A smart electric vehicle that is the least ignored by this auto show

On April 19th, the two-year Shanghai Auto Show once again kicked off. The theme of this year’s auto show is “hug changes”, and one of the important changes is new energy. Data can also prove this, according to Wilson monitoring statistics, this year Shanghai Auto Show has exhibited 88 new cars, including 34 new energy new vehicles, accounting for 38.6%.

This is the data level, and there is a non-data level, such as media attention. It can clearly feel that new energy and unmanned drive have become the main melody. Those fuel cars are difficult to have a good product again, which is not their problem, but the choice of the times has abandon them.

In this new energy new car, there is a car we feel that it is the most ignored, that is, where u PRO, why?

Since the time, the reason why the new energy car is not accepted, in addition to the short-term, the charging speed is slow, and the other core problem is high, at least higher than the same fuel car, so electric vehicles in the same size The choice of fuel models, most consumers still choose a fuel truck. But which is the listing of U PRO to tell us that this situation is changing.

First of all, “the” battery life and price ratio “are first, the same price can buy more battery life; secondly, the price directs the intelligent configuration advantage of the same level fuel car, more assisted driving.

So, what is the strength of u PRO?

1. Comparison of intelligent electric vehicles with the same level, which is the advantage of u Pro

On April 19th, the Shanghai Auto Show did the booth. When the car chief marketing company Jiang Feng announced which is 9.98-15.98 million yuan after the sale of U PRO subsidies, ignited the enthusiasm of the media under the stage.

Because in a month ago, the pre-sale price of U PRO is still 140,000 yuan, with reference to the price of the same level, there are no big explosions at the time. When this announcement is finally price, the start price of U PRO is 100,000, it is not too low, how much the drop of 40,000, and the live media is more exaggerated.

In addition, the highest is less than 160,000, the key is that the key is 610 kilometers, and the first intelligent configuration such as auxiliary driving. On the market, the electric car for the battery is more than 600 kilometers either more than 200,000. Either no assist is driving, which is a collection of two, and less than 160,000, the price is extremely excellent.

Perhaps, I don’t even have a superior price ratio of u PRO, so we have a comparison comparison of several compact electric vehicles in the same level to see which u PRO is so strong.

Which u pro belly is a new force compact smart electric SUV, the direct competitor is Weima EX5-Z, Xiaopeng G3, so we chose the same 15.98 million u PRO an exploration version, Weima EX5-Z Lead The collateral and Xiaopeng G3520 enjoys the comparison, the core parameters are contrasted, with the table:

First see the space performance, the three-way data of the three is relatively close, but the wheelbase has a significant gap, which is the longest, the u PRO is the longest, the axial length is the largest, which means that the internal rear space is relatively broad. According to our actual experience, which u PRO’s rear space performance is indeed excellent, and it can even be described by a level.

In fact, the gap between the three spatial performance is deeply reasonable. Weima EX5-Z, Xiaopeng G3 is essentially oil-to-ray model, and which 吒 u PRO is based on which HPC pure electric platform is created. It has a significant four-wheeled four-angle design, and the internal space is very bad. In addition, the model of the pure electric platform, whether it is mechanical quality, or a strong driving texture is much more powerful than the oil.

Looking at most consumers, the most valid and price ratio, that is, “price ratio”, the same price is 159,800. In addition, this price is the price of U PRO and Weima EX5-Z own L2 + auxiliary driving, and Xiaopeng G3 is not.

The abundance of the motor torque, plus the lightweight design of the pure electric platform, so that the u PRO will accelerate only 7 seconds, which is more than a second faster than Wema EX5-Z and Xiaopeng G3.

2, what is the ratio of the tax-owned electric car benchmark?

Of course, as the new energy market develops to the depth, more and more foreign brands have also launched smart electric vehicles, such as the public id.4, which is the title of joint venture compact pure electric SUV, then its competitiveness compared What is the u PRO?

Compared with which 吒 u pro, the mass ID.4 overall price range is more than 100,000, and the maximum battery is just 550 kilometers, 60 kilometers less than before. In order to facilitate the horizontal contrast, only the core product of the public ID.4 Pro is close to the core product of the EPRO, which is more close, and its comprehensive battery is 550 kilometers, equipped with L2 + auxiliary driving, this is also its sales version . As can be seen from the chart, the mass ID.4 PRO is the same, which is the same, which is the same as the motor parameters of the Up Explorer, 60 kilometers more than 60 kilometers. As for the space, although the mass ID.4 PRO body is longer, the wheelbase performance of the u PRO is still more excellent.

Although the public ID.4 PRO is extremely concerned and the Up Up Firefighter is equipped with L2 + auxiliary driving, but in other intelligent security and intelligent technology, the latter is much more comprehensive. For example, intelligent security, which is a global unique transparent A column 2.0 system, as well as small You smart robots, and smart technology includes fresh configurations such as sentinel mode.

Therefore, in the case of the core point of the smart electric car, which is more competitive in the U PRO, but the price is more than 76,000, the price is less than 76,000, cost-effective. Very prominent. So the last problem is also a very real problem: brand power, in the new energy vehicle field, the public is 76,000? I don’t think it is good.

In the era of fuel trucks, the public’s brand premium is indeed, but it is not necessarily in the era of electric vehicles. From the perspective of new energy vehicles, Volkswagen is more late than China’s new energy brand, which means that China’s new energy car products are leading, the market is also the most authentic performance, currently the best-selling new energy car still Tes Pull and China’s new energy brands are the main force.

The times have changed, and we must believe in the choice of the market. So on the smart electric vehicle track, when there is now the core product of U PRO, the core product of the public is more powerful than the public ID.4 Pro, and it is also 76,000, is you willing to choose which car? Or continue to love the public belief?

3, compared with the peer-to-pending car car, which is the intelligent configuration of U PRO

In this case, the lowest price of the car is less than 100,000, which makes it not only to hang the same intelligent electric vehicle, but also the collar fuel car.

Take the recent hot BYD Song PRO and Chang’an Uni-T which is compared with the three cars, the three cars are compact SUVs. Consider the different pricing intervals of three cars, and the purchase of fuel vehicles to pay for additional taxes, and new energy cars do not have, we have chosen u pro500 global version, Chang’an Uni-T distinguished, BYD Song PRO automatic Yunzun is expected.

As can be seen from the chart, under the same 130,000 budget, as an electric vehicle, which is 500 kilometers of battery life, and the core configuration of L2 + auxiliary driving.

So, for those who can install piles, or accept fast charge, and favorite users like smart technology, which is a very nice compact fuel SUV alternative. Of course, for those users who are particularly pursuing endurance, they can also spend 160,000 to buy 610 km versions, with now increasingly convenient charging facilities, endurance is significantly reduced.

4, the electric potential has something to say:

The current pure electric market presents a typical “concave” shape, that is, the high and low end continues to be hot, the mid-end recesses, we believe that it is fundamentally in the mid-range market being restricted by various factors such as technology, costs, product strength is more fuel The car is not obvious, the situation is the most complicated, of course, the market is also the largest.

So how to discover this Jinshan in the mid-end market? Only technological innovation, while controlling costs, allowing performance and prices to form a perfect balance. And where u pro arrived, at the lowest price of less than 100,000, 610 endurance plus L2 + less than 160,000, let it become the product benchmark of the same intelligent electric vehicle, but also point the fuel car in the price, There is no doubt that the product limit of the A-level electric vehicle has been broken.

So we believe that where u PRO is coming out, it is very hoping to be a knocking brick that knocked on the A-class electric car market. Even if the new energy market is intricate, the front road is also dangerous. If it is successful, it will become the first intelligent electric vehicle popularity in the true sense.

Therefore, although this Shanghai Auto Show high and low-end new energy models are numerous, it is really like a blade that is like a pneumatic fuel car hinterland. Such a car, can you ignore?

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