60 seconds to complete the future, the future of the electric network, the future or not

Today’s automotive energy has undergone earth-shaking changes. With the emergence of new energy, the car has gradually changed from traditional energy into new energy. At present, the new energy in China mainly is mainly electricity, plugging in two modes, and has relatively small models of extension electricity. The rise of new energy is not only for environmental protection. For the owner, the cost of using the car will also become lower, especially electric vehicles, because relative to gasoline, much is much lower. At the same time, it is precisely because the electric vehicle is charged the cheap, plus the advantages of the green license, and the electric vehicle has become the first choice for the net us.

The webmark has a more convenient advantage for the taxi, and can call the car at any time, anytime, anywhere. At the same time, the opening network is also a part-time job for many owners. Today, many people will buy an electric car in order to run the net. Just like a webmark brand like a drop, it also launched the official electric network to Truck BYD D1, which is enough to see that the electric vehicle is already a general trend.

However, although electric webmares have their own advantages in many ways, it is still worried about the problem of electric car life like a car with ordinary homes. The problem of endurance seems to not only make the owner of the household car, will also make the net approximate car owner anxiety. So, extending the life seems to be a good way, but is it true?

In fact, the battery wants to expand capacity, it is necessary to increase the volume, and the weight will also increase after volume, and the consumption of electricity will increase after the vehicle’s vehicle is increased. Not only that, the large-capacity battery pack can only say that the standard is not true. If the electric car can be charged so quickly with the fuel cart, it will be a lot of people’s anxiety. Therefore, the future of the electric network is not in the future, but the speed of charge.

At present, when the charging speed cannot be solved, each brand is also a unique trick, among which “power exchange” is a good method. Recently, Cao Cao’s travel has held a change in the tram type, and it will show that it will introduce a converter type as an operation vehicle, while the time to change is only 60 seconds.

I believe everyone and the author, if it is only 60 seconds, then the fuel car is basically no different, for the net approximation, the time is money, solves the problem of charging, as long as it is enough in the battery life. . Everyone feels that if the electric web approach is in the case, will the power exchange become the main competitive objective of the future of the industry?

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