to cross other fields, such as making mobile phones. But because of various reasons, it did not succeed. Can this car 360 be successful?

In fact, this 360 car is not a single-player, but I found out as a partner, and give the car declaration: “Let the people for the people.” In many new power of the car, the performance is not highlighted, but the product is really good, very popular, and the founder of the 360 ​​also said that there are not many brands in the domestic year sales of more than 10,000. It can be seen that there are not many choices of Zhou Hongyi. This choice is in fact, in fact, for example, when the Shanghai Auto Show, Zhou Hongyi has been visiting.

Although there is a partner, 360 is unlike genes with small rice, it is likely to provide support for car safety or software technology, and to achieve the car in this way. It can be seen that the new energy is indeed the future of the automotive industry, and these cross-border car companies believe that most people still want to see their results, after all, the more fierce market competition is, and the consumers choose space to choose space. Big. At the same time, the brand of these cross-borders is indeed worthy of admiration. After all, after all, the survival is still a few, can boldly go out of their own field, it is a great thing.

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