Automotive products Next innovative six core scenes

As more and more car companies are changed from “maritable” to “vision”, the scene has become the main starting point and power point for everyone. Combined with the judgment of the Ten Trend of 2021 Automotive Product Evolutions, we believe that the innovation activities of the next car product will also be laid around the following six core scenes.

First, the automatic driving and secondary driving scene automatic driving can be said to be the most thorough change in the shape of the car product. But this transition is not a vertical switching process in place, but a multi-wheel iteration of the product and technology level, as well as the continuous improvement of user trust, usage habits and conditions. Therefore, there will be a long-term, non-continuous change in this process, but it is an iterative process that gradually develops. The car will gradually be auxiliary driving, and then transform them from step-by-step and continuous automatic driving. During this conversion, there is no clear reference system, and there is no standard answer, so the product definition and innovation activities of the car enterprise must be based on the scenes of automatic driving or auxiliary driving. On the one hand, it is necessary to make the automatic driving ability to describe the automatic driving ability in which the products can be used in such scenes, and more need to make it clear, otherwise it will often increase these functions, but more The hand is in a case where the hand is so weak.

Second, the car entertainment in the mobile process With the entertainment bus network, the intelligent cockpit is constantly iterated, and the car entertainment is a core function combination, and the options that can be provided to the user is getting more and more abundant. On the other hand, the driver can’t take all energy from the driving process during the dynamic driving process, and the entertainment system must also ensure that the driver maintains the design principles of attention, and the entertainment in the mobile process must Continue to find a right balance during dynamic development. For example, the functions such as junction, games, video playback, etc., you need to form a clear priority division with other core functions of navigation, ADAs, and driving interfaces.

But we can also imagine that a car is equipped with a very good audio. The driver must play high-quality music in driving, but also to understand the traffic conditions and illegal photographic reminders, but also to rationally use voice interactive system … These features The priority policy needs to be accurate in one specific scene. Defined. If you go out of the scene, just define some integral functional hierarchies, you will have a song that is averaged four or five times of “Electronic Dog” function.

Third, the new energy car makes it tribute to users of the vast number of tram have a variety of wonderful complement experience. For example, find a strange charging pile according to the charging map, so it’s hard to open the car, but I have discovered that the oil car is filled with the oil, or I will discover the charging pile failure. Of course, it is also very likely that these are all smooth. I found yourself in the process of starting the pile. I have to download the third-party app, then a series of registration, receive verification code, stored value, connect WeChat / Alipay, scan code payment … the process of. The last thing is all set (some piles also required all the above), then the charging pile failed … View the reason, the pile display: Start failed, the reason code 117 ……

If the car is not actively solving the user’s charging experience, it is only a family charge, and the electric car is no way to develop. This is also one of the reasons why we need to admire the new forces of several heads.

Fourth, third space vehicles As users in addition to home and office, the longest stay is the longest space, what functions we need to design for users? In the past half a century, as long as consumers participated in the brainstorming of automotive products innovation, everyone will inevitably think of moving things in the home to the idea. It is not the user lack of imagination, but this should be the long-term direction of the automobile, just under the system, driving mode, and the conditions such as the conditions such as energy supply and energy supply. This process of changing the car to movement must be There is a place, as well as progressive. Of course, the car is not a replacement, we need to give this third space more unique positioning. So this scene, or this set of scenes still has a vast imagination space.

V. Vikae entertainment / leisure with the energy structure of the vehicle from the energy structure of fuel to the tram, plus the capacity of the battery pack, on the basis of solving the row mileage problem, the energy of most scenes can output outward Support for more entertainment, leisure activities. Then there will be a scene of entertainment / leisure. Slightly different from the third space, shoulder entertainment refers to the user’s outside of the vehicle, but still entertainment and leisure activities for vehicles. For example, the whole family drives to the suburbs, surrounding the vehicle BBQ, watching movies, k songs, games, etc. … Obviously this will be a very picture scene. Of course, when BYD’s products have supported the function of externally discharge, I have seen many people in front of BYD’s front of BYD.

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