427 four months, XC40 pure electric version of the official down 58,000, forced oil and electricity!

Volvo XC40 “Forced” official

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Today, the author remembers the “grand event” of the Volvo booth in the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show.

Volvo invited traffic star Hua Chenyu on the scene of the auto show, giving the first pure electric model XC40 recharge to help out, the scene was surrounded by water, and even a lot of fans spent high prices have purchased the “media ticket”, they arrived in the Volvo booth in advance More people have even affected the normal exhibitions of other car companies.

But irony is that Volvo XC40 Recharge is available on the spot, and there are more cool clears in the end market.

There is data showing that Volvo XC40 Recharge is listed so far, 427 sales in 4 months. There is no doubt that this is a product that failed to completely, even if the flow star is also difficult to bring success.

Recently, only four months of Walvo XC40 Recharge adjustment price and sales policy: new car is reduced by the original 357,000 yuan to 299,000 yuan, down 58,000 yuan, and the new car also contains “3 years 3 free basic maintenance , 3 years of free warranty, free road rescue, 4 years free media flow and lifetime free basic flow, “.

For this wave of officials, Volvo is still in the United States, and it is the first to achieve the value of 100% pure tram enterprises in 2030, and take the lead in achieving the same price. At the point of view, this should be the same price of the oil and electricity.

Of course, Walvo XC40 Recharge is not the first one, but it will not be the last one. On January 27 this year, BMW IX3 officially reduced 70,000, opened the official price of luxury car brand electric car. .

From now on, the new energy products launched in China have not sincere, the price is quite expensive, such as Mercedes-Benz EQC, Audi E-TRON, which one is not oil to modify the product? Compared with Tesla, sales have risen, the price is continuously falling, and the traditional luxury brand has no sincerity electric vehicle has become the best contrast example.

It turns out that Tesla’s squid effect, the luxury brand can not stand.

From the perspective of the product, Volvo XC40 Recharge is exactly the same as the fuel car, says that it is difficult to call the family’s characteristics, saying that there is no new intention, and the luxury and technology created with some new products have formed a big gap.

At the same time, the price of nearly 360,000 yuan before price cut is only 420km, even if it is nearly 300,000 yuan after price cut, most of the price of most models can reach 550-700km, the core competitiveness is missing.

If Volvo XC40 Recharge is still in the innocent, “I am a luxury brand, I am more powerful than independent brand, the new forces of the car”, is not underestimating the consumer’s IQ, which is overvalued Volvo in consumers. The influence of the heart.

Written at the last: 2021, still insisting on “oil to change”, there are not many cars, this kind of lying can earn money, it is no longer practical. Volvo should also think about it, how is the goal of 100% pure tram? 2030?

Finally, the author also wants to say: BMW IX3 officially said that it is necessary to make cash compensation for the old owners who have purchased the car, and the Volvo officials have no more, don’t this do this also learn Tesla leeks?

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