After two years, the residual rate is touching, and the electric vehicle is not welcomed by the second-hand car market?

Many friends will refer to various criteria when they buy a car. For example, the design requires novel atmosphere, and the brand must have a certain reputation, and the power is equally unable to pull. And the standard we have to say today is the residual rate of the vehicle, many fuel cars, especially the Japanese brand, and the value of the value is still quite high after two years, and even the model is sold in two years, lost It is just the purchase tax at the time of the purchase.

The electric vehicle in the past two years is owed in terms of ratings. In the second-hand car market, the product a good fuel car can be described as a calendar, and in the second-hand electric car showroom, it can be used to describe anyone. According to the data of the relevant departments, the turnover cycle of second-hand new energy vehicles is particularly long, many brands such as Tesla, etc., for factors such as manufacturers, let many friends who want to buy second-hand electric vehicles are still. Have the owner said that the electric car who spent more than 100,000 yuan two years ago, only more than 70% of the depreciation rate is more than two years, which is difficult to accept. So what is this problem?

It realizes that today’s electric vehicles are like many electronic products, and all major manufacturers have fallen into the “arms race” swirls. New cars just launched half a year ago have become an old model for a year. This makes the vehicle in terms of ratio. In the fuel-fuel car, such as Hanlanda, it is often changed in five or six years. The owner bought the latest freshness can be kept for five or six or six years. The cost of selling cars will naturally be higher than electric vehicles.

Not only that, the technology of electric vehicles is sometimes reflected in the actual experience. Such a year ago, many electric vehicles’ battery life is 400-500 kilometers, and this year’s new car endurance miles have broken through 600 kilometers, plus electric vehicle batteries have been charged multiple charging and discharge, and the battery capacity is naturally attenuated. It also leads to a disadvantageous position when the used car is selling at the time of sale.

The model has natural defects, and the policies of the car enterprises have also let many second-hand car buyers caught in two difficulties. In response to the problem of electric vehicle core, many manufacturers give quite in place after-sales service. Such as lifetime free power transfer, free for life, but the problem is that this type of service is mostly concentrated on the first owner. Once the vehicle has changed, such services can continue to provide guarantees, which has become a lot. Used truck buyers consider the problem when car.

At present, new energy vehicles have developed very fast, and large companies have also invested a lot of funds and technologies, and they want to compete for their own heavens and the earth in the unit-shaped market. However, the innate problems in electric vehicles and subsequent maintenance policies have made electric vehicles become quite embarrassing in the second-hand car market.

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