620km battery life, also with the cloud smart unmanned parking system, this 6 SUV is very powerful

This year, the theme of Shanghai Auto Show is “embrace the future”, all venues of electricity, intelligent network linking taste is particularly strong, traditional car enterprises accelerate the layout, the new car will continue to take out the frontier technology.

Located on the 7.2-7b11 Weima Auto Booth, Weimar has brought the official listing of W6-.2 million, the first unmanned production model, which was officially listed before the auto show, in front of a “futures”, spot Weima W6 is extra vision.

The world’s first unmanned parking system, specific scenarios can realize L4-level automatic driving

As a third quantification of the Weima car, Weima W6 is focused on 16.98-2598 million, the biggest highlight of the new car is not the longest 620km battery life, but it is equipped with “cloud smart unmanned parking system”, officially said It can realize the conditional automatic driving of the L4 level under certain scenarios.

Although the automatic parking has this configuration, but it is not good to have a number of car owners who tried it. Many owners are even in words “this is a chicken rib function.”

The Weima W6 is different. It is equipped with the world’s first “unmanned parking system” (AVP), can be divided into two kinds in HAVP (autonomous learning parking) and PAVP (high-precision).

The former is suitable for residential, company and other fixed parking space scenes. In the case of only one route to study, the self-seeking diameter, entering the fixed parking space, the user does not need to go to the parking space; and the latter does not need to learn the line, in public Parking can also achieve autonomous parking, bringing real “parking freedom” to consumers.

Although AVP is the main highlight of Weima W6, it is not the only highlight of Weima W6 in intelligence. It also provides comprehensive upgrade for the full-featured L2 intelligent assist system developed by China Road. It is equipped with a new Living Pilot 3.0 intelligent auxiliary system, providing 20 driving assistance configurations, adding a lever change path (ALC), traffic congestion guidance (TJP ), Automatic navigation auxiliary driving (NLP), front walking hall (FCTA), remote parking (RPA) and other practical functions.

Whether it is a unmanned driving system of a specific scene, or a practical advanced auxiliary driving system, it is benefited from Weima W6 to carry high-pass SA8155 chip, and the force is increased by 8.5 times, and the image processing capacity is 20 times, in 3D image and special effects. Processing is made in progress. In terms of sensors, 5 77 GHz millimeter waves, 2 HD front elevated cameras, 4 HD comic cameras, 12 ultrasonic radar efficient synergy.

Domestic privileges to achieve SOA technology

It is worth noting that Weima W6 is a quantitative model for the first to implement the application of SOA technology.

Users only need to enter the car, they can directly experience the official preset “Drainage”, “Parent Space”, “Smart Energy Saving”, “Performance Mode”, “High Speed ​​and Worry” five scene modes.

At the same time, Weima W6 users can also enable self-editing and setting of driving assistance, windows, seats, air conditioners, driving patterns, music, and atmosphere lights. And in accordance with their own use, making “scene cards” in different travel styles.

At present, Weima W6 has been open to 25 capabilities, which can be arbitrarily sorted for more than 200 functions of the whole car, so that users have the most fun scene programming intelligent experience, comprehensively break the handle between mobile phones and cars.

Write in the last: Weima W6 positioning medium-sized pure electric SUV, in this segment, there is no shortage of strong competitors, such as BYD Tang, Aion LX, Chery big ant, etc., but Weima W6 has only 169,800 yuan, appears Very cost-effective.

And, compared to a new car forces, Weima W6 unique advantages is “spot”. Such as the founder of Weima, Chairman and CEO Shen Hui said, “We are spot, not futures”, on the day of the new car, Weima W6 has begun to deliver, this is the only new forces in the first half of the year. Model.

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