BMW 2021 financial report release: electricization, digitization, carbon dioxide emission reduction

On March 17, BMW Group 2021 financial news release will be officially held. Financial report showed that under the influence of various fluctuations, 2020 BMW Group had more than 2.3 million, and the total income of the Group reached 98.99 billion euros, and the pre-tax profit reached 5222 billion euros.

It is worth paying attention to this performance description, the BMW Group released a lot of heavy news. From the end of 2021, BMW will achieve the world’s largest OTA upgrade; to 2025, the sales of BMW pure electric models will increase by more than 50% year-on-year annually; to 2030, Mini will become a pure electric brand, and the entire group production link The average carbon emissions are reduced by 80% compared with 2019.

The industry is generally believed that the BMW Group’s performance description will release the BMW Group’s determination in electricization, digitization, and cargo. Qi Puch, chairman of the BMW Group, said that BMW Group will resolutely put the electricity, digitization, sustainable development characteristics of the industry transformation into the company’s competitive advantage in the future development.

2021 core goal: achieve performance growth

Although there are still many uncertain factors in the development of the global auto market in 2021, BMW Group still has developed a more active annual goal to continue to restore various performance indicators.

According to the BMW Group’s prediction, the delivery of the company’s global automotive sector in 2021 will achieve a solid growth, and the profit margin is expected to be between 6% and 8% in advance. The group’s motorcycle service delivery will also achieve synchronous growth, and the profit margin of interest and tax is expected to be between 8% and 10%. At the same time, the Ministry of Completion of the BMW Group’s financial services departments are expected to be between 12% and 15%.

BMW Group is judged that in view of the above factors, it is expected that the company’s pre-tax profit will be higher than the 2020 level in 2021.

BMW Group is responsible for financial directors, said that for BMW Group, 2021 target cores are achieved in performance. At the same time, the BMW Group is also planning for the next five years, ten years or longer.

Anchor Electric Development Route MINI will become a pure electric brand

In fact, in this performance description, in addition to clarifying the development objectives of 2021, BMW Group mainly delivers the company’s long-term development plan, which is undoubtedly one of the core “keywords”.

It is understood that the BMW Group will drive the company to sustainable digital intelligent travel transformation in “three steps”. Among them, the first stage is to incubate innovative technologies through the Project I project and realize the mass production of electric vehicles; and the second phase is committed to promoting the application of intelligent vehicle platform architecture, making BMW Group products can be in various drive systems. Flexible switching.

Qi Puch reveals that during this year, BMW Group will launch two pure electric vehicles, namely BMW IX and BMW I4. In the next few years, the BMW Group will also introduce pure electric BMW 5 Series and BMW X1, and the pure electric BMW 7 Series and MINI COUNTRYMAN after.

“By 2023, BMW will provide at least one pure electric vehicle model for each product line in about 90% of the market.” Qi Pu’s stressed that BMW Group is constantly expanding the pure electric vehicle array to cover multiple fine Branch. According to the plan, the 20025 National New Year’s pure electric vehicle sales will be more than 10 times more than 2020. By the end of 2025, the Baby Malaysia Group is expected to complete the delivery of the world’s 200,000 pure electric vehicles.

In the process of anchoring an anchor electric route, the BMW Group will also usher in revolutionary changes. It is reported that in accordance with the Plan of BMW Group, in 2025, Mini will launch its last fuel type, and then the brand will completely focus on pure electric. It is estimated that by the early 2030s, the MINI model will achieve pure electricity. By 2027, the pure electric vehicle will account for at least 50% of MINI sales models.

Digital transformation launches “New Generation” model

Similarly to electricization, digital development is also critical in the BMW Group. A few days ago, the BMW Group has just launched a new BMW Idrive system and BMW operating system 8.0 to further enhance the intelligent function of the vehicle. It is reported that the new BMW IDRIVE system will take the lead in the pure electric model BMW IX this year, and the model of the system will have a fast remote upgrade. At the same time, by the end of 2021 BMW will achieve the world’s largest remote software upgrade.

In addition to accelerating the layout of electricization and digitization, the third step of the BMW Group’s “three steps” strategy is to launch the “New Generation” product array. It is reported that in the planning of BMW Group, the “New Generation” model series will mainly have three major characteristics: fully redesigned IT and software architecture, new generation of high-performance power drive systems and batteries, and throughout the vehicle life cycle Continuous concept.

It is reported that the BMW Group’s “New Generation” model will be designed around the principle of “digital priority”, and can provide consumers to provide consumers customized services and functions. It is worth paying that the hydrogen-based electric drive system is also possible to apply to the New Generation of BMW Group.

Sustainable development is key

The Securities Times noted that BMW has especially stressed the concept of sustainable development in the planning of the “New Generation” model. It is reported that in order to maximize the mining of major raw materials, the production of BMW Group’s “New Generation” model will significantly increase the ratio of reuse materials. In the future, the BMW Group will also begin considering material recycling from the vehicle design phase, further promoting the development of circular economy.

In fact, in order to address climate change, the concept of sustainable development has been run through all the business departments of BMW Group. To this end, the BMW Group also sets a clear carbon dioxide emission goal and extends the entire vehicle lifecycle from the production of supply chain to the stage of use. It is estimated that by 2030, BMW Group’s average carbon emissions in production links were reduced by 80% higher than 2019; the average full life cycle of bicycles was reduced by at least one-third compared to 2019.

It is worth paying attention to achieving the reduction of the vehicle’s full life cycle, and the BMW Group also plans to reduce the average carbon dioxide emissions of the supply chain end. To this end, the BMW Group puts carbon footprint as a decisive indicator of suppliers. Up to now, the BMW Group is also the world’s first car manufacturer to make a clear carbon dioxide emission goal for the supply chain.

Qippu said that the above-mentioned cement-carbon measures are because the sustainable concepts and high-end luxury connotations are inseparable in the cognition of the BMW Group, and the best car should be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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