Brand High-end campaign launches traditional car companies to launch “new forces”

In the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, a “battle” surrounded by the brand high-endization quietly started.

Dongfeng Motor Group’s new brand of the new car is unveiled; the new brand of SAIC and Alibaba jointly created a new car L7; Beiqi Blue Valley’s polar fox brand is equipped with Huawei’s automatic driving technology and “brush screen” Shanghai Auto Show; Geely also launched a new intelligent electric brand heteroxone and released a new car 001.

At the same time, the tank brand of the Great Wall car was officially independent, completed the leap from a model to a brand, officially became the fifth largest brand of Great Wall Auto.

Traditional car companies collectively launched “new forces” becomes a “landscape” that cannot be ignored in the current industry.

The high-end market will become a place

In November 2020, Changan Automobile announced that he would cooperate with Huawei and Ningde Times to create high-end new energy car brands, and it has set off a high-end dispute between traditional automobile enterprises.

In the next six months, Dongfeng Automobile Group’s PIC has begun, and the new product is rapidly landing; the SAIC Group and Alibaba jointly built a diploma, new cars, Xi Sui L7 officially opened pre-sale in Shanghai Auto Show this year.

In fact, this year, the Shanghai Auto Show has become a stage of the traditional car enterprises. In addition to the intelligence, the pole brand of Geely Holdings Group, the polar fox brand of Beiqi Blue Valley is also strong in Shanghai Auto Show, and bringing new products. Extreme 001 and polar fox alpha s

What is worth paying attention is that the polar fox brand is also connected to China to launch the “joint version” model, the new car is the automatic driving technology of Huawei, and I have released the car circle.

Carefully analyze the qualities of these new brands, they will find that they are focused on high-end electric segments.

Geei Motor Group CEO and President, That Treated Securities Times, the competition of the automotive industry is very fierce, many companies focus on the field of electricization, explaining the intelligent electric vehicle represents the big direction of the industry. In the future, in this market, new technology, products and brands will continue to emerge.

Some insiders believe that traditional car companies collect high-end new energy electric car brands, mainly to value the potential of this segment.

According to the data released by the National Passenger Car Market Information Conference, in March this year, the new energy passenger car wholesale sales reached 202,000, a year-on-year increase of 261.3%. Specifically, on the model, there is a situation in which the sales of high-end models is strongly increased. Among them, A00-level wholesale sales is 67,000 units, and the market share is 40% of pure electricity; the sales volume of the B-level electric vehicle is 52,000, an increase of 79% from the previous month, and the market share is 31%, and the performance is strong.

The above person said that in recent years, the luxury car market has been constantly strengthening, and the high-end new energy auto market has a larger market space. Anchoring in this market, not only gives a higher bicycle premium, but also further enhance its brand influence.

In fact, in addition to the gravitation of the high-end auto market itself, the new energy auto market has also triggered the reshaping of the car companies, and this is one of the factors that drive more and more traditional cars to push new brands.

Brand zone is essential

At the time of the Securities Times, in addition to the Shanghai Auto Show, in addition to the large number of high-end new energy car brands, the birth of the tank is a “new forces” developed from a car into a brand.

It is understood that before the brand is independent, the tank 300 is a model of the Great Wall Auto High-end brand Wey, which has become a model of cross-country SUV. After the launch has become a burst model in the market, not only single month orders over 10,000 The accumulated order also broke through 30,000 units.

After the new car continues to sell, the Great Wall car decided to officially independently independent of the tank, with Haval, Wey, Great Wall Picard, Ou and other brands, becoming the fifth largest brand of Great Wall.

In the automotive ring, the case developed into a brand is not a small number. Previous Jetta brand is also developed by explosive vehicles into independent brands.

However, the rapid independence of the tank brand has caused a wave of disputes in the industry. Some people believe that multi-brand combat will lead to the energy of the car enterprises too dispersed, which is not conducive to focus.

In this regard, Meng Xiangjun, president of the Great Wall Auto President, said that the independence of the tank brand is based on long-term observation of the market. At present, the China Auto Market has entered the stock market from the incremental age. The vehicle companies need to explore more subdivided markets to fully meet the needs of consumers.

The movement of the Great Wall car reflects an important trend in the automotive industry: that is, more and more car companies have begun to pay attention to the location of different brands to accurately cover each segment.

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, this trend is particularly obvious. For example, BYD launched two new cars in Tang DM-I and EA1. An interior who is close to BYD tells the Securities Director, the future, BYD’s dynasty series model will be more focused on high-end, and the E-net series model, the main cost performance, more serving young consumers.

The industry discloses that different brand positioning should correspond to different segments. For most of the vehicle companies, it is also very important to do a good job between brands while playing high-end.

Traditional car companies also have advantages

Wei Si, Xiaopeng, Ideal and other newly developed car companies have made the entire industry aware of these new forces, and also attracted Fuji, Xiaomi, Easy Car, Skyworth and other crossovermen. The “new forces” launched in traditional cars have further aggravated the competition of the entire industry. Where are these new brands of traditional cars, where is their competitiveness? Will you shake the existing market pattern? With more and more new brands, this series of issues has caused high concern throughout the industry.

Liu Tao, Joint CEO, Tao Tao, told the Securities Times reporter, SAIC to create high-end brand intelligence is very different, which is reflected in two aspects: one, the SAIC Group as the old manufacturer in the manufacturing field, its supply chain is very strong; From the technical point of view, the investment and accumulation of the hardware, software, platform and the like is very deep, and these advantages are sufficient to support the SAIC to create a new luxury brand.

An And Conghui also said to the Securities Times. Compared with the new promotion of new promoters, the new brands built by Geely have more comprehensive resources and technical strength, which is not available in the short term.

Huaxi Securities pointed out that Chang’an, SAIC and other vehicle enterprises have launched high-end intelligent electric car brands, which will impat out demand from supply, especially the launch of explosive models, will drive the acceleration of new energy automotive permeability, which in turn drives the entire industry The introduction period has grown into a growth period.

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