Beijing set up the first intelligent network car policy in China

In the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan” start, Beijing is promoting the national service industry to expand the development of open comprehensive demonstration zone and China (Beijing) free trade test area, integrating the national development new pattern with the first good standard. Under the new situation, the municipal party committee and the municipal government decided to establish the construction of two districts as an opportunity to rely on the high-level automatic driving demonstration area, set up a smart network policy, and explored innovative innovations for the new technology, new products, and new model applications. Regulatory measures, form a group of breakthroughs, vitality, effective institutional innovation results, serving the national service industry expanded open integrated demonstration zone and free trade test zone landing construction.

The construction of “two districts” provides a good historic opportunity for Beijing to set up a smart network car policy, and the important feature of the “two districts” in Beijing is to strengthen institutional innovation. On April 10, the Beijing Municipal Government officially approved the “Overall Implementation Plan” (referred to as “Implementation Plan” of Beijing Intelligent Network Auto Policy Pioneering Area), and agreed to rely on high-level automatic The driving demonstration area establishes the Beijing Intelligent Network Auto Policy Pioneer (“Policy Pioneer Area”) to play the policy overlay effect, and create a good “automatic driving business environment” in Beijing. The implementation scope of the policy pioneering area includes the 225 square kilometers of Ji Zhuang New Town, Daxing International Airport, and 6 high-speed and urban express sections surrounded by Yizhuang Expressway, Beijing-Tianjin Expressway.

Beijing Intelligent Network Auto Policy Patent Publication

The report was informed that the policy pioneering area is the first forefront of the country with the core area of ​​management policy innovation, moderately and systematically constructs a policy system such as intelligent network automotive road test, demonstration application, commercial operation service, and road side infrastructure construction operation. Improving the current intelligent network of automotive industry innovation and development needs to be resolved, and effectively solve the difficulties of enterprises, and create an environmentally friendly policy environment.

Enterprises can carry out charge-based commercial operations

Automatic driving commercial operations belong to management innovation, is the ultimate goal of continuous R & D investment in business, is an important closed loop in industrial sustainable development. At the end of last year, the Ministry of Communications issued the “Guidance Opinions on the Development and Application of Road Traffic Automatic Driving Technology”, encouraged conditions to carry out automatic driving trial operation and business operations. Beijing has been in the forefront of the country in the automatic driving management policy innovation, road opening mileage, industrial ecological construction. According to the previously released “Beijing Automatic Driving Vehicle Road Test Report”, as of now, 200 automatic driving open test roads are 699.58 kilometers, and the safety test mileage exceeded 2.68 million kilometers.

The “implementation plan” clearly stated that the fully verified intelligent network car has taken the lead in the policy of trial operation and commercial operations, covering automatic driving travel services, intelligent network bus, automatic driving logistics car, autonomous generation Bocalized trial operation and business operations, and commercial operations can provide charging services during commercial operations.

Allow unmanned distribution vehicles to get rolling operation

The unmanned distributor belongs to the new product in the development of the automatic driving industry. The application scenario and technology have been relatively mature, but the product is always in the management of blank regions, and the legal identity is difficult to obtain.

Policy Pioneers will formulate application standards and management methods for unmanned distribution vehicles, and study the traffic rules and traffic management models that apply to the driving of unmanned distribution vehicles. It gives corresponding road rights, establishing unmanned distribution vehicles operating safety supervision systems, solving no People distribute vehicle road rights and road management issues. In the future, it will also use a gradual way to expand its activity range, derived new application scenarios such as retail, security, and realize the comprehensive commercial application of such vehicles will help cultivate new “unmanned economics” new products. New business.

Open automatic driving car high speed test

The highway is simple because of its simple road conditions, and the operational efficiency is one of the best working environment for automatic driving. The test verification of open highways has become an inevitable trend of future automatic driving technology.

Policy pioneering zone for automatic driving automobile expressway management problems will conduct research on the ability to assess the performance of highways, open road selection conditions, and methods of operation management. Joint transportation management departments to formulate support for supervision and management measures. “Implementation Plan” clearly selects 6 a total of 143 kilometers highways in Beijing. According to the specific circumstances, it will speed up automatic driving applications such as high-speed road trunk logistics for automatic driving vehicles to create a large-scale highway test environment.

Support for intelligent network car differential test results

The automatic driving company has carried out business across the country, facing the embarrassment of the test project in different regions. The “Implementation Opinions on Further Optimizing the Environmental Environment” issued in the General Office of the State Council also pointed out that “unified intelligent network automobile automatic driving function test standards, promoting the realization of closure site test results” .

Policy pioneering zone has taken the lead in formulating the implementation of different road test results, reasonable identification enterprises in terms of test results, to avoid repetitive testing, providing convenient measures for enterprises to improve test efficiency, reduce test costs.

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