Beijing new indicator car purchase recommendation: 100,000-level high-performance pure electric SUV, detailed new Tiggo E

On May 26, Beijing’s new round of new energy indicators should be officially issued. If you are about to be lucky, it is so congratulations.

However, the indicator is in the hand, the troubles of the car began: Chey, how to choose a suitable car?

If your budget is about 100,000 yuan, but also want to buy a SUV, then we will recommend the new Tiggo E for Chery New Energy.

For Tiggo e, we have published an interview in last year – “Emperor Space Engineer: How do I retreated Yuan EV, exclude Beiqi EX3, selected Tiggo E? “, This aerospace engineer’s buying car experience is worth reference, and rational and has depth. If you haven’t seen this article, I strongly recommend that you read it.

Some time ago, the Editorial Department of Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. welcomed a new Tiggo E test drive. We have opened a few days, and it feels very good. In this price, this car is worth considering.

First, two groups of key data for this car:

1, the body size, the length and width height of 4358/1830 / 1670mm, the wheelbase is 2630 mm. Although Tiggo E is positioned as small pure electric SUV, the size is very close to compact SUV.

2, the battery capacity is 53.6kWh, the NEDC integrated battery life is 401 kilometers, the maximum power is 95kW, the maximum torque is 250 n · m. 6-8 hours under slow charging state, fast charge 0.5 hours from 30% to 80%.

Next, we will explain this car one by one, I hope to help you.


The new Tiggo E actually is the pure electric version of the Tiggo 5X, and the new car is also used to design the new Tiggo 5X design. Relative to the previous generation model, the new Tiggo E has been adjusted in the design, and the overall effect has become more exquisite.

The tiger’s dynamic face is still a strong momentum, and the chrome-plated dot design is used inside the hexagonal closed medium network. The exquisite is greatly improved. The tiger-style headlights are very sharp, and all LEDs are used as light sources. On both sides of the LED day-to-day running lights match the “G” font decoration stretching face visual width also provides higher Identification.

Come to the side of the body, you can see that the Tiggo E body is relatively compact, but the short / post-long-range design can provide a good ride manifestation. The overall shape of the body is still more tough, and the portrait of the segmented waistline is also dynamic, and the black surrounding is a good exquisiteness. In terms of the body size, the length of Tiggo E is 4358/1830 / 1670mm, and the wheelbase is 2630 mm. Although Tiggo E is positioned as small pure electric SUV, the size is very close to compact SUV.

Tiggo E provides a 17/18-inch two rim specifications. This test drive is a high-worth model. It is equipped with Jiatong Comfort 520 V1 series tires, specifications of 215/55 r18. Two-color five-color aluminum alloy wheel with red brake caliper also brings a good movement.

Look at the end of the car, the Tiggo e line is rich, and the shape is three-dimensional, and multiple transverse lines have enhanced levels. The top spoiler, the bottom through the chrome-plated trim and bilateral co-population-plated exhaust is decorated for the tail, which is good in motion and exquisite. The taillights use a faked through design. In fact, the intermediate light strip does not shine, but the stereo “C” type LED taillight is still good after the light is on.


The new Tiggo E conducted a new design in terms of interior, and the ring cockpit is designed to look simple atmosphere. In terms of materials, soft cortical materials, silver trim, black piano paint panels are full of Qihu E’s internal ubiquitous quality. 10.25 inches of control screens, 7-inch full liquid crystal meters, and 8-inch air-conditioning touch screens also brings strong technology. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the new car is equipped with an automatic lifting knob shift. After the startup is full, the ceremony is full, and the design is also a little bit of a small road.

The triangular flat steering wheel increases a certain number of exercise, which can control the function of fixed-speed cruise, multimedia, etc., and you can wake up the language control system. The combined instrument disc is composed of 7-inch LCD screen with both LCD materials, the integrality is good, it looks like a full liquid crystal dashboard. In addition to the relevant driving information, the instrument panel can also display navigation, multimedia information.

10.25-inch suspended medium control screen is equipped with a new HMI3.0 intelligent interactive system, the medium control screen quality is delicate, smooth, built-in Gao De map, cool me music, Himalaya FM and other online applications. In addition, by saying “your good tiger” can also wake up the language control system, control the functions such as multimedia, navigation, and air conditioning. It should be noted that the kinetic energy recovery level adjustment can only be set in the central control screen.

The air conditioning control panel operates with a touch screen, and a certain entity button is also designed to contribute to blind exercises. Objective, the joining of this screen is indeed that technology is indeed, but the screen will inevitably collect some fingerprints.

In addition, Tiggo E is also equipped with a Clean Air system, including a CN95 air conditioning filter and an negative ion generator. A storage area is also designed below the central control area, which is convenient to place small items such as mobile phones, and provides 12V charging, USB interface, and mobile phone wireless charging.

The author is 183cm, thanks to a longer wheelbase, no matter whether it is in front or back rows. The wrapping and softness of the seat is also qualified, and the ridge in the rear row is not obvious. The retro storage space belongs to normal levels, and the problem of daily storage is not large. Of course, the rear seats can be placed in 4/6 proportions to get a larger trunk storage space, in addition to the trunk cover Several storage, you can place some small items that are not commonly used. Accelerate light and smooth, kinetic energy recovery needs to be adapted

Ruihu E creates a 53.6kWH ternary lithium battery group based on Chery New Energy T1x platform, NEDC integrated battery life is 401 kilometers, maximum power up to 95kW, maximum torque is 250 n · m. 6-8 hours under slow charging state can be filled with 0.5 hours of electricity under DC fast charge, from 30% to 80%. Among them, the quick-charge interpretation is located in the Cuiro Logo, and the slow charging is located at the left wing plate.

Tiggo E has two types of ECO economic model and motion model, respectively. Thanks to the large torque of the motor, the speed of speed of the Tiggo E started stage can be said to be clean, no sloppy water, about 4 seconds can reach 50km / h, and the entire acceleration process is also very linear.

If you want to drive a more radical point, you can switch to motion mode, and the response of the electric pedal will be more sensitive, but the difference in actual driving experience is not too big. In the middle of the incoming, it is not the advantageous interval of the electric vehicle, and the speed is basically a normal home level, and if the speed is too fast, it will be particularly obvious.

Tiggo E sets three-speed energy recovery, kinetic energy recovery can be effectively recycled, improve the life of the mileage, and also reduce the loss of the brake system, but the disadvantage is that the drag and drop in the recycling will affect a certain driving experience. Mild kinetic energy recovery has no obvious feeling. The drag and drop after loosening the electric pedal are also slightly slightly slightly, and it is basically no different from the opening of a fuel car. However, the high-grade kinetic energy recovery has indeed dragged, and the deceleration is also very rapid. This is also a significant characteristic of electric vehicles. It is not a lot of problems after adaptation.

Tiggo E used the structure of the multi-link independent suspension after McPherson, and the level of less than 100,000, the level of small SUV is more still uses a rear torque beam non-independent suspension. From the suspension configuration, look at Tiggo E or very thick, and the comfort of the passengers ride has a certain guarantee. NVH, Tiggo E treatment is also relatively qualified, and there will be slight motor sound when accelerating, but it is not annoying, and the fetal noise is basically in normal level.

Editor’s summary:

You can take a pure electric SUV with a price of 100,000, and the scientific and technological configuration is rich, the space performance is qualified. In addition, the life of 400km will basically meet the daily commuters. Tiggo E-ultra high cost performance is still in this level or Very excellent.

In addition, as a traditional old car enterprise, Chery, after all, technology deposits for so many years, will be more mature than those who have new forces in the car craftsmanship and quality inspection. In the integrated, Tiggo E is very worthy of those who are ready to buy new energy models.

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