BYD announced the new energy plan, and more models will be launched in the next three years.

Recently, BYD has been widely circulated in the next three years of new car plans, which showed that BYD plans to launch 8 new energy models between 2021 and 2023. In 2021, 3 DM-I models will be launched in the domestic market, including Qin Plus DM-I listed on March 8, and Song Plus DM-I models just listed on March 25. Predicting the third DM-I model should be Tang DM-I, and these three new cars have adopted BYD’s super mixing techniques.

In addition to the three DM-I models, BYD will also launch a pure electric hatch in this year. In the next year and the following year, the pure electric SUV and car models are launched, and there is also a mixed B-class model. It can be seen that it is 2023, the pure electric pickup card and the plug-in mixed pickup type also appeared on the BYD product plan. Bymidi’s new energy products will cover the A-class car, B-class pure electric, mixed sedan, and SUV cars and pure electricity, mixed pickup types.

When the topic of new energy cars has just prevalent in the previous year, the domestic new energy auto market is the first to force new energy and BYD new energy. Just focusing on the Northern Strike new energy of the microcontrol, although the anti-lifelike power exchange technique is put forward, with many domestic and foreign car companies involved in the new energy vehicle, the new energy of Beiqi new energy has explicitially explicitly.

Against BYD’s new energy, in the early first-in-one mixed power model, bring a lot of time to contact new energy owners. With the early relying on the advantages of the battery, with Daimler to launch high-end new energy brands to promote further improvement. Subsequently launched a variety of pure electric models to improve matrices, one step by one footprint makes BYD’s new energy in the current domestic market, and favors many consumers.

Among them, the fuel models such as BYD Tang, Song and Qin, which were named after the Chinese ancient dynasty, were launched by the market test, and the introduction of plug-in hybrid is also easier to accept consumers. In addition, after the new car is replaced, it is equipped with the DM-I super mixing technology of BYD, and the fuel economy is further improved, and the thermal sales of these models have been buried.

For the pickup market, in the past, because the policy strict control caused this market, this market is sluggish. With the relaxation of the policy, many car companies have recently launched the pickup model. BYD took this plan to achieve a step in place, which plans to launch new energy pickup types, not only improve the product matrix, but also seizes the priority when the future fuel truck is transformed into new energy models.

When there are just once in the new energy field, there are many car companies that they want to take this opportunity to overtake, but they really use this miracle. Now it seems that it is not BYDo.

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