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The heat-stricken citizens of Karachi try to enjoy every moment of cold days and cold evenings when they have a few cold days. We, the citizens of Karachi, wait all year round to see when the weather will be cold and we will have the opportunity to take out our warm clothes which are buried somewhere in the corner of our closet waiting for our day to come and we too. He was released from prison.

The recent severe cold wave in Karachi has made us realize that the citizens of Karachi also have a right to enjoy the cold. Then we thought of taking advantage of this golden opportunity. And planned to spend a cold day touring Karachi with friends.

Now it is time to wear it. When I inspected the closet, I saw an angry coat in the corner of the closet. I bought it last year but didn’t get a chance to wear it. Because winter was taking its last breaths at that time. So we had to lock it in the closet while controlling our emotions. But now it was time to take it out of the closet. Then we took this mouth-watering coat out of the closet, which had been a little annoyed with its worthlessness all year. But as everyone walks around, the fate of this coat also woke up.

With good preparation, we went out with our friends and were greeted by the cool breezes of cold weather. But our warm coat gave us full support and played its full role in protecting us from the cold and windy weather. We all turned to the CVU to enjoy a cold day. We were just a short distance from the ocean when the icy winds from the ocean dampened our cold spirits a little and made us realize that man’s home is a refuge that gives him every cold and hot weather and hardship. Provides protection in situations. In such a situation, our eyes fell on some children who seemed to be busy playing sports without torn clothes and without shoes in this cold weather. And true joy was dripping from their faces. Seeing them, the feeling arose in our hearts that these innocent children are facing the hardships of the situation with laughter. And we are the ones who are ungrateful to God in spite of His innumerable blessings.

Arriving at CVU, we surveyed the beach and saw many people enjoying the cold weather. We also joined the crowd enjoying the weather. The sun was shining brightly on the beach. The same sunshine that warms our moods in summer and burns our faces was getting better at the time. We were all busy taking pictures to commemorate this beautiful weather and each other. And the intensity of the head was so great that none of us had the courage to dip our feet in the sea water. So we just looked at the sea from a distance.

When we looked at the various food and drink stalls on the beach, our dormant hunger suddenly flared up and we remembered that in the joy of going out with friends in the morning, our hunger and thirst were so strong that we had to leave the house without having breakfast. Now we decided to eat something. Some friends chose lentils, while others preferred to eat kilns.

All of us friends sitting on the beach reminiscing about our university days as well as eating salted pistachios and peanuts when suddenly the weather started to change and the face of the sun began to be covered with dark clouds. And in a short time darkness fell on all sides. And the drizzle began. Seeing the weather, we decided to go back and walk towards the car. We were just a short distance from the car when it started to rain heavily and our new novella coat that came out of the closet proud of its good fortune. He was confused at this sudden fall and said secretly, “Why did you take me out?”

Wet in the rain, we all sat in the car and after a pleasant cold day we set off on our way back.

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