Blade batteries and super mixing, BYD launched a pile of new technologies, do you think is reliability?

For the title of the article, I must clarify that I am not Lu Yu, my answer is “I do”, otherwise I will estimate that it will be drowned with heavy rain.

Over the years, I adhere to the new energy car market, BYD is already a self-owned brand, and even the global car brand, leading new energy car brands, self-developed three-circuit technology industry alone, car forest, leading the development of the industry.

I used to be able to find the lithium iron phosphate battery in the north of the three yuan, and the blade battery was hard to pull back. Regardless of whether the blade battery is like a rumor, the iron phosphate battery is rough, and may also be the way BYD.

After the blade battery, the first BYD Han EV with this new power battery is a high-level starting point of the BYD brand.

The new BYD high-end brand will soon be officially unveiled, this is the sublimation of “Han”, which is also an explosive of BYD’s new energy technology.

Recently, BYD has launched a super-mixing system DM-I platform, Qin, Song and Tang and other models.

As the most likely new energy vehicle technology, BYD let users achieve low fuel consumption in the actual vehicle process, and help the rooms over 1200 kilometers.

We certainly believe that this is the result of BYD’s efforts, and it is also another weapon of China’s independent brand. However, after the big amphibious words, there should be a “but” word.

However, a technology can say how long it is, how super, but landing to every car, how is the cost, how is the quality, and how it is needed.

If the centenary fuel truck is developed, the technical layers have emerged, although the market and use environment test, but the problem with large and small is still inevitable.

In the large-scale market of automobile electricization, Toyota oil and electricity mixed power, the price is low to the same price range with the same fuel car, and the zero failure of more than 14 million models in the world has witnessed its quality stability and durability. Sex.

But what is the new technology of BYD? Whether it is a blade battery, or super mixed DM-I, it takes time and environment to be verified.

After all, the leading lead is a test of experiments and specific environments, but in actual use scenarios, unexpected environment, car ownership habits, different factors will bring butterfly effects, I really don’t say it.

This doubt may only have to resolve the time of the time. If BYD has absolute confidence in his own technology, then higher quality assurance conditions and longer guarantee time is the self-confidence of yourself, but also the responsibility of the owner.

A new technology, although the technology leads the universe, blowing the sky, is also a paper talking, and ultimately to restore the daily use scenario of the owner. If you really use it, save money, save money.

BYD provides “non-operated vehicle three-electric system for lifetime warranty (first owner), 6 years or 150,000 kilometers of vehicle warranty period,”

Of course, even if there is “lifelong warranty”, it is often necessary to enter the factory. It is also a thing of a torrential person. Don’t say that you have to get a lifetime warranty, there are always some restriction conditions, such as participating in the designated 4S store. Regular maintenance.

I hope this is just a guarantee that doesn’t have any rights and interests, rather than a daily car needs to use the famous swords who have been able to enjoy this equity, and it is not easy.

Although BYD is to ban the fuel car, but now the fuel car, plugging over mixing and pure electricity, a model of three kinds of motivation, which is also the biggest chip of BYD to win the competitive advantage. After all, the three-car synergy can set the scale level Do the biggest and form a synergy.

Go back to the title of the article title, BYD this pile of new technologies, do you believe it?

I certainly believe that BYD has accumulated the technological accumulation of new energy vehicles for many years, enough to provoke the banner of new energy vehicles, but believe that it does not necessarily mean that I will buy a BYD car without hesitation.

As for the reasons, maybe because I will not buy BYD’s fuel car, at least now, I will not start with the new energy car in BYD, and I have fewer recommendations, maybe wait.

I believe that there will be more and more autonomous new energy cars, it is worth buying without concerns, there is no reason to sprinkle friends from friends.

Finally, whether you have used BYD’s car, you don’t know what you know, do you think it is worth trust?

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