BYD Qin Plus DM-i is listed on the market, how is the new car?

2020 can be said to be the first year of the electric vehicle to get a new development. Although some of the auto exhibitions in the first half of the epidemic have not been held as scheduled, huge market purchasing power also allowed the domestic electric car to sell nearly 500,000 units, this expression also Many manufacturers have seen the market’s attitude towards electric vehicles, so many models will be listed in 2021. Today we introduce a new car that is about to launch BYD, Qin Plus DM-I.

The car opened the pre-sale on January 11 this year and is expected to be officially launched on March 2 this year. At present, there is less than ten days from the new car, and some questions in the car, today we will take a look.

The price of the new car will be the focus of all friends. The official is currently not given, the pre-sale price is 10.78-147,800. According to the consistent practice of BYD manufacturers, the official price after the listing may also be reduced, but because the pre-sale price of the car is lower, even There will be no more surprises.

A friend who budget is not too high has certain interests for the car, so they have a greater attention for the low match of the car. Although manufacturers have launched low-cost models, low-equipped models often test the production capacity of manufacturers. If the order is full, the production capacity is insufficient, it is likely to lead to the delay of low-cost models, centralized power production. This approach is also a common choice for most manufacturers. After all, China is a mainstream source of making money.

For electric vehicles, it is a major question of many potential consumers that can be successfully solved in the north. As far as it is, BYD’s blade battery is higher, and its battery performance is also more superior. And this DM-I model can help the owner get rid of mileage anxiety in the hybrid mode. Take Toyota Mixed Model as an example, Toyota’s own 1.35-degree battery can be used in northeast, and this Qin Plus DM-I model 120 pure battery life is equipped with a 20-degree battery, even if the weather is low, lithium electron activity Reduce, starting is not a problem, and then the presentation will not affect the travel. However, this is only a contrast for the other models. The Northern owners, especially the friends in the northeast, can watch it first, see if there is owner to be able to say.

Affected by the space, we share so much today. For this model that is not online, we will continue to pay attention, interested friends can pay more attention.

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