Another year of new power is unveiled, the pure electric SUV is 150,000 yuan.

The arrival of automotive electrification has spawned a lot of births, the rise of the brand, the ideals and other brands, and the listing of many interested products will be determined. After all, the Chinese market is broad, once there is a good product, still digestion capable. Tianmei Cars is the representatives of this, many friends may not be familiar with this brand. Today we come to understand this medium-sized SUV, Tianmei ET5.

Many friends don’t understand this brand of Tianmei, in fact, the brand is 100% shares by Kaewan New Energy Automobile Group, invested for 200 million yuan, 2019 new brand, and its founder is also familiar, It is the founder of Skyworth Group Huang Hongsheng, so I believe that everyone has a general understanding of its strength.

As the first model of Tiandame Automobile, the car has launched four, and the battery life is from 404 kilometers to 520 kilometers to meet the needs of different consumers.

In the design, the design is quite out of design, although it is a SUV model, but its horizontal front face and the headlight group make this truck look very muscle, while despite a pure tram, However, it did not use the most popular closed grille design, and the smoked black neutral network plus brand logo, so that this truck looks like a fuel car. The side of the body is the simple route, and there is no excessive linearness, but a waistline from the door handle. The vehicle’s tail design is round and full, and the penetration headlights are very eye-catching, and it can also be seen that logo in the tail of the vehicle is hidden within the vehicle lampshade, and the effect is amazing after lighting.

In terms of interior, the car did not have an exaggerated route, but a simple and practical design style. In addition to a huge central control screen, the design of other places is also aware of the doctrine. Although the design is simple, don’t underestimate this in the middle control. The user can perform AI voice interaction, APP smart control, etc. on this screen, while the vehicle also supports the L2.5 level auxiliary driving function. In the comfort configuration, the manufacturer is equipped with a healthy lunch sleep system. After opening the system, the system will perform PM2.5, air-conditioning negative ion purification, high temperature circulation disinfection, even if someone is short-lived in the car. Reduce safety hazards.

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