After “Qi Qi”, I started the sea.

“In 2025, the car should do, it is the first one, we have to do 500,000 units, there are 500,000 sales to live.” At first, he listens, Hezhong New Energy CEO Zhang Yong I also thought about “life and death” in the Shanghai Auto Show, but in fact, I will take the first time after a few days, a sales transcript low-key show off.

Sales in April is high in innovation, and it is a year-on-year.

During the “May 1” period, the first sales volume was announced in April: 4,015 units, not only creating a new high history, but also achieved a year-on-year increase of 532%, a good momentum increased by 24%. From January to April, the cumulative sales of cars were 11,458 vehicles, an increase of 432% year-on-year.

It is because of the influence of the entire automotive industry in the past 2020, so the year-on-year growth of the new forces since this year has been uncommon. However, in fact, from April last year, many car companies have realized the V word rebound, so the year-on-year increase has also fallen. For example, in April, Yulai, Xiaopeng and Ideal sales are 7, 102, 5, 147 and 5,539, still stabilized the first camp. However, the growth rate of the three is the highest in Xiaopeng’s 285%, the highest growth rate is only 11.54% from the highest increase in the year, and the leader has fallen 2 percentage points.

If you look at this, 532% of the year-on-year increase and 24% increase in the increase of the new year of its “new high history of single month”. It is also due to where the market continues to strengthen, and the total sales volume reached 11,458 this year, and the total year sales of 1,5091 vehicles last year were only one month.

What is more worth mentioning is that after the TOP3 seed player Weima is dark “back”, which has become a new forces after “Yizhan”. And in April and Xiaopeng’s sales are reduced to about 1,000, if they are in the current trend of high songs, they may not be impossible.

Pre-sale of 5,000 vehicles in two weeks, which 吒 u PRO screw outlet

The time of the birth of Hezhong’s new energy is not late, but it has always been explored by the product compared to other new forges. In the previous two products, which is 01 and which 吒 V actually also a more marginal A00-level product, more like testing water for the savings. Until the third product, it was a compact pure electric SUV with a body size reached 4530mm. The room of life can reach 520km, and the price after the subsidy is 139,800-19.98 million. It can be said that the U is the first product of Hezhong’s new energy into the main sales market, whether it is price or size and Xiaopeng G3, Wema EX5, etc.

However, it didn’t expect that Head of New Energy has just entered the front battlefield and started speed. After one year of listed, the new energy of Hezhong has been fully upgraded to the Shanghai Auto Show last month, thus launched which 吒 u pro, NEDC is up to 610km, and the zero hundred acceleration time is less than 7 seconds. The speed brake distance of 100 kilometers is less than 38 meters, and the UPRO is also equipped with the L2 + intelligent auxiliary driving system, covering more than ten functional configurations such as adaptive battery and automatic emergency braking. The most crucial is where u PRO subsidies are priced at 99,800 to 1.598 million. As the listing site, the car chief marketing officer Jiang Feng said, “As the first price-specific hard bar fuel car, the smart pure electric SUV, which is listed, not only greatly enhances the cost-effective price of pure electric vehicles, but also comprehensive and fuel trucks At the nearly, the reason why the user is more fully selecting electric vehicles, and becomes the beginning of the pure electric vehicle seizes the fuel market. ” It can be said that which 吒 u PRO not only achieves “oil and electricity the same price”, but it has been completely surpassing traditional fuel trucks at the cost performance.

It is precisely because of which u PRO has such a high price / performance, and the company’s new energy official said that only two weeks of listing, its order volume has exceeded 5,000 units. According to the official statement, which 吒 u pRO monthly sales target is 3,000, if calculated, waiting for delivery, the overall sales will be on the previous step.

360 leading D round, which step into “10 billion club”

For a company, the capital market will often become a wind direction.

For this, new products are listed, and sales continue to increase, these are undoubtedly important factors. On April 26, Hezhong New Energy announced the launch of D-round financing, and the financing amount was about 3 billion yuan. Among them, the Internet security leader 360 strategy led this round of financing. After completing all investments, 360 is expected to become the second Map.

According to this round of 3 billion yuan financing, the financing amount of the new energy of Hezhong’s new energy will reach 10.25 billion yuan. This includes 1.125 billion yuan strategic investment in December 2017, the 2018 RMB financing and the 3 billion yuan C wheel financing completed in December 2020. Plus the non-disclosed financing, B + round and other financing, the actual financing will be higher after D round finance.

Due to the three head camps of “蔚 理” have already realized it in Nasdaq, and in other new, the total financing amount has exceeded 30 billion yuan after the D-wheel in October last year, in addition to The skyline is 11.5 billion, and the zero runs close to 10 billion. With the success of Hezhong’s new energy D round financing, this also means that all of the financing threshold for 10 billion yuan in the new forces brand in the top five sales. From this place to see that the new energy in the capital market is better than zero. Since last year, Hezhong’s new energy is preparations for landscaping board, less than half of the year, the financing of Cerend and D rounds, undoubtedly also seen as a sprint of listed. At the same time, automotive enterprises including Geely Auto, Wema, and Evergrande cars and zero run are preparing for the creative board, and the combination of multi-pointed news will become the whole vehicle of the curative board. Is it?

But in any case, “Let the high-quality smart electric car tentacle and” insist on “one car annually, a small change in two years, a big change in four years, such a product launched the rhythm” Start the new energy of this sea.

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