Big ant x, small ant zeight debut Shanghai Auto Show

On April 19th, the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Expo theme was kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention Center with the theme of “Hug”. This is the first A-class auto show this year, with more than 1,000 well-known companies at home and abroad, and the exhibition area is 360,000 square meters. Chery New Energy Today (20th) held a launch in Shanghai Auto Show, which announced a new brand positioning “Green Wisdom Travel Leaders”. “Ant family” brings two science-fantasy concept trucks – Z generation Tilt cool play with small ant z and future forward-looking driving big ants X, interpret @nature nature design aesthetics.

In addition, the @life platform based on the @life platform is also the world’s initiative in this Shanghai Auto Show, and the audience is close to the real-high intelligence technology. secret.

Green wisdom travel leader

Chery new energy core technology “hug changes”

In this Shanghai Auto Show, Chery New Energy announced a new brand positioning – green wisdom travel leaders. At the press conference, Ni Shaoyong, deputy general manager of Chery New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., said Ni Shaoyong, Dean of the Chery New Energy Automobile Engineering Research Institute, said Chery New Energy will surround the “Net World Yoo Future” brand concept, build green smart core technology, lead A new brand image of the user travels. This is also unsatisfactory with the theme of “hug changes” in this year.

Due to the influence of the epidemic in the world, last year, the overseas international A car show, such as the Frankfurt Auto Show, Tokyo Auto Show, North American International Auto Show, etc. No exception is forced to cancel. Therefore, the Shanghai Auto Show organized as scheduled will become the world’s first A-class auto show in 2021. The corresponding thing, today, people’s travel demand is also constantly changing, the cutting-edge frontier technology shown by the concept car in the auto show is also reflecting the changes of the automotive industry.

Today, in today’s new energy vehicles, in the face of increasingly varied users, Chery New Energy has accumulated the experience and technology of Qirui brand for more than 20 years, and creates green wisdom modular technology platform with independent intellectual property rights. It has green. , Wisdom two core technical advantages.

The Dean Ni Shaoyi emphasized at the press conference that by adhering to “the key core technology to master the national car brand” big strategic approach “, Chery new energy is always responsible for the company’s responsibility for the company. The independent technology innovation helps national enterprises take off for core ideas, based on providing users with high-quality travel to life as the core principle, to create a real green wisdom to travel.

Chery new energy domain smart car electronic architecture

This line-controlled bottom plate hidden hard core technology

Relying on independently developed @life green smart modular technology platform, Chery new energy reached the green healthy life of the car: environmental, low carbon, health, high recovery rate, excellent performance in core technology research and development.

A large highlight of the new energy booth of the new energy booth of the Shanghai Auto Show is a set of wire control chassis that brings together hard core technology. Based on Chery-based @Life Green Smart Modular Technology Platform, Chery New Energy In the Shanghai Auto Show, the world’s first domain smart car electronic architecture.

Compared to the traditional architecture, the whole country’s smart car electronic architecture has a lack of road coordinates, high-speed Ethernet + CAN communication, the whole area super-intelligence and other structural characteristics, communication speed up to 1000Mbps, 3 Ethernet +8 channel CAN bus 128 node. The whole country smart car electronic architecture is completely controllable pure electric car line control chassis platform, and the line control chassis is the foundation of smart driving. It is also the core technology of Chery’s self-mastery, and the standardized line-control interface “plug”, drive system The integrated motor control technology has an advantage of high performance, high performance.

High color value + high intelligence

Small ant z attracts countless cars fans station

The Shanghai Auto Show site, Chery New Energy Booth The most popular protagonist is the new concept of high popular tram small ant z and big ant x. A small one, a large number of “ants”, using a new science fiction appearance and advanced driving, “Black Technology”, attracted a large number of media to stop in the first day.

Since the advent of 2019, the little ant has been harvested in the new energy owner, which has been harvested in the new energy owner. This concept car is a new evolution from the outside. The cheese fans who were familiar with the little ants were once again bright.

A large look of the small ant z, the new highlights of the Zenti people, the peak back face, lightning headlights, wind waist, meteor tail, three-leaf wheels and other body design, for small ants Z brings natural greenery appearance.

In the interior design, the small ant z is also integrated into the natural craftsmanship, the wind cockpit, straight water control, butterfly control, the cumulative cloud seat, the roof roof, let the experience in the car, are full of natural rhythm The magic space.

At the same time, the small ant z is still the first model of the L2.99 intelligent auxiliary system. The full range of warning, auxiliary, control functions, which makes it think, and smart emption. Variable colorful visual customization, variable multi-type space layout, etc. DIY personality customization, so that a high-quality, high-intelligent little ant, has more humanized possible.

Star-like sci-fi cockpit

Big ant x builds a future travel concept

To focus on the high color value, the other concept of the Chery New Energy Booth also does not zone, and the new design language is given to the future, the new design language is given to the future. grid. Liangjing Yue front face, Xinghan pulse grating, electric inductive waistline, plus stamcal science and imagination, with macro natural universe is blueprints, built a fans to surpass time and space and imagination. The interior of the cockpit of the big ant X is full, the super-visual distance from the extreme light screen, the planet rotates, the sundial is four weeks, as if sitting into an automatic stellar spacecraft through the universe.

With V2X mobile third space, 5G bonded multidimensional line of interconnection technology, and smart auxiliary driving system under the L4 architecture, the big ant x created a real new intelligent technology cockpit, break through the boundaries of people, cars, and life. Intelligent four-wheel drive + long-lived, let big ant x achieve intelligent power distribution, always maintains the best driving, further improves battery life.

At the Shanghai Auto Show scene of nearly 1,000 brands, Chery New Energy Small ants X and big ant z bloom their design charm and technology connotation. Through these two concept models, you can see Chery New Energy in the face of increasingly changing user needs and green travel, smart trips, with excellent R & D strength and excellent brand word of mouth, constantly build richer, High quality product matrix creates unlimited possibilities for green wisdom.

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