After the subsidy, the price is 104,600 yuan from Guangqi Ean Aion Y Shanghai Auto Show listed.

A few days ago, the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show officially kicked off, GAC Ean Aion Y has also ushered in official listing, and the official guidance price after subsidies is 1.046 million yuan to 148,600 yuan.

As the high-end intelligent electric vehicle brand of the Guangzhou Automobile Group, Guangqi Yam has continued to deep tillage in the field of electricization after the brand is independent. At this year’s auto show, Guangqi Yan brings a luxurious smart super-run SUV Aion LX, intelligent SUV Aion V, and the medium-sized models of the medium-sized smart sedan Aion S and other models, and display the maneuver battery safety technology, spongeonic negative electrode Battery technology, super fast charging battery, two-stop dual motor “four-in-one” integrated electric drive system, Adigo Zhi’s mobile interconnected ecosystem, etc.

Specifically, in the EV, GAC ENA has created the GEP2.0 pure electric exclusive platform and the two-speed dual motor “four-in-one” integrated electric drive, but also for the customer’s most concerned safety, life and fast charge, research and development Battery system security technology, sponge spongeon negative electrode battery technology and 8 minutes charging 80% super fast rechargeable battery technology. It is reported that these technologies will be applied in 2021.

In terms of ICV, GAC Ean has created an Adigo 3.0 Zhi’s mobile Internet ecosystem, and launched a model Aion LX and 5G car Aion V with L3 automatic driving function. This year, the Adigo 4.0 Zhizhi Drive Interconnected Ecosystem equipped with Guangqi’s latest generation of intelligent operating system will also apply in Aion Y.

According to the Securities Times, AION Y is the first model after the Indian brand independence, and the fourth model of the AION series, gathers the latest innovation technology of GAC Ean.

It is reported that after the pre-sale in March 29, the daily order of GAC Aion Y has exceeded 400, and is still growing. Related analysis showed that the sales of Guangqi Aion Y mainly originated from a series of black technology, especially the integration of the magazine battery system security technology, further enhanced the safety of the vehicle.

Due to the hot sale of AION Y, GAC ENA has also been upgraded at the production level, and the original 100,000 production capacity is upgraded to 200,000 production capacity. It is reported that this ENA plant can expand, and it is expected to invest about 500 million yuan, and the production capacity is doubled in early 2022.

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