Arcfox Neptle αt: Let you feel the pure electric SUV in an instant

Now, we have such feelings, more and more people buying pure electric cars, and it is actively giving up the purchase of fuel trucks, have to say, main cause or because the current pure electric car quality and life, etc. To impress consumers, let pure electric cars are no longer just the chicken ribs under policy support. More importantly, some quality products have exceeded us and public expectations, and they have received their attention to the stream.

For example, Arcfox Neville αt, this car, whether it is the appearance of the appearance, the design of the interior, the workmanship is also equipped with a number of intelligent technology, and the elimination of the endurance of mileage and the unexpected humanized design, People feel full of sincerity.

The name and artistic Arctic Fox face identity of Arcfox is very futuristic, which makes us proud, yes, our Chinese brand can also be so unique.

Splitting, “ARC” is originally coming from Arctic (Arctic), representing impossible, symbolizing self, not afraid of challenge, daring to break through, pursuing perfect brand personality. “Fox” means “fox”, the fox represents wisdom, elegant and sensitive, and it is characterized by the characteristics of understanding humanity, with wisdom and creativity, and aesthetic brand. This is interesting, we can so understand, in the cold Arctic, wisdom, sensitive, human Arcfox extreme foxes can also be sensitive, four vertical and horizontal, not to worry about endurance. Moreover, environmentally friendly pure electric vehicles, which protect the earth, reduce the Arctic ice and snow melting. Breathing, this is Arcfox extreme fox. Of course, it said that Arcfox is very fox is a Chinese brand, but it created new joint ventilation. Arcfox is very fox in China, from Beiqi Group, but also focuses on the world. It is determined to become “China’s new energy car’s pattern leader, China high-end intelligent new energy car brand”, so the product of Arcfox is a brand of Huawei, Magna, and first-class supplier system. Specifically, Arcfox Nevilo is jointly established “1873 Davidon Innovation Laboratory”, joint development facing the next generation of intelligent network electric automotive technology; blue valley and McNa, establish high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle R & D and manufacturing center The manufacturing process specification with Magna is a special vehicle quality guarantee for Arcfox

It is worth mentioning that the Blue Valley McNeah’s high-end thinking base is the first joint venture of Magna in China, and it is also the first vehicle manufacturing plant established outside Austria Grats. What needs to tell you is that Magna has a hundred years of history and more than 3.7 million luxury flagship model manufacturing experience. This is not good for the quality of Arcfox’s extreme fox. In addition, Alpha Romeo GTV, Bugati concept car, Porsche, Audi R8, Audi A5, Volkswagen CC, many classic models, main designers – world-class master Walter De Silva Arcfox pole design. Finally, from the supplier system, 100 top suppliers in the world, more than 70 of them have chosen to cooperate with Arcfox, such as SK, Siemens Fa, Bosch, Otto, Boghana, Harman, Miwood, etc. Global well-known suppliers.

Speaking here, I believe that many people have been excited, can’t wait to see how the ARCFOX’s product is in the end. arrangement!

Arcfox pole fox αt, it is coming

Arcfox αt (extreme fox alpha t) is the first mass production model of Arcfox’s extreme fox, and the price range is 2.419 million yuan to 319,900 yuan. As a 300,000 yuan SUV, let you talk about it. Name: “α” is the brightest star in the Arctic constellation and the first Greek letter. Speaking of this, everyone understand, is ambiguous, Arcfox is extremely fox is to be the first, leader group. Is there this strength in the ARCFOX pole αt?

Open a table, the details slowly said. Arcfox pole αt parameter configuration table, please see.

On the design, the front of the Arcfox Neville αt has four feature lines in the “X” shape extension, and the body is simple and powerful. The whole LED matrix headlight is different from the traditional “remote light automatic switch”, and its “ADB Smart High-Light System”, only masks the position of the vehicle, does not affect the brightness of the high beam of other regions.

Waist lines such as Ododia guns have penetrating tension. The 20-inch oversized wheel design is inspired by glacier cutting, which brings a strong mechanical sense of the body. The tires from the PS4 series of Michelin, with a specification of 245 / 45R20. Coloring the body, bringing cool visual impact. Arcfox Nevil αt roof uses three-piece panoramic sunroof layout with high-end car, with a length of more than 2 meters, an area of ​​2.6M, and invincible. Moreover, you can control the skylight by pressing a variety of control methods such as button switches, intelligent voice, large screen, and app remote control. It will be automatically closed in the rain, and the automatic anti-clip function, the highlight of humanization is quite a lot, this is just Arcfox extreme fox. One of αt.

The end of the car, full of tension, through the tail light full of beauty, and it is remarkable. In terms of the vehicle details, αRCFOX pole αt has closed face, three-dimensional suspension spoiler, automatic hidden door handle, all-inclusive cover, water cutting mirror, and aerodynamic design Not only greatly noise reduction, but also achieves the domestic SUV with a minimum of 0.27cd. The interior is exquisite, the space is flexible and wide.

One opened the door, no need to enter the car, a luxury, exquisite, science and technology atmosphere, if it is night, the light is on, this feeling is more powerful.

The whole car interior covered soft material is abundant, the effect is comparable to the 20.3-inch middle control large screen and 10.1-inch function screen impact, plus the 8-inch windshield HUD in front of the main driving, and 12.3-inch full LCD instrument The disk is simply the feeling of the science fiction, and they can also achieve four-screen intelligence interconnection.

The ArcFox Neptle αt is equipped with 12-way adjustable, remembers that 10 groups of NAPPA leather material seats are available.

From the body size, the Arcfox pole fox αt car is 4788 mm, a wide range of 1940 mm, 1683 mm high, plus 2915mm long wheelbase, bringing a large car in an oversized car for Arcfox Neptom αt. Depending on the actual use requirements, the rear seat can be placed, and the detachable cover can be removed, and the 463L trunk can put down 3 28 inch luggage.

How about battery safety and battery life?

Many people care about the safety performance of electric vehicles, especially battery safety; second is endurance. According to reports, αRCFOX poles αt uses the Korean SK battery, with a long live life of 10 years of 500,000 kilometers. The battery module has the maximum capacity of 93.6kW · h, and the 100-kilometer power consumption is only 16kw · h. In terms of security, ArcFox pole αt battery pack adopts the design of the heat management flow path to high pressure region, through this special design, reducing the risk of contact with the tapered device when the water-cooled pipe and joint leakage, thereby improving the battery System security.

On the day of the test drive, our Carde Steel tested the battery life. Two people in the car, adding 330 kg from Beijing, from Beijing’s northern four rings to Yan Qixi, 60 kilometers away, 100 kilometers power consumption of 18.4kw · h. It is worth mentioning that we have no special energy saving in this test drive, which is a normal driving process.

Compared with the fuel truck, the speed of the pure electric car is more direct, step on the electric door, if you don’t pay attention, when it is a fuel truck, it will be fierce. Arcfox Neville αt power assembly is jointly created by Siemens, Fareo, Borg Wanner, three international top enterprises, using the latest international three-in-one high integrated technology solution, lighter, smaller. The motor power reaches 160 kW, torque reaches 360 N · m, and NEDC comprehensive operating capacity is 653km. Of course, low temperatures are the enemy of life. The αRCFOX polar fox αt battery has excellent low temperature performance, even at ambient temperature at -20 ° C, the battery discharge amount of the ARCFOX poles αt is greater than 85%, which is higher than 80% of the general model, ensuring the mileage of winter travel, still Can be assured to open the warm air. In terms of charging, Arcfox pole αt is equipped with a 20KW wall-mounted direct charging pile, with intelligent networking, remote control, low temperature charging, constant power output, appointment charging, plug-and-play function and safety protection, etc., charging function is very complete.

How is it?

Arcfox Neville αt accelerated capacity, 4.6S 100 kilometers accelerated scores, becoming a 4S 100 km accelerated club’s value strength. The key is that it is only 36.24 meters per 100 kilometers, running is fast, and the brakes are really resistant to, such brainability is ranked first in the same case.

It not only uses the former McFesson, but the latter multi-link independent suspension, but also the chassis for Magna, with Primacy 4 meters of its Lin latest version of the performance tire, 50:50 front and rear axles and all-aluminum alloy hollow Closed sections of the sub-frame, it feels very pure: whole, steady, fast, cool!

Moreover, it is also equipped with a single pure-in-three drive system in China with snow, mud, sand, sand, whether it is driving, or ice and snow muddy road driving, can be competent.

In terms of smart driving, Arcfox Neptle αt has α-pilot smart driving function, using the latest generation of Bosch, from 1 domain controller, 1 third-generation 2 million ultra-high pixel multi-function camera, 4 second generation enclosures , Five fifth generation millimeter-wave radar and 12 sixth-generation ultrasonic sensors together. 5 of 5 fifth-generation millimeters can provide up to 210 meters of detection distance, and 12 points of the body of the body, which make the auxiliary driving response faster, the detection range is wider, and it can easily realize the automatic and lane. , Undercutive risk, 220 meters, frontal emergency kneading function, etc., and possess the front / rear cross-warming function.

Moreover, Arcfox Neptom αt is also equipped with the world’s first highway auxiliary enhancement function. Compared to the traditional L2 part of the automatic driving, the highway assist enhancement version has added automatic variability. Within 60-130km / h speed range, when the driver is turned to the lamp header, the system will determine whether the vehicle meets the changes of changes. If the condition allows, after the driver confirms, the system will automatically complete, significantly enhance the safety and comfort of the driver in the car high speed cruise. What is more worth mentioning is that at the highway long distance, high-speed driving, set the cruise vehicle speed 120km / h, when the user does not pay attention to the roadbed limit speed 70km / h logo, the intelligent speed limit cruise system will detect the speed limit identifier and automatically use the vehicle speed. Decreased from 120km / h to 70km / h to avoid overspeed tickets. Moreover, αRCFOX poles αt also have unexpected intelligence. In addition to equipped with a Harman’s audio system that is equipped with enthusiasts, the αRCFOX is also equipped with the world’s first 20.3-inch ultra-wide 4K large screen. From Harman, it is comparable to the iPhone mobile phone display effect. Multi-dimensional identification functions such as identification, speech recognition, face recognition, have an advanced feeling from future.

The αRCFOX pole αt also has a full scene of the magic parking. It can achieve parallel parking / deposures, vertical parking / parking, head / car entry, mobile phone remote control of the audience. Among them, there is car head vertical eye into the world’s first, all kinds of complex parking scenes, 40 seconds. In addition, the 360 ​​° transparent chassis is also a big tool.

to sum up:

As the first mass production model of China’s high-end intelligent new energy car brand Arcfox, αRCFOX pole αt aggregates Daimler, Magna, Huawei, Bosch and other worldwide resources, but also based on the world’s leading, open IMC The intelligent module standard architecture is developing, with 653km long battery life, 4.6S hundred kilometers acceleration, 20.3-inch ultra width 4K large screen, Magna global luxury manufacturing, Huawei 5G technology interconnection, α-pilot smart driving and many more superior performance. Are you a heart?

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