Audi CEO: The charging pile is much enough, the new electric car endurance will decrease

Last week, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann accepted an interview and talked about his views on the development trend of Audi E-TRON GT, Tesla and electric vehicles.

The main contents are as follows:

1, 2020, the sales of Audi pure electric vehicles increased by 80% year-on-year, and higher in 2021.

2, electric cars are quiet and stable, but lack of fun, E-TRON GT is in order to solve the problem of fun.

3, although Audi E-TRON GT and Porsche Taycan have a lot of shared hardware, but this is completely different from Taycan. E-Tron GT has completely independent design, appearance, interior, suspension, steering, hub, etc., E-TRON GT can provide better comfort.

4, Audi E-TRON GT is equipped with a 93-degree battery pack, and the battery life can reach 238 miles. Dearman believes that the endless mileage is an important advantage of Tesla, when other brands have started doing from small battery packs, Tesla has chosen from the big battery pack, which is an important reason for Tesra success. It is more important to end the owner, and now everyone is realized, so there is a 93-degree Audi E-TRON GT.

5. Although Audi began to do the electric car of the large battery group, Dearman did not think that this trend will last for a long time. Instead, he believes that with the rapid growth of charging piles and continuous upgrades of charging technology, small battery pack electric vehicles are future development trends, because it is no longer necessary to carry a big battery pack. At that time, electric cars will no longer be cumbersome and expensive.

6, Audi E-Tron GT will be produced with Audi R8.

Does Duesmann’s point of view, are you approved? Come, leave a message to talk.

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