Automotive manufacturer 400 telephone survey: manufacturers “Pot” dealer car owners two difficulties

According to the multiplier data, in 2020, my country’s passenger car retail has reached 19288,000, and the industrial has a steady recovery situation. Among them, the auto mass, Geely Automobile, FAW Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan and other car brands, sales ranked 30.

In 2020 full of uncertain, the domestic auto market can present such a joy. The car market has steadily developed, accompanied by a substantial growth of domestic auto protection, and the corresponding thing is that more and more consumers have encountered various problems in the use of vehicles, what should I do? , In the face of the dealer, do not use it again …

At this time, the 400 customer service hotline of the car enterprise is particularly important. As a bridge of the consumer and the manufacturer, the service hotline of the vehicle enterprise has always been an important channel for consumers and feedback, whether it is solved. Consumer issues are still very important to collect owners of car companies.

In 2021 3.15 Consumer Rights Day is about to come, “Dao Ge said the car” inquired the problem that the model has appeared in the model of the car brand, and some issues have been selected for the 400 customer service hotline of automakers.

“Taoist said the car” conducted a survey, a car manufacturer of sales ranked 30 in the sales volume of the sales volume, the customer service service attitude, customer service personnel service attitude, customer service personnel professional, service efficiency, factory initiative.

The survey results show that 28 manufacturers can be turned on one-time. And FAW Mazda phone can not be turned on, the phone is in a buser call; Changan Mazda cannot turn on manual service in the artificial value class time, and the phone is displayed in the state of voice.

Overall, the customer service staff of major automakers is generally better, and they can actively help verify the problem and register. Among them, the service attitude of the customer service staff and FAW Volkswagen and FAW public. The customer service staff of Shanghai General Wuling (Wuli) is slightly attitudes hard and impatient, and I hope to improve later.

From the service efficiency, the customer service hotline complaints will be accepted, the shortest feedback time is Chery Automobile, and the customer service indicates that the manufacturer will arrange the contact with consumers in two hours. Most manufacturers contact consumers, usually within 1 to 3 working days. However, there are also some brands that have no clear time requirements, such as Shanghai General Wuling (Baojun), FAW Mazda, etc., all express it unable to determine the communication time with consumers, and specifically to arrange time by manufacturers or dealers.

But from the view of the customer service staff, most customer service staff only record and feedback on consumer issues. For the problems of the vehicle, they cannot make professional advice and opinions, but consumers are required to contact the dealer. . Only Guangzhou-Auto Honda customer service will answer some professional questions during the process.

Most manufacturers said that consumers can only negotiate with the dealers, and manufacturers are more only helping and supervise without better ways. There are only several car companies such as Chery and SAIC, will transfer the problem to the manufacturer’s relevant department to intervene.

“Taoist said the car” editorial synthesis The above survey is considered, with 5 stars, score the after-sales service hotline for some cars.


Dongfeng Honda, FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC

Main features: Telephone single turn-on, customer service staff is good, able to answer expert knowledge, good service efficiency, strong active active action.

For example, Dongfeng Honda, customer service staff asked the small editor of vehicle issues and information, which can be more professional on the vehicle problems proposed by Xiaobian, and also expressed as soon as possible to feed back the small knitting problem as soon as possible.

FAW Volkswagen customer service staff actively took the initiative to ask Xiaobian vehicle issues and information, patiently and questions to give a small editor, and helped Xiaobian and 4S stores.

The Volkswagen said that if the dealer solves the problem of consumers, the customer service center will upgrade the problem to the manufacturer’s relevant department to intervene.

★★★★ ☆

Guangqi Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, Beijing Hyundai, Guangqi Passenger Car, Beijing Mercedes, Brilliance BMW, SAIC Roewe, Dongfeng Fout, BYD, Volvo Asia Pacific, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Chang’an Auto, SAIC, Chery, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, SAIC

Main features: The customer service staff is better, actively registered, inquiry with small-compared vehicle information and issues, and actively arrange the 4S shop in which the area in which the area is located is processed, and the issues proposed to Xiaobian can be more patience.

Among them, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Dongfeng Nissan, the customer service staff took the initiative to ask the area where the small series is located, and provides the site after-sales maintenance provider. Among them, after the importance of Dongfeng Nissan Customer Service, there were dealer maintenance personnel and the small series of dealers within 5 minutes.

★★★ ☆☆

SAIC GM Wuling (Wuli), SAIC, Wuling (Baojun), FAW Pentium, Great Wall, FAW Volkswagen Audi, Changan Ford, FAW Mazda, Changan Mazda, Geely, FAW Toyota, SAIC Tong Buick

Main features: The above car enterprises or in terms of the on-state, or in terms of service attitude and problem solutions.

Some manufacturers phone voice reminders are unclear, such as Shanghai GM Buick, no complaint, consumers can only enter by ordinary consultation buttons. And FAW Mazda phone work time is in a long time. Changan Ma Saida customer service phone, speech shows that manual service time is 8:30 to 21 daily, but Xiaobian has dials on 16:56, but it is recommended to be a speech value class, and this is also a few times.

In addition, some customer service persons are slightly hard, and there is impatient situation, more is to do only the record and contact the dealer. For the professional issue proposed by Xiaobian, it is not possible to make more explanations and suggestions. Among them, FAW Pentium did not explain the quality of the car proposed by Xiaobian, but it means that the contact dealer is resolved.

Changan Ford customer service staff is more enthusiastic, but the degree of understanding of their own vehicles is not high. Xiaobian proposes whether the vehicle factory configuration has a “stealing reduction” problem, which may be a professional training for customer service personnel to lack the vehicle-related information. It does not answer this for this situation, but it is necessary to verify it to the manufacturer.

FAW Volkswagen Audi’s customer service staff, compare mechanized responses during communication, lacking corresponding enthusiasm. In response to the problem of Xiaobian, it means that they are just customer service centers, no need to answer professional issues, more to push to 4S shop, have not done too many professional answers. And when Xiaobian means that if the 4S shop does not solve the problem, the customer service staff said that the 4S shop is the after-sales service department of FAW Audi, and consumers can only go to 4S shop.

In the case where there is no specific problem with the small complications, Geely customer service is rushing to reply to the vehicle, and it feels more casual.

The Great Wall Car Customer Service puts forward that the dealer and manufacturer’s test conclusions are not recognized, directly indicating that Xiaobian does not have to register feedback, but can apply directly to the third party agency.

When the customer service staff of FAW Toyota is more unclear, occasionally there are some tone words. There is still an uncivilized language when they hang up. Although it is not targeted, this behavior is still a crying.

The above is the result of the survey we did for 30 car companies 400 telephone customer service. Due to customer service staff, our investigation does not fully reflect the problem, but also exposes some problems. From the shallow levels of service attitude, most of the car companies can do well. But when you encounter substantive professional issues, it is not possible to actively act when the contradiction between consumers and dealers cannot be adjusted.

We found during the survey, most manufacturers’ customer service will kick the ball to the dealer, let consumers turn around to coordinate with the dealer, and most of them will only help and urge the role. The manufacturer is just a panoramic pot to dealers, rather than more to take their own responsibilities, which will have a lack of responsibility to some extent, and even intensify the problem. Therefore, we recommend that the manufacturer can further enhance the professional quality of the customer service personnel, formulate more human handling programs, and earnestly put consumers’ rights in the first place, assume more responsibility and obligations, and effectively supervise the dealers to help consumption Solve quality and service issues, so that the comfort and satisfaction of the car is further enhanced.

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