BYD: Pure tram type “Pepper”

The future of BYD will be replaced with a blade battery.

On April 7, 2021, BYD held “Pure Electricity” in Chongqing – BYD New Car Listening Conference.

The four pure tram type released at the meeting: 2021 Tang EV, Qin Plus EV, Song Plus EV and 2021 E2, full switching blade battery.

BYD Co., Ltd. and president Wang Chuanfu speaker at the press conference

Wang Chuanfu said, “After the blade battery is released, almost every car brand you can think of is negotiating with Fudi batteries.” At present, the blade battery capacity quickly climb, the quality is stable and reliable, far more expensive, start to the whole industry External supply.

“Everyone will be able to see the future, the blade battery is connected to the new energy car in the mainstream brands at home and abroad.” Wang Chuanfu said.

Wang Chuanfu introduces the external supply of the blade battery

In addition, when talking about the issue of the global chip shortage, Wang Chuanfu revealed that BYD was in the field of car grade chips, the layout was very early, independent research and development, strong adaptability, almost unaffected by this global automotive chip shortage.


Four models compared to the previous generation of comprehensive price cuts

The focus of this conference is also a four models released by BYD.

2021 Tang EV, Qin Plus EV, Song Plus EV and 2021 E2 four pure tram types fully switched with blade battery. It is worth noting that these four models have cut a mileage model than the previous generation of the same renewal mileage model, respectively.

Don EV has a significant decline compared with the previous generation, such as the last 500 km of 2021 Tang EV subsidies, the lowest price is 279,500 yuan, 2019 Tang EV600 is 297,900 yuan, the price reduces approximately 20,000 yuan .

Source: car home

2021 Tang EV, in the whole product, the zero-hell acceleration is up to 4.4 seconds, the brake distance is 34.5m, the battery life can be 565km, and the charging can run 118km. It also carries more user-machine interactions, more humane smart space, giving users a full range of intelligent pilots. 2021 Tang EV has pushed four-drive high performance honorary, and the zero hundred acceleration is only 4.6 seconds, and it is the first medium-scale four-wheel drive 7 pure electric SUV in 300,000.

BYD E2 price also has a significant decline, taking 400 kilometers BYD E2 as an example, the price of 2021 E2 subsidies is 99,800 yuan, 2019 price is 109,800 yuan, the price is reduced by 10,000 yuan.

Source: car home

2021 E2 is equipped with a blade battery, coupled with a lightweight safety body, a comprehensive main passive security configuration. At the same time, it has 401km long cruise, 100 kilometers of power consumption as low as 10.8kWh, and the performance is fully leading.

The lowest price after the 2021 Qin Plus EV subsidy is 1.298 million yuan. This is a pure new model, the price is relatively favorable, the price of the 2018 Qin PRO of 400 kilometers is 169,900 yuan, which is reduced by nearly 40,000 yuan.

Source: car home

In terms of performance, the most prominent 2021 Qin Plus EV ultra-long battery flagship, 0 to 50 kilometers accelerated to 4 seconds, far more than 600km long battery life. Charge once, ten weeks of commute. 30 minutes DC fast charge, electricity can be charged from 30% to 80%.

2021 Song PLUS EV subsidy price is 1.698 million yuan, the class is 500 kilometers than the 2019 Song PRO, the renewal mileage is 500 kilometers, 2019 Song PRO price is 219,800 yuan, the price is less than 50,000 yuan.

Source: car home

Upgrade Song Plus EV cooperates with a new generation of intelligent temperature control systems, and the German luxury car chassis, easy to break through 505km battery life, 0 to 50km acceleration time to 4.4 seconds. The whole department is equipped with 360 ° HD panoramic image system, holographic transparent imaging system, intelligent remote control driving, new energy exclusive mobile power station, VTOL 220V power output and other super-smart technology.


Blade battery leads,

Lithium iron phosphate battery substantial rebound

BYD is full of pure electric packages, which is the long working operation of BYD. In the post-subsidy era, the advantages of the blade battery have been paid attention to in the safety of electric vehicles.

Wang Chuanfu summarizes five major characteristics for the blade battery: super safety, super strength, super life, super battery life, super power.

Blade battery

Among them, BYD is the most proud of it. Bydi repeatedly spreads, the industry and the user are familiar with the acupuncture test video, and the three-dimensional lithium battery is stunned, and the surface temperature exceeds 500 degrees Celsius; the BYD blade battery is behind the needle, not only does not fire, smokeless, And the surface temperature is only 30-60 degrees Celsius.

This conference, BYD updated a test result of the blade battery: heavy truck pressure test.

Heavy card pressure test is to make 46 tons full load heavy truck crushing blade battery pack, the blade battery pack is good, no leakage, no deformation, no smoke. Battery packaging returning cars can still be used normally. The test results under extreme harsh test conditions are sufficient to prove the performance of the blade battery in safety and intensity.

Blade battery rolling test

As the market is paying more and more attention to the safety of power battery, many mainstream battery packs, automotive host plants have released lithium iron phosphate batteries, and corresponding models. In particular, the launch of the blade battery leads the car and enterprises again to examine the lithium iron battery. In this regard, Wang Chuanfu listed a series of data. Since March last year, the model of lithium iron phosphate battery is equipped in pure electric vehicles, from 6%, continuous up to 32%, more than 5 times more; Lithium battery installed, from 0.53 gWh, rose to 6.89 GWH, turn over 13 times; Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new energy passenger car with lithium iron phosphate batteries, accounting for 8%, increased to the highest, nearly half, this It was 6 times more. As demand continues to expand, the price of lithium iron phosphate is also jumped.

Lithium iron phosphate is again favored


Han EV sells well,

BYD’s new energy sales

As the first BYD Han EV with a blade battery, market feedback is very enthusiastic. Since the listing, BYD Han has been sold in 4 months.

In this regard, Wang Chuanfu also enumerated a group of data to illustrate the results of Han. In the past year, there have been more than 1127 models in China in the past year; only 43 models are only 10,000.

High-end cars in the overall price of more than 200,000 yuan are only 8. In the large-scale C-class cars, I can get this achievement. In addition to BBA, it is BYD Han. “This is the Chinese auto industry, for more than 60 years, for the first time, in the middle and large-scale C-class sedan market, the continuous month sales broke all over a month.” Wang Chuanfu said.

Wang Chuanfu is a Han spot

Under the leadership of BYD, BYD’s new energy passenger cars recently increased. New energy automotive plates, BYD’s spending 54,751 units in January – March, a year-on-year increase of 146.72%.

The blade battery is the first battle, now BYD pure electricity “Sweeping” attack, it has already shown offensive potentials in the price, how will market feedback will be, very expected.


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