Beijing passenger car indicator audit results announced affordable car, beijing-Eu5 Plus is expected!

Miliu wanted to start, the new energy Beijing standard quota finally released – 32520 new energy indicators home users will be configured on May 26. As the new energy indicator is issued, I believe that many family users have put “the car” to the schedule. For “holding” consumers, we must guarantee the high quality travel of “saving time”, you should buy a new energy good car who is satisfactory in space, configuration, and life.

The “four good youth” beijing-eu5 plus, which is pre-sale in 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, is certainly not missed. As the A-class electric star model with 130,000 market insurance – Beijing-Eu5 rehabilitation upgrade model, rejg upgrade Beijing-Eu5 Plus is in the appearance, intelligence, configuration, comfort, and battery life Order, the pre-sale price is 120,000-16 million.

Book Beijing-Eu5 Plus can enjoy 5 plus gift

Choose a tram, life is more real, reliable

The endless mileage is the most important indicator of a new energy car. An excellent new energy tram, the most important thing is the real life.

As a Class A pure electric car, Beijing-EU5 won a good reputation for the 130,000 car owners for the Beijng brand. In the “EV Automotive Basal Basal Rate Reviews White Paper”, Beijing-Eu won the first place with a 3.2% ultra-low battery life, which is called “true navo”. In the “12-hour electric car race carnival”, Beijing-EU5 won the Best Energy Saving Home Ceremony.

BEIJING-EU5 PLUS is based on the current battery life, and the power consumption of 100 kilometers is reduced to 13.3kWh, and the working condition is 501km. According to the mileage of 40km from 20km every day, you can guarantee daily daily commuter travel. Even from Beijing City to Yanqing Baili Mountain Water Picture Gallery Scenic Spot, beijing-Eu5 Plus does not need to charge, 0 mileage anxiety.

Behind the hard battery, derived from the hard core “three-electric technology”. It adopts the Ningde Times High Performance Trimatal Lithium Battery, Standard Liquid Cold Temperature Control System, with EMD3.0 Pro Smart Electronic Control System and One Pedal Single Pedal Energy Recycling System, and it is also directly extended while bringing long-term battery life. The battery life is used.

Stylish appearance, comfort, and rich configuration

In addition to true reliable endurance, household vehicles are comfortable, space performance, safety, etc. are also important buying factors.

Beijing-Eu5 Plus

Beijing-Eu5 Plus retains the current model with praise of the dual “C” day-to-day driving light, and based on the design concept of “Maguo Mei”, the overall appearance is more full of round and simple atmosphere.

One integrated LED horizontal flying fly foil, the taillight, the novel and novel flow, the turning lamp, further enhance the value on the basis of the continuation, driving the road is more eye-catching.

The beijing-Eu5 PLUS interior uses large-scale soft pack materials, comprehensively enhances visual grade and rides, and the seat cushion is 18mm comfortable foam, with the seat ventilation, memory function, so that the ride is more comfortable. In addition, the new car is equipped with the CN95 healthy environmental protection cockpit, which is not common in the 120,000 -16 million yuan pure electric A-level sedan.

At the same time, Beijing-EU5 is also equipped with HD panoramic image, MOD low-speed dynamic object identification, BSD blind spot monitoring and other L2 intelligent driving assistance functions, providing users with all-round safety protection. There is also a dual 12.3-inch LCD double-screen, and can listen to the smart voice system that can listen to a key wake-up, multi-wheel voice interaction, further discuss potential young consumers.

Book Beijing-Eu5 Plus has a chance to extract “Snow Qin Surprise Award”

Beijing-Eu5 Plus meets the full range of demand for consumers – color value, performance, fun, comfortable, safe. If you have a little heart to beijing-eu5 plus, now you can enjoy a five-surprise gift: before May 25, you can enjoy the user from the official flagship store, Zi Huijia app to find users, you can enjoy 50 yuan to buy a car gift package 0 First payment 0 monthly payment financial concessions, up to 20,000 yuan replacement subsidies, all-vehicle life free warranty, life free basic traffic and other value gifts, in addition, there is a chance to take the three platforms of Zhihui’s house App, Jingdong, Tmall three platforms Xueqin Surprise Award, including Li Xueqin’s exclusive car owner certificate, 5 EU5 Plus surprises (single discount amount to 50,000 yuan).

In order to give back to Beijing local users, Beijing Auto not only launched a 2021 indicator to receive 500 yuan of shopping card, but also launched a new energy exclusive test drive in Beijing.

Seeing this, do you haven’t worry that you want to go to this “four good youth”? Affordable policy + quality car, it is simply bought the gospel of the car! It is now a good time to buy a car, and when you shoot! If you want to know more details, please contact your store or log in to the official website of the BEIJING.

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