BYD EA1 ushered in the first show, using blade batteries, body design more exquisite beauty

This year’s Shanghai Auto Show is in previous years, the most obvious change is more and more types of new energy models. In the auto show in the first few years, the new energy models are very remote. In addition to the concept car of the new, most of the traditional car companies are mainly brought about by many traditional cars. In this auto show, new energy vehicles have become a heavy model of major cars, but also in China, as the leaders of domestic new energy vehicles, BYD also launched the first show of the new model EA1.

It can be seen that this new car uses a new family-style design language, more precious former technology. The new car has a closed treatment, highlighting the identity of the pure electric model. The front headlights on both sides have selected a diamond design, seamlessly connected to the Chinese network. It seems more integrated, rounded design is also electrically style. The lower grille is used in the retraction design, more exquisite.

From the side of the body, the new car is more compact and young, the waist line is given a Z-shaped passage. The lower lines also use silver chrome-plated decoration, from the rear wheel arch to the front wheel arch, more fashion design. The alloy wheels that enclosed a blade shape seem to be technically. The luggage in the roof makes a new car creates a feeling of a suspended roof, and the car is more moving in the car.

From the end of the car, BYD EA1 is extremely obvious. The taillights use through the through-type design, and the middle still retains the English letters created for dreams. BYD EV in the lower left corner of the trunk shows its brand identity. Below, the cutting plate decoration of the smoked treatment is used. At the bottom, the opening of the exhaust port is canceled, emphasizing the positioning of the new car pure electric model energy saving and non-pollution.

In terms of interior, it can be seen that the new car uses three multi-function steering wheel this classic design, full LCD dashboard and suspended large-scale control screens to rise in the car. At the center of the central control, it is an outwardly protruding stage, which makes the interpretation of the car more obvious, the outer edge is a cylindrical design, similar to the function button. On the air-conditioned air outlet, the new car has chosen the circular echo type air outlet design, more similar technology.

In terms of power, BYD has not yet announced the parameter information of this EA1, but this model is expected to be equipped with a blade battery pack and a battery body integrated design. The platform to build this car has excellent performance in a hundred kilometers of 2.9 seconds. I believe that this new car’s motivation performance will be satisfactory.

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