Beijing Hyundai is launched an electric version, and the battery is up to 520km, listed on March 1.

If you talk about Beijing in ten years ago, people must be praise for this brand, not only relatively affordable, but also the model is very fashionable, and in many joint ventures, modern counts is better. Nowadays, with the rise of domestic cars, and the “invasion” of luxury brands, Beijing modern positioning is gradually marginalized, and the market is no longer a scene. Therefore, through the era of this new energy, modern launched the third electric model. For example, this car said today, it is the Beijing Hyundai Map Electric version, let us take a look.

In terms of appearance, we look at the front face design of the Beijing Hyundai Electronic Edition or a rounded style, the hood is slightly decorated. The closed grille also makes the whole face look very whole, the design is still very novel, using two parts, the upper part of the day line light is a fine line, the silver trim strip on the online Just connect the daytime line light on both sides, distinguishing the level of the entire upper and lower parts, while the width of the front face is also widened. The air outlet at the bottom is also a weight sensation of the front face.

The overall shape of the side is also relatively smooth, the waist line is the trend of the head to the tail, and the 17-inch five hub is also full of the entire side, and the entire side also creates a flowing light and shadow effect. Many detail portions also use chrome-plated strips, which also increases the detail in the overall momentum. The entire modeling of the car is a lot, and the “C” penetration tail light, so that the entire car is very dynamic.

The color of the interior is a more clear contrast, double 12.3-inch continuous screen makes the entire interiors look football, and the entire center console is also very simple, there is no extra physical buttons. The whole internal ornament is still very good.

In terms of power, the maximum power of the driving motor mobilized by Beijing Hyundai Electronic version reached 135 kilowatts, and the comprehensive operating capacity will reach 520 kilometers, which is not only able to meet daily travel, and the holiday travel self-driving tour is also fully enough. Such a battery is also calculated in the current electric vehicle field. Everyone thinks such a car, how much will I sell after the listing?

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