Box sharing: carbon neutral and “new infrastructure” with shoulder new energy

In the 192020, “carbon neutralization” was confirmed as “the future of human choice” in the global mainstream economy.

Every time, the history of historic consensus of human society means that the big breaks and Dagutong: until the 2030, the global fossil fuel assets of millions of dollars in the world will sink; with this, this is, this energy change leads to The reconstruction of the scientific trees, there is a large probability, which will travers us to open the prelude to the fourth industrial revolution, derive new social and ethical paradigms, new industries and corporate forms.

Returning to the social economic perspective, the most certainty of the three major industries lies in:

◆ Supply side of the traditional industry 2.0, pay attention to the leading leading leading enterprises;

◆ Alternative economy of green energy, pay attention to green scenes such as photovoltaic, new energy vehicles;

◆ The sustainable economy of recycling, focusing on the new type of business that solves the pain points of the industry.

In the first two areas, we have more tracking, especially in photovoltaic and new energy vehicles. Today we will focus on a logistics packaging and use enterprise: box sharing.

This is a slightly unfamiliar company in the public domain, probably in the past 10 years, one of the most exciting companies in the entire China’s entity economy: Surveying from the carbon and this time framework, in 2030, launch market Through the alternative to disposable packaging, the intelligent packaging is reduced by 8 million tons of carbon emissions, with a total carbon emissions of 10,000 kilometers per year to 10.7 tons, which is approximately 3 million cars annual carbon emissions. the amount.


Carbon in and is the prelude of the fourth industrial revolution

Since 1785 James Watt modified steam machine, the 200 years later has experienced 3 industrial revolutions, based on the technological innovation and outbreak of the ultimate development of carbon energy, it has been implemented “on the next month, Can be five octaves. “

At the same time, the economic activity of greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide is also gradually exposed, and it is feedback in the form of a disaster. The most dominant fact is that the industrial revolution takes only more than 100 years, but it is enough to have experienced the world’s hottest 30 years – 2020 in 1400 years, Greenland and the Antarctic ice cover. The reserves are accelerated (36 million tons / year), and the sea level accelerates (3.2 mm / year), high temperature heat waves, terrestrial precipitation and drought is increased.

In addition to dominant facts, more hidden causations are not more people knowing: the climate change caused by the industrial revolution, the damage caused by the economy is equivalent to an epidemic of neoguan pneumonia every 10 years. By 2100, the fatality of climate change may reach 5 times that of neoguanpiral.

Carbon is neutralized to stay. So we see that this year’s Boao Forum agenda, the topic of green development related to carbon and target can be more than the epidemic a year. The link between the two is, all with “human beings”, “world” and “future”.

This may be “Sustainable Asia and the World” 2021 report, this year’s Boao Forum was first opened for the first time.

Proposed in this report, from the world, Asia is one of the most important regions of carbon emission mission. Data show that China, India and Japan are the most carbon emissions in Asia. Data Show: In 2019, my country’s total carbon emissions in China exceeded 10 billion tons, accounting for 30% of the world, and the proportion of my country’s GDP in the global economy. Barclays China’s chief economist often believes that China’s neutralization and transition time is short, and the pressure is large.

Figure: Time, Source: Industrial Securities

The main base of carbon is established, which is very different from the top three industrial revolutions, and its philosophy is the retrograde of carbon. It is foreseeable that this is another technical explosion of reconstructing business civilization, great probability will open the prelude to the fourth industrial revolution.

The above has been included within the mainstream economics framework for the judgment of new business civilization. In 2018, William D. Nordhaus, which is awarded the Nobeli Economics, as a pioneer of IAM (comprehensive assessment model), has developed and continuously modified supplementary DICE and RICE models not only make climate economics Become an important one of the mainstream economics today, and it has also laid an early theoretical cornerstone for the implementation path of human “carbon neutrics”.


One box that can be loaded with new energy cars in the whole industry

“Zero-Carbon Society” Author Riffin Zeng Zeng: By 2028, the fossil fuel assets worth about $ 1 trillion of the dollars will be put on hold. The new opportunity is being pregnant, and the three major commercial scenes are worthy of focusing on the next mention: the supply side of the traditional industry 2.0, the alternative economic and circular utilization of the green energy.

In the process of realizing carbon neutralization, companies that can get a cycle of sustainable scenes are worthy of focus. If the logistics packaging industry facing the most widely commercial scenes, its damage to the environment is urgent to solve the problem, and the recycling utilization contains a relatively large business value and social value.

Only one e-commerce, “Carbon Displacement” released by China E-Commerce Enterprise Gas Emission Report, “The total carbon emissions in 2019 is 53.26 million tons, including logistics and Packaging accounts for nearly 47%, reaching 25.15 million tons. The agency predicts that 2025 eater companies will reach 116 million tons, of which logistics packaging will reach 54.52 million tons, which does not include industrial logistics packaging. The logistics packaging industry is facing at least nearly 10 million tons of reduced carbonal space. Even if only 50% of the recyclable logistics packaging is replaced, nearly 50 million tons of carbon emissions can be reduced. As a contrast, the penetration rate of the pure electric vehicle is 20% according to 2030, which can accumulate about 30.4 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. Logistics packaging industry reduced carbon-carbon space than new energy automotive industries, which is seriously overlooked in the market.

At this point, the object of this article is introduced, and a company surpasses most of today’s business leaders operate philosophical cognition: “box sharing”. This is exactly the reason we have to pay attention to it:

Based on the “PAS2050” carbon footprint evaluation of the British Standards Association, 2019 boxes are shared by 100,000 tons through logistics packaging, and 2020 is 250,000 tons. By 2030, the smart packaging of the market is passed. Substitution of disposable packaging, accumulating 8 million tons of carbon emissions, with a total of 2.7 tons of carbon emissions per year per year, which is approximately 3 million cars annual carbon emissions. – Bone carbon production can not be underestimated.

Figure: Green Capital 2020 Carbon Neutral and Green Influence Report

Based on our current limited understanding, simply white-drawn boxes shared:

It is a full-industrial chain network integration intelligent enterprise focusing on smart packaging design and manufacturing, and provides operational services and cyclic management SaaS. Custom logistics packaging cycle services for bulk liquids, auto parts, fresh cold chains, biomedicine and other industries, and create low-carbon supply chains.

Map: Smart packaging and AI scheduling system developed for European Post Giants DPD

It has 30 central center in China, 2000 upstream and downstream networks, business covers 200 cities, and established localization teams in more than 10 countries in the United States, UK, Japan, Germany, providing a circular service for thousands of companies around the world.

In the past few years, we witnessed a round of industrial and internet model innovation. With this experience, the box sharing can be called the most exciting company type in China’s commercial fields in the past decade. This sensory shock is reflected in its superiority of its business model and technology innovation: the social value and commercial value, the carbon neutralization of the hard-hardered carbon, represents the specific form of new cycle new company .

Optimistic expectations – only the company is worthy of such optimism, with the final value of it, the history of the logistics packaging industry will explain some problems:

1900, disposable packaging;

1930, metal and plastic composite packaging;

In 1980, plastic foldable packaging;

2010, can circular logistics packaging

2020, logistics packaging carbon neutrics and new infrastructure


Carbon in and requires more “box sharing”

2021 ESG and influencing investment innovator Green Capital Chairman and CEO Bai Bo Box Box Shared: “Long-term market has always misunderstanding, thinking green is not a good business, the box sharing is a very good case, Through innovative technology and integration with industrial Internet, enterprise efficiency and environmental benefits are jointly linking, so that the world has seen China’s industrial carbon neutral path. “

In fact, whether it is social value, or economic value, the box business is engaged in the “box business”, which is a typical foundation native layer carbon and new infrastructure. This part, we will quantify this specific value of this scarcity.

[1] “Hundreds of Thousands” new foundation

The box is shared in a unique place where it is not limited in the moment and is dominant. All this is to establish a “Hundred Nets” strategy based on future prospects.

Figure: Digital + SaaS

This looks very classical vocabulary, and it is very different. It comes to the intelligent solution based on the “packaging + service + data” “” Packaging + Service + Data “in massive cases. It is expected that the market is expected at the same time. It takes the lead in achieving digital carbon accounting in the world.

Specifically, this shows three high-dimensional capabilities of a “future company”:

First, the intelligent packaging is customized to develop its research and development capabilities for intelligent packaging in the whole industry. The supply chain scene of bulk liquids and auto parts and agricultural products is very different. Each industry needs “tailor-made” smart packaging, and the box is shared by 20 years of industrial practice, and has accumulated a large number of technical patent reserves of a large number of global layouts. The total number of global invention patents, China inventions of 95 authorized patents, 113 PCT international applications, and 90 invention patents have licensed in the United States, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Japan, South Africa. Such a technological moat is in the intensity, and the A shares that are placed are not many.

Second, cover the national circular operation network capabilities. The logistics packaging industry will be like the courier service outlets, need to cover the national central warehouse, front position, upstream and downstream service outlets, and realize the efficient cycle and sharing of logistics packaging on the supply chain. Photo: Circular Service Network

Third, cover the data perception of the entire scene. The box is shared independently developed “Digital” loop management SaaS platform, helping users to open data islands between logistics packaging, operation networks, and upstream networks, not only provide users with packaging asset prudits, cargo track tracking, risk warning , BI cockpit, AI auxiliary decision-making and other digital services, while helping companies realize real-time carbon footprints and carbon capture. Because we will talk about the next section in the next section, we will talk about the next section.

Figure: Cosmetics industry logistics packaging loop shared

It is always a force that the industrial materials shared by the box box is not from self-sufficiency, but a result of multi-governance from the whole industry nodes from the bottom of the industrial law.

[2] IoT gene

“Hundreds of thousands of thousands” based on industrial identity is the core means of the box shared service user, the service entity industry realizes carbon neutralization, which is its unique value.

More and more national and industrial organizations have noticed the important role in achieving the Internet of Things in the carbon and process. In the “Inverted Carbon War”, the land of the Internet of Things is specifically reflected in the following three innate technology advantages:

First, carbon data monitoring and perception. Equipped with all kinds of smart sensors, you can capture the energy consumption data of supply chain transportation scenes in real time, detect the occurrence of waste, can collect a large amount of data, identify, and analyze the energy efficiency improvement opportunities in the environment, and give Action advice.

Second, you can predict and reduce carbon emissions. Through artificial intelligence technology, it can help companies develop and adjust their goals based on corporate business scenarios, emission reduction requirements, predict future carbon emissions trends.

The third point is to create a carbon credit account to achieve carbon returns.

Currently, many countries will give companies carbon emissions quotas. Enterprises with less emissions can take excess quotas to sell, and more than-emissions exceed quotas, they need to buy emissions from the market. . my country is establishing a carbon trading market system. According to the timetable, it is expected to start the online transaction before the end of June this year.

Under this mechanism, high-energy energy companies have high carbon costs, and new technologies, new energy, etc. Enterprises can increasing “selling carbons”, using the amount of carbon modes to increase profitability. For example, Tesla, last year finally realized the year earnings, but this grade is not leaned by the car, but is from selling carbon, Tesla 2020 annual carbon-revenue revenue reached $ 158 million.

Macro is made from all micro-combined, the country’s carbon is inseparable from the carbon in the company.

It can be said that the value prospects of the “digital carbon accounting” have just started. With the ability of carbon accounting, the box sharing can help enterprises to achieve carbon data forecast, formulate carbon reduction programs, and create carbon credit accounts, and even “selling carbons” like Tesla.

[3] New standard maker

The box is shared at this moment, and is in the carbon and target resonance of global enterprises. Then there is the last question, why is it shared by the box?

The answer is that it is a surveyor of the standard standard for the Logistics Packaging Industry Cycle 3.0.

According to the industry consensus, the logistics circulation industry has undergone two times: 2000 to 2010 cycle 1.0 era is functional stage, circulating packaging is not recycled, cost-effective; 2.0 era of 2010 and 2020 is centralized era , Digital concurrency processing is lacking, leading to service providers to pursue single product reuse rates, packaging specifications, and users lack independent choice.

Currently, we are entering the 3.0 era of logistics cycle.

“3.0 era will be digitized, go to the center of the era, under the driving of carbon neutral and new national policy and supply and demand, double ‘carbon’ concept, more and more enterprises customized private packaging cycle services, seeking supply chain reduction The plan, set the ‘net zero emission’ target, the logistics packaging industry is detrimental, the digital trend is irreversible. “This is the founder of the box sharing, CEO Liao Qingxin is the 3.0-ocers of the logistics cycle industry.

For 20 years of specific practice, the ability to share the logistics circulation industry standards to the box – although it is still strange in the C-terminal, in the B-terminal, the box-based industry-based industry-based industry-based network value, has Construct a comprehensive leading advantage in a global scale: This is not an exaggeration, in the domestic market, high-dimensional specification and diligent diligence of a dead make it so far; and in the international market, its flexible The model of competitors is not advanced.

In the end, the opportunity is left to someone prepared.

The trend of the circular business in carbon and industry networking scenes must be “soft and hard”, and the box is shared in this trend.

We believe that the opening of the carbon neutrient and new cycle, ESG has become a global consensus, and the global company’s form will be a comprehensive change in the general trend, and more and more new generations like “box sharing” will be fully rising.

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