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The art of making people laugh in the realm of literature and ethics

The art of making people laugh in the realm of literature and ethics

Childhood ignorance, school days and commenting on the stories of TV dramas, curiosity about missing any episode of the drama due to lack of mobile and net and getting full details about this episode from each other, It’s all on the memory page as if it’s tomorrow. In the past, the dramas of Pakistan that were on the rise and were the cause of our daily conversations, include Sar Sarfat, Marvi, Hawaiian, Guest House, Andhira Ajala, Dhoop Kanare, Tanhaiyan, Arusa, In Kahi, etc. But more importantly, most of the plays that were very popular at that time were those of the author Hasina Moin. Hasina Moin’s name was enough to seal the success of any drama because her unique style guaranteed the success of her dramas. The night their drama aired, it was as quiet outside as curfew or lockdown. What is special about his plays is that they have been a favorite of people of all genders and ages.

She was called the princess of dramas because of her high quality of liking. His pen brought not only him but also various actors of his plays to the pinnacle of success. Among them are Marina Khan, Shahnaz Sheikh, Saleem Nasir, Sajid Hassan, Behrooz Sabzwari and Qazi Wajid. Even today these personalities were mostly known for their roles. As Behrooz Sabzwari is still known as Qabacha. In addition to the PTV Award he was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in 1986 by the government for his dramatic performances.

But on the blessed day of Friday, March 26, 2021, an era ended, a literary journey came to a halt, a pen fell silent forever. That name, that promise, that pen is that of playwright, dialogue writer and dear writer Hasina Moin who met Khaliq Haqiqi at the age of about 80 due to cardiac arrest. His memories, his plays, and the characters of the plays became immortal in everyone’s minds.

Hasina Moin was born on November 20, 1941 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh India. After the formation of Pakistan, she migrated to Rawalpindi, then to Lahore and then to Karachi in 1950. She graduated from Government College for Women in 1960 and MA in History from Karachi University in 1963. While studying, he started writing. From an early age he began his journey with a monthly magazine called “Brother John”. After that, after doing a comedy program “Studio No. 9” on the radio, he continued his journey by writing a comedy drama “Eid Mubarak” on TV, in the cast of which legendary actors Shakeel and Nilufer. Aleem was included.

It is a great virtue to put a smile on people’s faces and Hasina Moin Sahiba did it in a beautiful way. She was well versed in the art of making people laugh in the realm of literature and ethics. This does not mean that his dramas were full of humor, but that he also wrote many other hot topics. His plays have always been purposeful. The highlight of her plays was that she portrayed the role of women in all respects as morally strong. Another important point was that most of the plays had positive roles.

His literary mind created a number of remarkable plays, including Shehzori, Zir Zabar Pesh, Uncle Alifi, In Kahi, Loneliness, Sunshine, Fog, Sigh, Havoc, Neighbor, Tears, Closure and Mirror. Apart from writing plays, he also wrote dialogues for several films, including dialogues for the famous Indian film ‘Hina’ which he wrote at the behest of Raj Kapoor. Hina’s cast featured the then famous Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar from Balochistan. He also wrote dialogues for many Pakistani films. Among them is the most important legend actor Waheed Murad’s film “Kahin Pyaar Na Hojaye”. Waheed Murad was the first to ask him to write a dialogue for the same film.
She had a smiling face, always had a beautiful smile on her face. Apart from literary engagements, she also took an active part in social activities. In this regard, he also contributed to the campaign run by Geo News for education and public welfare. In addition, she has been very active in politics. Politically, he has been associated with the PTI.

After all, this world is mortal and death is an inescapable fact. One day or another, everyone has to leave here, but in history, there is only one person whose work becomes his real identity. There is a well-known saying that male offspring is the only means of making a name for oneself, but I say that the work of man is the only way to keep his name alive, because if today we have Quaid-e-Azam, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, or Speaking of historical figures, Shazoo will rarely know the names of his parents, but he is immortal because of his work. The same is true of Mohtarma Hasina Moin, who has not been married for a lifetime, but will always be remembered for her work in the history of Pakistani fine arts. May Allaah forgive them and make their journey to the Hereafter easier. Amen and amen

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