4D map new and Huaxia travel reach a strategic cooperation to help future travel intelligent service upgrade

On April 20th, the four-dimensional map and Huaxia travel announced the formal establishment of strategic cooperation in the 19th Shanghai International Auto Show, and the two sides will establish comprehensive cooperation in the field of new energy sharing and intelligent charging services and intelligent travel.

Yu Dianwei, General Manager of Huaxia Travel, said in the signing ceremony that Huaxia travel has always been committed to building an open travel service ecosystem. This new comprehensive strategic cooperation in this time is an important step in China’s travel to continue to strengthen the basic commercial ecological and service capabilities, and both parties join hands to expand the ecological chain layout. Huaxia Travel and 4D Tu will develop new technology to cooperate, jointly open up time-time rental, long-term rental, logistics vehicle charging business, promote aggregated charging operation service provider resources, custom build charging services with Huaxia travel existing business platform Platform, in the country to meet the efficient operation and maintenance and user of Huaxia travel and the user charging pile scan code start and stop, charging cost payment, etc., jointly build “Pile Pile Electric Ecological Marketing Model”, for users Enjoy the use of a green travel experience.

It is understood that since November 2020, the four-dimensional map of the four-dimensional map has established regional cooperation with China’s travel.

The four-dimensional map of the new CEO Cheng Peng said on the signing ceremony, and the four-dimensional map of the four-dimensional map also focuses on car intelligence. It also rely on its own ability to enable new energy travel development, combined with the technology in the map navigation, high precision positioning, traffic data. The advantage, the four-dimensional map of the new company has created the “Pile Home” integrated charging service management platform. Through the “Pile Home” platform, full of electricity is tailored to a high-efficiency intelligent charging service solution, including charging function customization integration, vehicle management, personnel management, financial management and other customization functions and service content. . This greatly enhances the convenience, efficiency and safety of charging operation and maintenance management in China. Based on the preliminary cooperation of full-time travel and MMS, four-dimensional map will further integrate both parties in product and technical quality resources, to build new energy travel intelligent service ecosystem construction, promote more future travel Intelligent products have made efforts and attempts.

The cooperation parties also also bonded in the signing ceremony. In response to the national “carbon peak, carbon neutral” policy calls, further practice social responsibility of both companies, four-dimensional map new and Huaxia travel will be in the product, technology, cooperation method, Commercial model and industry cooperation win-win and other aspects achieve innovation, jointly enhance new energy sharing car charging efficiency, improve service quality, provide users with more possibilities for smart travel, promote China’s smart transportation, smart development rapid development.

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