Apple Car: Mysterious “Wang Fry”

Apple is a public secret.

Although the whole world is looking forward to Apple cars, Apple has never made a formal response to this matter.

In recent years, major media websites and social platforms have flowed a variety of apple cars, interior design concept pictures and videos.

Especially at the end of the year, Apple is pushing to the tips for the media, analysts and investors for the news of the automotive project.

This market value is 2 trillion dollars, ranked first super giant in the global technology company, as if a child stood in the center of the automotive industry.

News from the supply chain and talent recruitment, are constantly facing the investment of apples. There is only only the mystery waiting for unveiling:

When is Apple release a model product?

What is the apple car?

Who will help Apple to make a car?

1. When is Apple?

About the time point of Apple Automobile, the industry’s prediction is divided into 2:

The radicalist believes that the fastest in September this year will release automotive products;

The conservatives believe that Apple departure time may go to 2024 to 2025.

Apple has set up a “Project Titan” project inside 2014 and has passed for 6 years.

According to the law of the automotive industry, usually 3 to 4 years can create a generation of models, 4 to 6 years can create a generation platform.

Put it on the apple, in 6 years:

Apple is first gathering talents, including from Tesla, Ford, FCA, General and other car companies to dig a large number of executives;

At the same time, talents in AI and the automatic driving field and deploy hundreds of teams in California for automatic driving road test.

But because the interior is to create a route difference between the automatic driving system / in onboard software, Apple has a strategic swing in the process of making the car and has experienced the management of more and many layoffs.

Not long ago, Apple announced the highest leaders of the car project change again, and the Apple Ai and Machine learned the leader John Giannandrea replaced the early Elder SVP Bob Mansfied.

Since you choose to change your handshake, the product is released.

From this perspective, Apple issued a small possibility of new cars in September 2021, after all, this time is only 9 months.

Of course, it is not difficult for Apple to publish the concept design of the car products in September this year.

Look at the conservative point in time, according to the previous report and the prediction of the famous Apple Analyst Guo Mingzhao:

Apple releases the most reasonable time of the car, 2024 to 2025. If the time is too early, Apple’s research and development can’t keep up, the supply chain is not ready; it is too late, Apple cars will be difficult to compete with Tesla and other heads.

Now, the time left to Apple cars is about 3 years.

Suppose Apple will re-develop a model based on the previous R & D, this time is enough.

From the previous application of Apple’s 6 years, Apple is very likely to complete the research and development of the basic platform through the previous accumulation: including vehicle platforms, batteries, chips, automatic driving, etc. In the next three years, Apple will be 3 years of driving car mass production and productization.

After 3 years, what kind of product will Apple bring to consumers around the world?

The outside world is looking forward to apple cars to subvert the mobile phone like the iPhone of the year, and truly define the new species of the car like the intelligent era.

In the past few years, Apple applied for hundreds of patents in the automatic driving and automobile field, including many new design, including hardware and software.

In addition, recent apples also release a lot of news in SEDCC, automotive chip development, automotive battery self-research, laser radar selection, etc.

If the existing information is fused, we can actually spell out the appearance of Apple Automobile:

A high-end pure electric vehicle model with high-level automatic driving ability, equipped with advanced smart cockpit, has a subversive user experience.

2, pick Apple car from the platform architecture, supply chain, price range?

(1) Platform: big space, luxury technology, maritor Model s plaid?

Creating a model platform is the foundation of the car.

Today, all major cars have a model platform for the upgrade of scalability support software upgrades, which will support derived models, which will also make the intelligent evolution of the vehicle.

Taking Geely’s SEA architecture as an example, the development of this architecture spent 4 years and 18 billion yuan invested (equivalent to 20-3 billion US dollars), top platforms such as the mass MEB architecture, with an investment of $ 7 billion.

The definition of the platform determines the limit of the model positioning.

Recently, the modern and Asia of Ascension will mention the news of Apple Motors, and Apple will be created based on the E-GMP modular platform of modern cars.

This source of source is probably from modern in the middle of the modern. Although we can’t conclusion now, Apple cars will be based on this platform.

But we can initially judge Apple and modern atrium to discuss more in-depth communication and feasibility, E-GMP is the basic requirement of Apple’s car.

Therefore, in the line of E-GMP, we can make a guess for the appearance of Apple.

The E-GMP platform is a modern car dedicated platform in December 2020, which is called Electric-Global Modular Platform (Electric Global Modular Platform).

The platform shortens the vehicle before and after the vehicle, the floor design is pulled, and the passenger space has been greatly released, which also provides convenience for the design of the cockpit, and the long width makes driving safety more high.

Based on this platform, the first pure tram type launched by modern cars is Ioniq 5, which is a high-end hatchback.

The length of this car has reached 4635/1890/1605 mm, and the wheelbase reaches 3000mm, and the vehicle is 1.8 tons.

The long width of the ES8 is 5022/1962/1756 mm, this size is a big circle than Ioniq 5, but its 3010 wheelbase is just 10 cm more than Ioniq 5.

This can be seen that the space utilization rate of the E-GMP platform is extremely high.

Previously, modern released Ioniq 5 concept vehicles were designed to open door, and the seats can also be rotated, and the seats can be opposed to some extent, for a designed for unmanned state.

If Apple Motors are built based on the E-GMP platform, it will have many similarities between the chassis structure, the body ratio and other parameters and Ioniq 5.

In terms of selling, Ioniq 5’s low-distribution version will not be less than $ 45,000, and high-priced price is approximately $ 55,000.

It is certain that the price range of Apple cars must be higher than that of modern Ioniq 5.

The positioning of Apple Automobile is a high-end luxury car, a big probability, and Tesla’s Model s giddles.

The current Model S long-lasting price is $ 7299 million, the highest PLAID + version of $ 13299 million.

The maximum competition of Tesra Model S is also a price range around 130,000 US dollars.

From the perspective of talents, Apple high prices from Beli, Porsche, Aston Martin, such as excavation, including the current Apple Author’s Executive Vice President Doug Field is also Tesla’s merits.

If you see Many shadows in Tesla from Apple Auto, it is not surprising.

From these two aspects, Apple Automobile should be a product with the ultimate engineering capabilities and Tesla high-tech technology.

“Technology Luxury” is also a major feature of the current Apple products.

2) Supply Chain: Self-powered battery, chip

In addition to the model platform, Apple cars must focus on supplying the core components.

iPhone’s reminder of the mobile phone industry supply chain can say that today’s global smartphone brand is prosperous.

Tesla has also begun to create a global smart electric vehicle supply chain.

Just like Apple’s supply of Apple is closely collaborate with suppliers, even joint development, which is truly satisfied with the extremely demanding parts. If this logic puts this logic on Apple car, it will inevitably involve many cars. Innovation of hardware and software.

Apples are already invested, such as motor, batteries, automatic driving chips, and the like around the vehicles.

In December 2020, according to China Taiwan Media “Economic Daily” report, Taiwan related supply chain broke the news:

Apple has recently issued a stock request to Taiwan’s auto parts manufacturers, including and large, peace-duty, and Futa, etc., which plans to include these manufacturers into the first supplier of Apple.

These suppliers are the main force for Tesla supplies: Tesla vehicles are supplied by Fuda, and the relationship is the manufacturer of relays.

On the electric vehicle, the current battery pack occupies the highest proportion.

Tesla is the start to use the Panasonic battery, and then cooperate with LG chemistry and Ningde Times. Increase.

However, the mass production of the 4060 battery may have to 2023.

Although it is unclear that Apple’s battery supply will be expanded in the form of, we can determine that Apple is using the power battery, does not rule out the battery supplier cooperation to produce this battery.

As early as 2017, there was reported that Apple was in combination with Ningde Times to develop car power batteries. In December 2018, Apple took Samsung SDI forward-looking research person in charge, Senho Ahn Ho Ahn, Soonho, mainly leading its global battery development.

And before earlier, Apple also took away a large number of top batteries technology talents from the battery manufacturer A123.

These digging movements also have a series of talents of the self-research battery for Apple.

Also benefited from the research and development of these years, Apple has accumulated numerous battery technology related patents in the past few years, selection from the anode, cathode, and electrode fluid, to battery production, and then to the thermal management system of the overall battery pack. Even iron lithium batteries, solid-state battery technology has been involved.

In December 2020, according to Reuters, Apple sorted a single-battery design (Monocell), which can be directly integrated together, eliminating space waste between the various cells of the traditional battery pack.

Thus, in the same space, the battery capacity increases to achieve higher battery life.

Relevant insatists said that Apple’s purpose is to reduce battery costs and increase electric vehicle life, and this battery will be a subversive product.

After seeing this report, Tesla CEO Mask also published a comment on Twitter. He said that the cell battery is in electrochemical, because its highest electricity is too low.

Apple’s self-powered battery is the information of the staples, but it is necessary to produce production on Apple Automobile, clearly find a reliable battery manufacturer to cooperate.

In addition to the three-power system, there is also a class of components very important, that is, chip.

The European and American manufacturers represented by the public and other car companies this year are mourning in the refinement crisis.

In the field of chip, Apple is a player with very high voice. From the A series of chips to the M series chip, Apple has created a single chip product for its smart mobile device, and in performance is unique, it is a very powerful moat.

Especially in the current largest vehicle companies, they have a competitive environment for automatic driving chips, Apple has a good springboard in the field of car chips.

On the market, Tesla has a self-developed FSD, and most car companies currently use the DRIVE AGX products in the automatic driving chip, whether it is the ORIN or Tesla FSD, and its architecture is ARM. The public version of the architecture, which is obvious with the core gap of the Firestorm high-performance CPU.

According to Media Messages in December 2020, Apple is working with TSMC to develop automatic driving chips to prepare for Apple’s development.

According to the report, the two sides have developed the relevant chip production plan.

Don’t forget, Apple also acquired Intel’s baseband business.

In the future, it will also have a place in the field of car communication chip, especially in the future, 5G popularity, and car road synergy began to real horses, Apple cars will also benefit from this.

Although the trolley has not yet debuted, Apple has prepared a core component supply chain from a three-electric system to the chip for its automotive products.

It is quite a meaning of “all the best, and only the best wind”.

3, Apple Automobile is most worthy of highlights

1) Automatic driving

Apple cars will definitely have automatic driving ability.

According to Tesla Radical Timetable, Tesla should have realized a large-scale push of FSD 2025.

A large cattle in a domestic chip is given a relatively conservative forecast. By 2025, under high speed, parking and other specific scenes, completely unmanned driving has been possible.

From the timetable launched from Apple Automotive, Apple Automobile will at least completely drone in some scenes in 2025, which may launch all kinds of driver of urban roads.

Messages from the supply chain show that during 2017 to 2018, Apple used to be the top three customers of an international laser radar giant.

According to informed people, Apple is negotiating with a number of laser radar vendors, and has not yet determined the preferred laser radar vendor, followed by highly customized laser radar sensors.

From this point, we can also see that Apple’s automatic driving is not as extreme as Mask, which is a more secure multi-sensor fusion plan.

Apple has clarified its multi-sensor fusion programs in the automatic white paper released in 2019, and Apple said: “With a variety of sensors of laser radar, radar, and camera, it achieves 360 degrees 3D perception of vehicle surrounding environment.”

Later, we can also see a lot of sensors from Apple’s automatic driving test cars.

In fact, Apple has started to develop automatic driving related technologies since its establishment.

Related media reports show that in 2017, Apple applied for the first patent related to automatic driving, named “Autonomous Navigation System”, and great idea is an automatic navigation system. The main content of this patent is:

“When the vehicle is driving, the in-vehicle sensor can detect the surrounding environment, upload all kinds of static, dynamic driving environment information, update the map in real time.

On the one hand, the data is provided to Apple, allowing the vehicle to open the automatic driving function in this section;

On the other hand, based on this information can be updated in real time, providing navigation and automatic driving real-time information for other vehicles. “

Is it a familiar formula, familiar taste?

This is the core logic of Tesla’s public bag data acquisition model and the evolution of the automatic driving system.

After this, Apple applied for many automatic driving perception patents in terms of target detection, as well as V2X, V2V related patents.

In 2019, in order to reinforce the automatic driving research and development strength, Apple’s way of recruiting the team in the way, and the Apple’s automatic driving team also has talents from Waymo, Cruise.

For example, during 2018-2019, original CEO Sameep Tandon, Baidu North America AI director Adam Coates and others have joined Apple’s SPG (special project group).

But so far, Apple’s strength in automatic driving technology is not very bright, and the automatic driving road test mileage is not accumulated.

In 2020, Apple’s test car took only 18,800 miles in California, and human drivers were needed every 145 miles.

As a comparison, Waymo’s mileage is more than 600,000 miles, and the human driver is required to take over every 30,000 miles; the general Cruise has a total mileage of 770,000 miles, and automatic driving every 28520 miles from automatic driving.

Such a score is clearly not up to the standard for automatic driving functions on Apple cars.

Ok, Apple is automatically driving to achieve breakthrough, and there are 3 years.

2) Intelligent cockpit and innovative user experience

As a smart car, the cockpit of Apple cars is very worthwhile.

Today, we have seen the big screen design in Tesla and other models, and it will not appear on the apple car.

Speech recognition, face recognition, gesture interaction, etc. The technique of Apple has accumulated for many years in smart mobile devices, and it is not difficult to transplant it to the cabin of the car.

Moreover, Apple has previously launched its own scheme for the vehicle network: carplay.

This is a map of mobile phones and drivers, and users can support “Phone”, “Music”, “Map”, “Information” and “Information” and Third Party Audio. Application, and can be controlled by SIRI.

Carplay is also just a transition program. In the future, Apple’s car should be like Apple’s mobile phones and computers, like Apple’s “Caros”, and all Internet ecology of Apple can also be in the bus. Call.

Of course, we can also enjoy the cockpit experience of Apple car. After all, the model launched after 3 years, there is a very large transformation space.

In terms of the innovation user experience of the vehicle, Apple’s exposure of the annual introduction of hundreds of patents allowed us to see the conscious of Apple Engineers.

In the design idea of ​​Apple Automotive, the vehicle not only brought many surprising functions that are manually driven, but also special functional designs for vehicle occupants in the automatic driving state.

In this link in the vehicle, Apple has two technologies accumulated by Touch ID or Face ID. In the future, the two technologies will be applied to the automobile, which will enhance the convenience and safety of the upper and lower cars.

Prior to this, Apple has launched a Car Key product at the WWDC conference in June 2020. After pairing Car Key, it is only necessary to gently touch the phone and door handle, the door can open.

In addition, put the phone into the wireless charging board in the car, the vehicle can start.

Moreover, this technology can unlock the door without network connection or even shutdown.

At present, BMW has confirmed to take the lead in equipped the technology, and will not know that it will be equipped on Apple.

Now, some models have been equipped with Ar HUD function, and Apple also conducts technical development in this field, which has previously recruited Microsoft Hololens’ research and development engineers.

Big probability, AR display technology on Apple cars is not only map navigation, vehicle instrumentation, may also have more content.

Apple’s patents about the vehicle seat belt and airbag are the most imagination, which turns the seat belt into a touch type, the user can define different function buttons on the seat belt, and adjust the vehicle by tapping, sliding. Volume, listen to the phone, ask SIRI, etc. Moreover, the seat belt also has an automatic heating function. In addition, considering that the automatic driving mode is that the occupant is the seat of the living room, Apple’s patents also put the airbag in the seat belt and the top of the vehicle to ensure the safety of passengers.

There is also a very humanized patent to automatically adjust the color of the window and other glasses of the window by judge the privacy of the car, and the technology can automatically adjust the color of the windows and other glasses.

In addition, in the mechanical components of the vehicle, Apple cars also applies for a batch of patents. For example, the door hinge is redesigned, avoiding accidental collisions when opening the door; the scalable bumper can alleviate the impact of the collision; can be adjusted according to the road conditions.

In terms of electric vehicles, Apple also applies for wireless charging techniques and patents for cable automatic charging technology, of course, this has achieved automatic parking functions of vehicles.

In this way of improving or even subverting the vehicle scene, Apple has invested tenants in the past few years, and the researcher has also harvested fruit.

In the future, how to innovate the experience of smart cars on the iPhone in 4 wheels, Jobs may imagine, and we can only look forward to it.

4, who will help Apple to make a car?

About Who will work for Apple Automobile, the industry is the most beginning to believe that Foxconn will be responsible, because Foxconn is a smart mobile product for Apple. And Foxconn has also announced access to the field of electric motors.

But now, the supply chain system of Foxconn enters Apple cars is more feasible.

Then, the Korean modern cars have a lot of Oolong, first declaring that it has been cooperated with Apple, for its automotive products, and the details are very rich:

Apple Automotive Chassis will adopt a modern car E-GMP electric modular platform, modern Mobes will provide parts, Kia Motors will provide the United States production line, Apple will also invest 4 trillion whabit to Kia (about $ 36 billion) .

In modern times, the stock price of two car companies has risen, and the modern group comes out to clarify that there is no substantive agreement with Apple to make a car.

Modern Group This kind of first place is then clarified, it is inevitable that some “there is no silver three hundred two” this place.

As the apple of the Gossip, there is no official response to this news so far, and only guess for the outside world.

After modern Kia, Nissan cars were exposed to Apple to contact Apple, but two companies have disagreement on electric car brand issues, and negotiations have not been advanced to senior management.

Ashwani Gupta, Chief Operation Officer, is still coming out: “We can work together, but that is to adapt to our products, not in turn.”

Obviously, Nissan does not want to be Apple’s “Foxconn”.

More speculations and forecasts are also continuously fermented, and Morgan Datong analysts believe that Apple and Renault cooperation will be more fit; Bernstein analysts said that BMW may become a powerful allies of Apple.

In the intensive rumor period, there was reported that Apple was talked with at least 6 Japanese automakers, and some people hit the British government may also take action to draw apples.

Optional Apple Cars has become a major event that global car companies want to participate in a time, but now I can’t determine who will be the most fitted partner of Apple.

As the highest global market value, the action of Apple’s caring has always touched the global attention.

Global consumers are looking forward to a subversive automotive product, because Apple is still one of the world’s best companies to build products.

Many of the world’s car companies are thinking about the Apple Automotive to share a piece of it.

But their inner heart is contradictory, they are afraid to be subverted by Apple Auto, but I hope to take the electric wind of apple to achieve fame and fortune.

In the slump of global auto intelligence and electric change, the crossover apple is destined to be the most special existence.

Apple cars is also the best product that can trigger people’s imagination and curiosity.

In the next five years, let us look forward to Apple’s mysterious “Wang”.


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