5 hours no manual takeover, drip show automatic driving technology

The most direct way to verify the strength of the automatic driving technology is to put the drone in the most authentic road environment and traffic, and the flow of people.

On April 8th, in the automatic driving field, it was investigated for more than 5 years, and a automatic driving road test video for 5 hours without manual pipeline was released.

This video recorded a drip drip in Shanghai Jiading District, from the afternoon to dusk to the night test history, and its channels include the intensive city business district, factory area, office area and residential area.

In this video, the test vehicle of the drip is equipped with the latest generation of automatic driving software systems.

1, 5 hours without manual takeover, drip show automatic driving technology

Drip automatic driving company COO Meng wakes up invites the founder and chairman of Udacity, and the founder of Google Unmanned Project is also known as the “Father” of the “Father” of “The Father” participates in the connection, discusses this road test together. The technical highlights in the video.

As can be seen from the picture, the test scene is rich in the open road, and there are traveling pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, and large vehicles during the road test.

During the 5-hour test, dripper test vehicles perform smoothly in environmental perception, behavioral decision, exercise planning and control.

The test scenario covers the narrow section overtaking, no protection left turn, and the large intersection of the head and other complex scenarios, as well as continuous backlight traveling of the very test environment.

In a glare environment, human drivers usually need to wear glasses or open the sun visor, and drip automation is enhanced through multi-sensor fusion programs and adding and illumination, ensuring different brightness, thus achieving even In the case of severe backlight, it is still able to accurately identify and avoid the purpose of pedestrians, cars and other objects.

In the video, with the arrival of the high-peak of the commuter, the sky is getting late, there is a large number of pedestrians and bicycles in the crossroads of Shanghai Jiading District, and a large shuttle that has never been encountered during the day.

These dynamic factors have made higher requirements for automatic driving prediction, decision and planning.

The current drip automatic driving vehicle will open “safe mode” in a particular scene, such as kindergarten, driving in a more cautious manner.

In addition to the technical development of test vehicle data, in the development of this version of the automatic driving system, the drip R & D team is based on the machine learning algorithm, analyzes and utilizes a large number of artificial vehicle data of the region to improve the behavior of traffic participants. The prediction accuracy, thereby improving the processing capability of the automatic driving vehicle in interactive scenes such as intersection.

At present, the drip automatic driving vehicle in Shanghai Jiading test area road mileage is more than 530 kilometers, covering the business district, factory area, office area and residential area, from 7:30 to 20:00 every day, the drip is deployed here 40 automatic driving vehicles will perform daily tests.

In addition to the Shanghai test, the automatic driving vehicle at the current drip has also got a road test license in Beijing, Suzhou, Hefei, California and other places. This year, it is necessary to deploy automatic driving vehicles in Guangzhou.

The dripping automatic driving system can be so fast, but also benefit from a massive road data accumulation.

At this stage, in addition to the automatic driving road test collection data, the “orange” installed on the dripping platform also accumulates more than 100 billion kilometers of data every year, which contains the rich and long-distance scenes of the automatic driving system. Training and optimization offer sufficient “nutrients”.

2, new movement of drip automatic driving

Recently, there are some messages from drip automatic driving:

One is that the drip is ready to enter the automatic driving truck field;

Second, the drip automatic driving is looking for $ 500 million in financing with a valuation of $ 6 billion.

In response to these two questions, the drip automatic driving company COO Meng woke up and responded to the outside world after 5 hours of road testing.

About business expansion issues, Meng wakes up expressing that the dripping itself is indeed a layout in the freight business, and the automatic driving company is currently concerned with the field of trucks.

And Meng Xi said that the development and iterative funds of its automatic driving technology are abundant, and if there is new financing progress, it will be announced.

In the past year, the drip automatic driving financing has exceeded 800 million US dollars, with Soft Silver Vision Fund and IDG Capital.

Up to now, the team of drip automatic driving company has exceeded 500, and the next key task is still developing and iteration of automatic driving technology, and promoting automatic driving taxi (Robotaxi) landing operations. For everything discussion and rumors of the outside world, the drip automatic driving will give the answer through technical iterations.

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