BYD Qin Plus DMI instrument is too small to vomit, Nakinik?

Have to say, consumers buy a car except for the quality of the car itself, the brand of the car is also crucial, and sometimes more important than the car itself. Some people may refute me, but this is the fact now. Take Tesla as an example, as a global electric vehicle faucet brand, it is indeed possible, but there are many problems. For example, rainy days, the car is obviously not fine enough to work. There is also the best brake door, but it is still unable to resist people’s love for Tesla, which is the power of good brands.

Summary in BYD Qin Plus DMi, this car is called the subversive of the fuel car, and its super mixing technology can be 3.8L, which is only 3.8L, which is only 3.8L. Daily use cost. It can be said to be in a leading technique in the technical technology.

Aspect, BYD Qin Plus DMi adopts a new design language, subverting the traditional BYD’s car appearance, using “Long Yan” design, the front face is more atmospheric, the curve of the overall model is also more smooth, although it is a Class A sedan, but It seems that it feels very comfortable.

In terms of interior, BYD Qin Plus DMI is also quite qualified, the central control rotatable big screen, so that this 100,000-level sedan is particularly technological, the push-type gear is also allowed to feel the next floor. However, on the instrument panel, BYD Qin Plus DMi “turned into the car”, many netizens think that this instrument panel is too small, and even less than the phone, it is seriously lowered the interior value of the car. Even some people say that because of this dashboard, give up the idea of ​​buying a car. So, this clever dial is really a failure of design, or is it to save costs?

When I said this problem, I can’t help but think of another car. It is Koniele Gemera. This is a super run, the appearance is very handsome, and its interior is exactly the same as Qin Plus DMI, and this The interior of the car is almost no one to spit too ugly, but praised its minimal design, maybe this is the power of the brand.

There are also some netizens who have the same idea. When you encounter some people who are extremely vomiting Plus DMI dashboard, these netizens will take out the Knevo Gemera. In fact, the influence of the brand itself is part of the performance of the automotive market, but it is really no need to generate a double mark because the brand is different. The road of domestic cars is still very long, we should give more support for domestic cars, but also have confidence in domestic cars. Do you think BYD Qin Plus DMI is really so unbearable? Welcome everyone to comment.

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