Baidu takes the Apollo Express into the new era, and the first share of Ai needs value to revalue


“Ai First Share” Baidu Huanggang

Apollo business is a big push

On August 5, 2005, Baidu, is listed in Nasdaq, USA in the US, the world’s largest Chinese search engine. The price is set at $ 122.54, and $ 39.8 billion market value is also a record of China’s listing in the United States.

After 16 years, Baidu will land in Hong Kong stocks on March 23, 2021, becoming a veritable “China AI First Share”.

After returning to Hong Kong, Baidu intends to sell 95 million universal A-Class A common stock, with a maximum fundraising of approximately HK $ 31.8 billion.

The main purpose of Hui Hui returned to Hong Kong to raise funds is to further promote its AI technology research and development and commercialization. Baidu continued to invest AI has exceeded 10 years, and it has also begun harvest results.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Baidu revenue was 30.3 billion yuan.

Among them, the AI ​​new business represented by smart cloud, smart driving, became a new engine that pulled Baidu medium and long-term growth, and contributed a total of 42 billion non-advertising income.

It also benefits from the commercial change capability of commercialization in the AI ​​field, and the Baidu stock price of the low circles for a long time has experienced a wave of strong rises in the past six months, the market value is once more than 100 billion US dollars, creating history.

In addition to the AI ​​business has begun to create revenue, the reason for driving Baidu market value has also experienced the expectations of its future development, especially Baidu Apollo’s smart cars, automatic driving track, but also the intensive application of AI technology, its market The scale is more than 10 million US dollars, and the commercial imagination is large enough.

Baidu has been an automatic driving field veteran, cultivating more than 7 years, whether in technology reserves or commercialization, is already the leader of China’s automatic driving.

In the world, Mizuho Rui Si, one of the three major investment banks in Japan, gives Baidu Apollo 40 billion US dollars.

This valuation exceeds the latest round of the new round of financing 30 billion US dollars, and Baidu becomes a worldwide secondary driving company for Waymo.

After returning to Hong Kong, there will be more funds and resources to invest in automatic driving, smart car tracks.

Conversely, Baidu Apollo’s commercial process accelerated, and will also give Baidu market value to a larger imagination.

At present, many international investment banks such as Ri Xin, Ruiyin, Goldman Sachs, and Xiaogong have increased the target price of Baidu US stocks, but also the development of its Apollo business.


From “Car” to “Road”

Apollo business strategy is clear

At this stage, Baidu Apollo’s commercial hand holds three Dafa treasures:

One is the automatic driving taxi (Robotaxi) landing operation;

The other two is the automotive intelligent solution, including automatic driving technology mass production and intelligent trains;

The three are more macroous intelligent transportation services, including road collaborative services, digital traffic operators, and so on.

In the past seven years of development, these business lines have been well accumulated in the past seven years, and now I am walking up the commercialized Kangzhuang Avenue.

The establishment of three business lines, Baidu Apollo is also formed by a long strategic adjustment.

Baidu has been invested in automatic driving research and development in 2013. At the end of 2015, it established the Automatic Driving Division.

Automatic Driving Division Developed L4 automatic driving;

The Intelligent Automotive Division has developed L3 and below automatic driving;

Car Life has products such as Car Life.

It is also after IDG was established, Baidu launched an automatic open platform Apollo, which also became a synonym of Baidu automatic driving in the future.

After the operation of 2 years, IDG ushered in a major organizational architecture upgrade. This time, Baidu will expand the field from the end to the road, and the commercial scene is further expanded, and IDG has a new look:

The automatic driving business group has three departments: Smart Automobile Business Unit, Zhiqi Map Business Unit and Automatic Driving Technical Department;

The original car network business group continues to lead the smart vehicle business;

Add intelligent transport business group.

The new intelligent transport business group, focusing on intelligent upgrading of transportation infrastructure, providing the next generation of intelligent traffic solutions such as road synergies, regional intelligent signal optimization systems.

Upgrading from a single business to an independent department, this indicates that Baidu Apollo has not limited its attention to “car”, but includes automatic driving, intelligent road network, road coordination, car road city integration.

After the new IDG is established, Baidu Apollo’s business has also begun.

Whether it is the Robotaxi multi-city operation in the automatic driving level, or the intelligent car business continues to sign an order of domestic and foreign car companies, or has a high order in the intelligent transportation field, which has become the continued rise of Baidu US stocks. Core power. The division of labor of the business line is clear, and the adjustment of the organizational architecture is stable and provides better support for Apollo’s technology research and development.

In the past seven years, Baidu Apollo’s technology has accumulated.


Technology is Wang, Baidu Apollo front

1, Apollo “Climbing Everest”: Robotaxi technology landing mass production

Baidu launched Apollo automatic driving open platform in 2017.

At the beginning of this platform, it is to help use partners in the automotive industry and automatic driving to combine vehicles and hardware systems, quickly build a complete automatic driving system belonging to their own.

This platform has begun to date, and the joining of many car companies and parts suppliers have also gathered a large number of automatic driving developers.

At present, Baidu Apollo open platform has been iterated to version 6.0:

From the initial closed scene, driving all the way, constantly unlocking new capabilities, automatically driving from simple urban roads to limited area high-speed automatic driving to complex urban roads automatically, Apollo has been able to create more automatic driving scenes Set of mature automatic driving solutions.

At the Baidu World Conference held in September 2020, Apollo officially launched 5G parallel driving technology to truly take the safety officer from the automatic driving vehicle, and this is also necessary for Robotaxi to achieve commercial closed loop.

The introduction of this technology is the result of continuous development of Apollo automatic driving software and hardware technology.

Apollo has basically passed the main line level, and then the next phase of “brush copy” – continuous testing, constantly solving extreme scene problems.

Baidu Apollo is undergoing the automatic driving system in the multi-city.

According to the latest information, Baidu Apollo test fleet has exceeded 500 levels, and the test has more than 7 million kilometers, and the total test license has exceeded 200, including more than 150 of the manned test licenses.

In 2018, 2019, 2020 Beijing automatic driving road test report, Baidu Apollo became the most invested test vehicles in Beijing, the longest test mileage, three-year accumulated test mileage has reached 29,200 kilometers, accounting for more than 91 %.

Multi-to-carryer test, the operation inevitably drives automatic driving vehicles to obtain data feedback in real scenes, accelerate technology iteration.

In addition to the software layer, Baidu Apollo also enhances input and research and development in automatic driving hardware layers.

Baidu also has self-developed automatic driving computing platform ACUs that support 5 camera, 12-channel ultrasonic radar, reserved millimeter wave radar and laser radar interface.

At the same time, its integration is scalable, which can basically meet the calculation requirements of the parking scene to fully automatic driving.

In addition, while the hardware set performance is upgraded, the overall cost of the Apollo automatic driving vehicle is also significantly reduced, and the mass production will be more friendly.

In addition to spare no effort to promote high-order automatic driving mass production and commercialization, Baidu Apollo has accumulated a series of technologies and programs in the automotive intelligence level, and these technologies and programs will be able to achieve commercial achievement faster.

2, apollo “Eggs along the way”: Smart Auto Point Gold Hand

At the Baidu Apollo Ecology Conference held in December 2020, Apollo launched a smart solution including the four series of products, Zhaoyun, Zhizhi, Zhitu, four series of products.

The goal of this program is to help Chinese car companies achieve the evolution of traditional cars to smart cars.

In the smart car product series, there is a small car, which is integrated, integrated with a cockpit technology such as voice interaction, massive application ecology; Zhiyun product is the application of Baidu Intelligent Cloud in the vehicle field; Map products, high-precision map products, etc.

In the Zhili product, the focus includes the AVP automatic parking scheme for specific scenes, as well as the ANP pilot auxiliary driving scheme used by the L4-level automatic driving technology.

Apollo hopes to promote this series of technologies on the private car, covering the entire parking scenes and driving scenes.

3, intelligent transportation: Apollo larger stage

While technical accumulation of automatic driving and vehicle intelligence, Baidu Apollo also opened technical practices in intelligent transportation.

On April 9, 2020, Baidu Apollo officially released “ACE Intelligent Transportation Engine”, first disclosed Apollo intelligent transportation solution, where ACE represents Autonomous Driving, Connected Road, Efficient Mobility ( Efficient travel). ACE is actually a multi-technical set of technologies, including AI technology, large data processing technology, automatic driving, car synergy, etc.

ACE uses “1 + 2 + N” system architecture – a large digital base, two smart engines, N large application ecology:

A large digital base, refers to the road, cloud, map and other digital traffic infrastructure, including small car OS, aircraft, Baidu smart cloud, Baidu map;

Two big intelligence engines, are the Apollo automatic driving engine and the road synergistic engine;

N large application ecology, including intelligent credit, intelligent parking, traffic governance, intelligent bus, intelligent freight, intelligent car joint, intelligent rental, self-parking, and park species.

This system can be referred to as a full stack of smart transportation solutions that are fused at home and abroad, which will play an important role in China’s subsequent intelligent transportation construction.


Apollo 7 years grinding a sword, business welcoming

Global automatic driving has entered the Robotaxi landing competition, North America has Waymo, Cruise, ZOOX, etc.

Baidu Apollo is faster and larger, and its Robotaxi normal operation layout has set up four major cities in Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha, and Zhangzhou. Shanghai will follow up.

Not long ago, Baidu Apollo has also been awarded the US California Open Road. All unmanned driving test licenses, not only participating in domestic competition, but also compete with overseas opponents.

Whether in China or in North America, Baidu Apollo’s Robotaxi technology strength has been recognized.

Within a global scale, in the automatic driving total test mileage, Waymo reached 20 million in early 2020, and the test mileage and team size should be the world.

Baidu Apollo ranked second in the world with more than 500 car automatic fleets and more than 7 million kilometers of accumulated test mileage (about 4.35 million miles).

Next, Baidu Apollo will also accelerate the scale deployment of Robotaxi, and its goal is to deploy 3,000 Robotaxi in 30 cities in the next three years.

On February 9 this year, Baidu Apollo officially launched the world’s largest automatic MAAS (travel “platform in Guangzhou, and deployed, including automatic driving taxi, automatic driving bus, automatic driving inspection, and automatic driving operation vehicle 4 teams.

This deployment is another important process for Baidu Apollo business commercialization.

In addition to breakthrough progress in the Robotaxi field, Baidu Apollo has also made good progress in the field of automobile intelligence.

In Apollo Wisdom:

Baidu Apollo has cooperated with 600 models of more than 70 car enterprises. It has implemented more than 1 million small car OS pre-installations to be equipped in the 2020 intelligent new car market. It is estimated that by 2023, it will exceed 100 million units that are equipped with Apollo intelligence.

In December 2020, Baidu Apollo has released two major products of “Xiaoxiaoto Automotive Edition” and “Baidu Map Auto Edition 2021”, which will also get a lot of production.

In the apollo 智 图, Baidu’s high-precision map has been the first place for the city’s share for many years, which has become Honda, Guangzhou Automobile, Great Wall, Beiqi, Yulai, Weima and other car companies.

And the pre-installation level of the automatic driving, recently apollo is also good news:

In January 2021, Baidu and Weima cooperated the world’s first AVP mass production model Weima W6, which will be listed in April this year.

Baidu Based on the L4 Automatic Driving Solution Apollo Lite Definition Created Pure Visual High Order Auto Driving Scheme ANP, will also enter the mass production process.

In the next 3-5 years, Apollo Zhiqi products are expected to be equipped with 1 million units.

In addition to Robotaxi and the car intelligent business, Baidu Apollo also got a lot of effort in a larger intelligent traffic dimension.

From 2019 to 2021, Baidu Apollo has got a number of more than 23 million, over 100 million oversized orders, which can be said to be the winning bid. In November 2019, Baidu won the bid “Baoding City Intelligent Transportation (Baoding Ai Traffic Management Brain) Procurement Project”, project budget exceeds 100 million yuan, this project has been delivered in 2020.

In August 2020, Baidu Apollo won the bid “Guangzhou Huangpu District Guangzhou Development Zone for automatic driving and roadwork new infrastructure project”, the project amount is close to 460 million yuan. In addition, Baidu has also taken thousands of yuan in the Changsha High-tech Zone and Hefei Baohe District.

On January 4, 2021, Baidu Apollo also branched Zhuzhou “Artificial Intelligence + Smart Transport” project (Phase I) in 87.71 million yuan.

There is also a very worthwhile landing.

At the 2nd Apollo Ecology Conference in December 2020, Apollo joined in Guangzhou to open China’s first digital traffic operator model and automatic driving demonstration operation mode, and took the lead in Huangpu District.

Digital traffic operator model has changed the industry of traditional intelligent transportation construction, and the disposable integrator model is changed to the persistent carrier mode. By combining the actual scene, the road intelligence algorithm is continuously upgraded, enhance the efficiency of the entire city, solve the past Rely on human, traditional infrastructure can’t be solved.

This model, I believe that there will be huge commercial potential in the future, Guangzhou is just the beginning.

In summary, Baidu Apollo expands its business scope to the intelligent transportation field, and its commercial power performance is also enlarged, and an unlimited apollo is constantly creating surprises.


Hong Kong stocks listed secondly, Baidu is a future supplemental ammunition

Baidu Apollo at trillion level intelligent travel (automatic driving, smart cars, intelligent traffic) track, this is a high ceiling industry, very early, Baidu Apollo, has accumulated so many technologies and commercialization. I believe that there is a huge competitive advantage in the future.

Optimistic, it has also become the unanimous pursuit of global capital. Many large investment banks and research institutions have given Baidu’s judgment, which is also optimistic about the imagination space of Apollo.

Baidu has been a big rise in the half year, in fact, it is already a support ticket for investors.

“Female version of Buffett” Catherine Wood’s Ark Fund has been increasing Baidu US stocks, and the market value has exceeded 860 million US dollars, which is multi-Baidu in real gold.

Baidu returned to Hong Kong, raised funds, is to support subsequent development growth.

According to First Financial report, Baidu’s listing is approximately 50% of the funds to continue to invest in technology, and strengthen the commercialization of innovation with artificial intelligence. The additional 40% is used to further develop Baidu mobile ecosystems.

With capital, Baidu Apollo will also accelerate the intelligent driving plan to create localized, driving automatic driving commercialization, and help China’s intelligent transportation.

In this process, Baidu will also usher in the second spring of development.

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