Another new car called MODEL 3? BMW join the battle, will launch a compact electric vehicle

Tesla is the world’s largest new energy car brand, and did not lay in the merit book, but in recent years, it continued to introduce new models. In the face of such a huge market, many manufacturers have also joined the battle, eager to be divided into this area. And Tesla clearly won’t let the first share of the market, just before, there is news, Tesla will introduce a gate-class hatchie in the Chinese market, and the threshold has dropped from 300,000 yuan to 200,000. During the yuan. This news has made many brands have stepped up, and the traditional luxury brand BMW will also launch a new compact electric car, and the new car is based on the BMW 2 Series four coupe, which may be named BMW I2.

From the rendering map of overseas versions, this BMW I2 basically does not have much difference with the BMW 2 Series Course, which can be seen as an electric version of 2 Series. BMW’s brand appeal is also unsolicient to think of Tesla Model 3 and Tesla, which are the same, will be launched by Tesla. It seems that these cars will inevitably.

From the appearance, the car continues to take the classic double-kidney modeling of the BMW family, and the angel headlights, these details have improved the identity of this car, which is impressive. The side part of the body is very compact, and it seems that it looks full. With low-wind-resistant rim shape, you can imagine the power performance of this car must have a strong BMW flavor, which has an extremely strong driving desire. However, this car does not have a shortcomings, the space may become a major pain in the car and Model 3, after all, the size of the two cars is not a level.

In fact, the big sale of Tesra Model 3 is far from a pre-issued advantage. Tesla is the most impressive is its power output performance, and ultra-fast acceleration feelings have made many people become Tesla. And this BMW I2 has an extremely strong fuel-fuel-style, if BMW is not in place, can not achieve overtaking in power, then whether it is space or endless to believe Model 3 is still in this price.

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