BYD launches pure-in -genated cars, 2.9 seconds to break 100, “small steel gun”

BYD has recently said that it is one of the most popular brands in the new energy market. At present, BYD has taken the position of new energy model sales in 200 years, which is enough to see that BYD is in the new energy field. Last year, BYD Han EV has become a benchmark of domestic electric sedan, but the success of Han EV is not only handsome, but more important is BYD’s new energy related technologies.

Recently, BYD has launched a car, and the position of this car is just the opposite of the Han, and it has taken a private route, which is BYD EA1. BYD EA1 is in this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, and after this model, there were many consumers blindly bid this car, then how is this pure-in -genated caram? We together look.

In terms of appearance, BYD EA1 uses a new design language. This set of design languages ​​is different from the Dynasty series, but adopted “Oceanic Aesthetics” design. The front face looks very delicate, the headlights are integrated with the top two grids. It is very harmonious about the stitching. It is worth mentioning that this time BYD EA1 uses a new LOGO, which looks more atmospheric than the previous logo. The side of the body looks a little flying, but it is full of flying, the visual effect is very colorful. In fact, this style is very suitable for girls, because BYD EA1 is really cute. The tail is designed with a through lamp strip, echoes the front face.

In terms of power, BYD EA1 will create a blade battery and have a high security. It is understood that the car supports fast charge mode, driving 150 kilometers for five minutes, and can solve the problem of endurance anxiety. And its motivation is very strong, and the 100-kilometer acceleration takes only 2.9 seconds, called “small steel gun” in the pure electricity. In terms of car quality, the new car is also created by the new E platform 3.0, and the process does not limit the PYD Han EV.

At present, the final price of the car has not yet given, but the author predicts the price of the car 10 to 150,000. If the price is true, would you choose this car to buy? The author believes that the factors that determine if consumers pay for this, not only the appearance, motivation, and electric vehicles’ battery life is especially critical. From the information of the E platform 3.0, the platform can create an electric vehicle for the battery life of 1000km, and everyone feels BYD. How much is the EA1 end?

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