Beiqi Blue Valley “Galaxy Warship” with ARCFOX high-end password

No matter whether it is a crown, the “Seven Crowned King” Beiqi Blue Valley is always the strength player of China’s new energy automotive industry, and it is placed in a spotlight. As the first share of China’s new energy vehicle, the first new energy vehicle company in China and the first independent operation of China, which has a benchmarking significance for Beiqi Group, Beijing and China’s new energy automotive industry.

The current North Air Blue Valley is in a vital change period. This adjustment of the landmark event, one is that the Northern Automobile Group New Year’s leader Liu Yu is selected as the Chairman and General Manager of Beiqi Blue Valley; Second, Beiqi Blue Valley high-end brand Arcfox is listed on the market. And today, Liu Yu’s last half of the year, this low-key young family is fresh in front of the media, but after his last, Zhang Huaqi, Wang Qiufeng, Muscan and other key characters have successfully joined, and the Arcfox polar fox brand is in operational techniques. The freshness of the new power of the car is enough to make the outside world to Liu Yu and his leader.

If the Beiqi Blue Valley is compared to a game, Arcfox is the winner of this chess. Liu Yu is clearly known to this. Its craftsmanship, is revealing the high-end password of Arcfox by one.

Ambition: Transforming to ICT Enterprises

As early as 2014, Beiqi Group proposed that the car will enter a mobile intelligent terminal and will launch a “strategic transformation” for this. This is undoubtedly a strategic vision, and later it became a consensus of global automobile companies. Beiqi Blue Valley and its Arcfox polar fox brand, namely the strategic transformation of Beiqi Group and innovative development.

People who have participated in Arcfox brand have been perceived. There is no temperament of traditional state-owned enterprises. It has a strong times of breath and Internet network. Beiqi Blue Valley has also been called “the most unlivary of state-owned enterprises” . Arcfox is not a new energyization of a traditional vehicle enterprise, not the Internet to make a car, nor the public Jianghuai new joint venture, with Liu Yu’s words, “Arcfox is a new industrial model.” It is from Beiqi Blue Valley and Magna Cooperation, this is not an alternative order collaboration, but the high-end links such as the brand, technology, marketing and other value chains, and the foreign countries are responsible for the introduction of intelligent manufacturing and overseas channel resources to create an international brand.

Arcfox’s ICT temperament, also from it to intelligently as a core competitiveness. Four years ago, when the outside world did not pay attention to whether Huawei was a car, Beiqi quietly started working with Huawei. In the past four years, Huawei has a team to stay in the Northern Automobile Blue Valley, together with the Development Team of Beiqi Blue Valley, working together with the “1873 Davidson Lab”. The direct effect of this cooperation is that car incremental parts such as Huawei’s laser radar are taken as an experimental verification model and commercialization of ARCFOX.

The ARCFOX brand customers also have internet style. When it comes to this, I have to mention the deputy general manager of Northern Fukuku, and the Arcfox Business Department is president. It is a doctoral degree in the country and is a non-critical technical part. In 2020, the President of the Arcfox Neptune Automotive. After that, he became a “lead big brother” active in the extreme fox app. He actively messages with the user, and write a letter from the user. I think about the user, help the user to solve the first place to work, I sincerely With users make friends, turn users into Arcfox iron powder, which has become a part-time network. And the majority of Arcfox owners, also waiting for the total halfnight, and communicating, for the total vomiting.

Wang Qiufeng is joined in Beiqi Blue Valley with an Internet gene, and her arrival is a clear signal of the North Air Blue Valley ICT transformation. She has continuously expanded management and business sectors during Sohu, Tencent Auto Work, and I have actively embraced the Internet and digitalization. I have managed the content, operations, regional, products, commercialization, advertising sales, markets and other teams. Deep car internet experience and marketing digital experience, and have a deep insight for car user preferences and demand. Wang Qiufeng’s first working day of the Year of the Ox, shared “the ultimate, respectable” theme article, and she brought the belief that the Internet company created the ultimate experience of the users of Beiqi Blue Valley. And before Liu Yu also said that the brand is not spread, but the customer “product” came out, thereby visible that Beiqi Blue Valley is a pragmatic attitude of customer reputation as an entry point in the Arcfox brand.

Product power: starting from mass zero defect

In July 2020, Zhang Hua, who had worked in Beijing Hyundai and Beiqi Shares, Join Beiqi Blue Valley, and asked the Deputy General Manager of Quality. This is the first general introduced after Liu Yu’s helm.

In terms of product quality, Beiqi is a loss. Liu Yu introduced Zhang Hua, which is obviously to play a turning between quality. As a senior Korean technical expert, Zhang Hua can be described as a big coffee for automobile development and quality management. His career begins with modernity of Korea, engaged in quality management for more than 30 years. Zhang Hua’s in the work often said such a sentence: “Our basic work policy is to pay attention to the product, put the most valuable things into the product, and achieve the most satisfaction of customers.”

Zhang Hua’s powerful work style is well known in Beiqi Blue Valley. The old man joined Beiqi Blue Valley for the first month, I went to the ARCFOX pole of Zhenjiang to produce a first-line station supervision. Once an old man opened on the road, I found that there was a back camouflage film before the front tail camouflage αt. Who opens such a dirty car to give the brand? ! The annoyed Zhang Hua is chasing it all the way, and finally, the engineer who opened the car was currently arrested, and criticized and educated. After Liu Yu went to Renbei Auto Blue Valley, the “zero defect” quality is proposed. He was in the letter written to the employee: “We almost bet all the houses on the Arcfox polar fox brand. This trial of the rebirth can only succeed, so the quality of the ARCFOX is very fox, quality is required. The first guidelines must be absolutely put the product quality in the most prominent position, cautious, excellence. On the quality issue, we can’t satisfy 90 points or 99 points, quality only ‘zero defect’ and ‘defective ‘Two, your choice is the product state that is finally delivered to the customer. “

According to reports, there is also a heavyweight person-General Deputy General Manager He Zhangxiang, which has experienced the “Seven Covenant” brilliant old will also be the master of management and manufacturing system. It is currently in Beiqi Blue Valley. It has worked for 8 years in the tube position. He Zhang Xiang believes that “three generations of a noble”, build Arcfox is to be patient, do things in place, put the kung fu.

High-end: Benz as a benchmark

It can be seen that the North Air Blue Valley is careful. Although Beiqi himself has a whole-vehicle manufacturing capability, in order to ensure the success of ArcFox, Beiqi Blue Valley chooses to cooperate with the global luxury car manufacturing expert Magna. Not long ago, the media has carried out a live broadcast of Arcfox’s first model αt, from the site to see the materials, and the supporting suppliers are basically the world.

Recently, Beiqi Blue Valley introduced the vice president of Beijing Mercedes-Benz procurement, which is undoubtedly to strengthen the supply chain management of Arcfox. Music Serving Beijing Mercedes-Benz, as a vice president, as long as ten years, has been responsible for the purchase and supply chain management of Beijing Mercedes-Benz. Such successful enterprises, responsible for such a key business, Muscan’s professional ability and management level is subject to Northern Automobile and Daimler. As the highest-end passenger car owned by the Beiqi Group, ARCFOX is a historical asset of the Beiqi Group inheritance is the high-end supply chain resources of Beijing Mercedes-Benz.

Mu stability can not only regulate the process and injection experience of the procurement and supply chain management of Beiqi Blue Valley, but will also use the industry’s influence to accumulate during Beijing Mercedes-Benz, so that Arcfox polar fox brands are more in high-end supply chain systems. The right to speak.

It is reported that the current ARCFOX polar fox brand has set up a world-class reliable supplier system. More than 70 of the world’s top suppliers have chosen cooperation with Arcfox, such as Magna, Huawei, SK, Fareo Siemens, Bosch, Otto Lof, Bo Garna, Harman, Michelin, etc. Muscinal arrival, or will make the “brand name” ArcFox polar fox in terms of supply chain.

Technology: Creating hardware

Arcfox is technically hard core. When the pole αt is listed, a number of key performance indicators are in front of the industry, and the media is impressive. Among them, the endless mileage enters 700km, C-NCAP reaches 91.5 points, and the wind resistance factor is 0.27, which entered the world’s leading level.

The technical leader of Beiqi Blue Valley is quite coming. Chen Shanghua, deputy general manager responsible for research and development, is an independent brand senior technical expert. In March 2017, I franchise from Guangqi. According to people who are familiar with Chen Shanghua, Chen Si Beiqi Blue Valley R & D team injected a technical self-confidence that dared to compete, dare to lead. In terms of patent licensing, Beiqi new energy ranked 4th in China, ranking patent in the new energy vehicle field, and Beiqi new energy ranked third. In terms of enterprise standard development, the total number of corporate technical standards reached more than 2,600, and the system perfect system and standard coverage reached the first-class level of industry. Especially in the core three-electric, the enterprise technology standards have achieved the advanced level of the industry, and the industry standards are in the forefront of new energy companies.

The “Three Electric” technology of Beiqi Blue Valley has a leading advantage in the industry, and many times have repeatedly reviewed the China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Progress Award. She joined Beiqi Group in 2008, and its research and development are high energy density, high heat management performance and high security performance batteries, hosted the cooperation project of Beiqi Blue Valley and Ningde Times, and dominated the development of CTP-free group batteries. At present, the energy density of Beiqi Blue Valley Battery System has reached 180Wh / kg, and the mileage is over 600km, and the generation of Coewei is a hero. She was awarded the national labor model in 2020. The more than three years of research and development women will be the bottom gas in the “three electric” technology field.

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