53 hours booking 10,000, what explosions in Xiaopeng P5?

According to the data given by Xiaopeng Cars, Xiaopeng P5 is 53 hours after opening pre-sale, the order is scheduled to be 10,000, such a result is very good, and it can be seen from such information, Xiaopeng P5 The car is recognized by the market, which has the potential of explosion. Today, the author said to say that Xiaopeng P5 cars.

In this Shanghai Auto Show, Xiaopeng car officially launched the second sedan Xiaopeng P5. From the name, the positioning of Xiaopeng P5 is below Xiaopeng P7. However, Xiaopeng P5 is located, which is more close than Xiaopeng P7. At the auto show, Xiaopeng P5 also opened the pre-sale at the same time, the price was 99 yuan, and this 99 yuan can allow consumers to enjoy the rights of more than 20,000 yuan, and the rights of the car in advance. The official listing time of Xiaopeng P5 car is expected to be in 2022.

Taking a car one year in advance, I really also let Xiaopeng P5 car full of mystery, then what is the performance of this car? Why can’t I attract so many consumers to book ahead of time? In addition to those benefits, the relationship between the car is closely related.

The first is the appearance, Xiaopeng P5 is like a small P7, which uses the “Future Warrior” design language, everything is simple, but is very high-level. However, for the aesthetics of the appearance, everyone has different opinions. The author feels neither exaggerated, nor the customs, whether the front face is still a body curve, it seems to be comfortable. Just like the Volkswagen car, the consumer acceptance is better.

In terms of interior, it is actually a highlight of Xiaopeng P5. For the design of the interior, Xiaopeng P5 designer can say that it is precise, neither people feel empty, will not feel very complicated, visual saturation mastery Very good. The followed is a sense of technology. For example, a large size multimedia screen, memory XMART OS 3.0 intelligent system.

In the intelligence of Xiaopeng P5, laser radar, fatigue detection, automatic driving, etc., which make the car’s technology, more gold, and more in line with the current car demand.

In terms of power, Xiaopeng P5 does not disclose specific parameters at the auto show, but the battery will reach a data of 600 kilometers. In view, Xiaopeng P7 is in line with consumers’ just need, and the pricing of the car is likely to be about 200,000, after all, to leave a space with Xiaopeng P7. Whether this car can be burst in the future, in addition to its quality control, it is the price, the higher the price, the truly explosion model of the car is, the closer.

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