Aiming at the women’s market, the zero run T03 design is round, the price is only 59,800

In the automotive market, there is a special audience group, that is, the female market. Looking back to the female car market in these years, there are indeed many cars we call, such as BMW MINI, Smart, Volkswagen Beetle, etc., and more and more microches, these cars with the rise of new energy It is very matching with the women’s market, such as Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, and if you don’t want to crash or you want to have better configuration and car space than Mitsubaishong Mini EV, then this car said today is very suitable, it It is zero run T03.

Zero Run T03 This car is still very beautiful, although it belongs to a small pure electric car, but it does not lose its own corners in the overall round full of shape, and does not lose their personality in order to sleep. Small doctors.

Its overall internal space is still very spacious, four spaces, 3620mm body lengths also prove their space. The front face is small, the whole is the closed grille, the headlights on both sides are circular, just like the eyes of the kitten, the eyes are very cute. The shape of the side is a longer square, after all, the body length is also ok. The waistline is relatively obvious, and the hub is relatively small, but the design is very strong, the shape is still beautiful.

The interior is still very high in the same level, and the materials and workmanship of the interior are also very useful. His interior color color is very cautious, choose the black gray color of the error, plus double liquid crystal linkage, so that the entire interior is precisely and the scientific skills are coexist.

Then, if the appearance and the interior are good, will power will add points again? I think it is still its additional item, and its 0.6-hour fast charge time, 75 horsepower motor plus its full-scale vehicle endurance mileage is 403km, daily travel is complete enough. In terms of the price, the price of zero run T03 is 59,800 to 75,800, which is also acceptable for many families or consumers.

Overall, the comprehensive performance of zero Rotary T03 has complied with the rigid needs of ordinary owners. In addition, this car is very suitable for women. Many design elements are very expensive and cute, or have made more clear Differentiation. With the influence and recognition of this brand, this car will also be concerned about more people.

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