BYD surprised the sky: last year, died of three yuan, this year’s miles 811

On April 13, domestic Ford Mustang Mach-E was officially launched. Compared to the media more attention to electric horses, new energy auto industry is more concerned about the BYD NCM811 battery it uses. Yes, I have been convinced of the lithium phosphate battery, and the BYD of the three-yuan lithium battery is ruthless. Now she launched the 811 triple lithium battery, which made everyone feel quite suddenly and unexpected.

On the technology route of new energy vehicle power batteries, the three-dimensional battery has no doubt that has become the mainstream choice of the world’s leading power battery supplier, of which 811 batteries must be high-end models, from Ningde Times, Fu Energy and other domestic brands. Foreign brands such as Panasonic, LGC, have not been able to. Only high-end three-dimensional lithium battery technology is delayed by BYD is still obsessed with lithium phosphate, and is a blade battery.

The disclosure of the 811 battery means that BYD has mastered the high-nickel battery technology, although the application effect still has uncertainty, but it is a leap-forward progress against BYD’s ternary lithium battery technology. Just, from the previous dry dead three-yuan lithium battery, but now, it is only a more active high-nickel three-yuan lithium battery embrace, only one year, BYD’s face speed is too fast, which reflects that BYD is a purpose. It is extremely useful in marketing.

In everyone’s subconscious, China’s car productive products have always been gap with foreign products. However, in the era of new energy, China’s new energy vehicles do not lose foreign brand cars, some excellent products, even have advantages, such as the extreme 氪 001 last night. The fundamental difference is that China has excellent power battery suppliers such as Ningde Times, Fu Can Technology, which has mastered the core of the core of the new energy vehicle.

Based on the core weapon of the three yuan lithium battery, including the new energy car brand, which is extremely, 蔚 来, Xiaopeng and other China’s new energy car brands are limited, and they can collect them up, BYD’s marketing tactics can’t stop China’s new energy automotive industry. The road to the rise. On the contrary, BYD should also reflect, why did the “China New Energy Leaders”, after receiving so many new energy subsidies, three yuan lithium battery technology not only did not keep up with the era, but now become the development of China’s new energy development. stumbling block?

1, BYD kills the three yuan lithium battery

Time is returned to March 29 last year, BYD officially issued a blade battery. The so-called blade battery is just an outer shape, which is still a lithium iron phosphate battery on the material. This gameplay is the same as BYD’s “iron battery”. Although the blade battery name is fresh, because the material is still a lithium iron battery, BYD’s battery technology is questioned by the new energy industry.

At this time, the international leading power battery brand has launched a trunk 811 battery in the three-yuan lithium battery, and BYD can only do 523,622 batteries, and the application effect is not good. Baidu search “BYD E5 self-ignition”, the resulting results are above 151,000. Even BYD is the most important lithium iron phosphate, there is no much domination, and the domestic energy density is the highest-to-digital brand is Guoxuan’s high-tech, and the largest market share is the Ningde era.

Because the company’s management family is obvious, not a modernization, and there is no timely opening, the inner volume of BYD is only the lithium iron phosphate structure, the material is not changed, that is, the blade battery, and there is no timely effort Advanced three-dimensional lithium battery, which directly leads to the defeat of BYD in 2017 by the Xiu Ningde Times and arrests the China Power Battery Championship. Now, Tesla Run, BYD has even been surpassed by LGC.

BYD collapses and falls on the battery, not other people, but Wang Chuanfu is small, and the company is difficult to return. Although BYD’s battery technology has not been placed in the eyes of major batteries, they did not expect that in the spirit of killing a thousand self-defeating, BYD played with three yuan lithium and lithium iron phosphate. Core needle experiment, and use BYD’s communication power in C-terminal, you will instill a concept to ordinary consumers: the blade battery is super-safe, and the ternary lithium is very dangerous.

After the development, everyone knows. This will not only hurt the big three yuan lithium battery manufacturers, but also let the new energy brands are incomparable, simply from the sky. BYD is naturally the only winner, through the concept of super-safety in the blade battery, the security concept of Han EV launched in the same period is deeply rooted, and the monthly sales will break through 10,000 units. As the important front line of this battle, Li Yunfei, deputy chief of BYD original sales, rose to the general manager of the brand this year.

In the view of the new energy industry, BYD has won the colorful, because the blade battery is lithium iron phosphate, this is known as “relative safety”, from the iron battery to the blade battery, change a conceptual stir-fry, what is the meaning? In addition, BYD’s acupuncture experiment is not rigorous. The major elements constituting the self-ignition of the electric vehicle are the battery pack after the battery pack, rather than direct acupuncture.

The reason why three yuan lithium can guarantee enough (5 minutes) escape time after thermal out-of-control, like BMW, these big brands can even reach 30 minutes. The development of national standards is a reality guiding, which is also included in BYD and other agencies, brand recognition, and taking the battery to do acupuncture experiments. There is no practical significance. In fact, three yuan lithium can be accepted experiments, but it is only necessary to increase costs, but this is not conducive to the forward development of the new energy industry, and national standards that formulate 5 minutes of escape are the best results of balance the battery technology and cost. Obviously, as one of the development of standard participants, BYD has benefited from this standard to push 523,622 and other series of three yuan lithium batteries, but still chooses to do this controversial experiment, the purpose is to attack the three yuan, then carry High-pronged phosphate battery, this marketing means is not high, and the endless anxiety is reacted in BYD in the leading position of the power battery. With the interests of our own, in turn, the development of China’s new energy industry, BYD has not been too narrow and private.

Take the public interest to death, BYD has become the hindrance to China’s new energy development. If this is only a small number of small doors of BYD sales company, Wang Chuanfu is a representative figure of China’s new energy. Participate in disputes in person, fully highlight the small landscape of big figures. Such BYD is destined to live in some iron powder, but will not go to the world as gelatine, the Great Wall, becoming a great, let everyone respect the Chinese car brand.

2. The status of three yuan lithium is not touched, and BYD’s tactics should take place.

What is the future power battery technology? This issue has not contained in the new energy industry. In the past few years, because of subsidies, three yuan lithium batteries, now subsidized, the cost, the cost, the lithium iron phosphate battery is rolling.

According to the data disclosed in China’s Automotive Battery Industry Innovation Alliance, my country’s power battery loading volume is 9.0GWh, up 224.8% year-on-year, up 61.3% from the previous month. Among them, the three-dimensional lithium co-install vehicle 5.1GWh, up 129.0% year-on-year, up 53.1% from the previous month; 3.9GWh of lithium iron phosphate coexistence car, up 627.9% year-on-year, up 73.7%. From January to March, my country’s power battery loading volume was 23.2GWH, which was 308.7% year-on-year. Among them, the amount of three yuan lithium load is 13.8GWH, accounting for 59.5% of the total assembly, a total of 219.6% year-on-year; the amount of lithium-loaded car is 9.4GWH, accounting for 40.4% of the total assembly, and the total increase of 603.3%.

Simply, benefited from cost advantages, as well as the strong rebound in the microcontrol market, and lithium iron phosphate loaded speed is flying. Moreover, the lithium iron phosphate battery will not only occupy a new energy vehicle market, and there is also a very considerable potential at low speed, two rounds and energy storage markets. Based on this logic judgment, lithium iron phosphate is very good. Since the lithium phosphate is so good, does the ternary lithium mean no market? Obviously not.

From a market perspective, the growth of the current phosphate battery in the new energy passenger car market is mainly from the rebound of the small mini car market, with a share of about 40%, and slowly penetrates in the MODEL 3 and other medium-sized cars. The multiplier data shows that in March, the A00-level pure electric vehicle market share is as high as 39%, an increase of 860% year-on-year, this year’s total share is 1002%, no matter whether it is March or accumulated, the A00-level pure electric market is One of the fastest segments of growth.

Another fastest market segment is the large-scale luxury car market. The multiplier data shows that in March, the B-level pure electric market share is 34%, which is only 1.8% of the C-class market share, which is worth noting that the bidding market is worth it. The growth rate is as high as 316%, 3421%, and it is clear that the medium-sized pure electric vehicle market releases a good growth potential signal.

For the medium-sized pure tram market, performance is the primary product indicator, the cost is second, and as a luxury brand, their users have more demand for the life (such as 100 degrees of electricity). From a technical point of view, the mass energy density of lithium iron phosphate does not take advantage of, and the development of the material is tended to see the top, and the three yuan lithium still has many excavation space. Last month, Fu Can Technology’s ternary lithium battery energy density has reached 330Wh / kg, which means that the large-scale pure electric car life can be easily a thousand kilometers.

As for the three-dimensional lithium battery, this is actually a pseudo-proposition. Simple combing will find that the so-called electric car spontaneous combustion, most of them are inferior models of low-end brands, or they are either unknown brands, or they are unreasonable, bias. Taking the whole system to equip the three-yuan lithium battery as an example, since the short burns after the battery pack design problem (non-battery problem), it has not burned a boy in two years since the production of battery pack design issues (non-battery problems).

About battery safety, this topic is too large, and details will not be described here. Overall, whether from the market perspective, or from a technical point of view, the future of three-yuan lithium has a very great potential. Three-yuan lithium battery, now there will be a must for high-end models later. In fact, as long as technical progress, the key is an irreversible process, and the three-dimensional lithium battery rule the entire passenger car market has not been possible. Such trends, BYD will not understand, so the 811 battery is launched, it looks unexpected, but it is in an rationale. However, the Internet is a memory. Today, the 811 battery is pushed. Yesterday, there was a three yuan lithium in the dead, and it was a small look. It was BYD marketing self-face, and greater, BYD’s selfish behavior almost ruined three yuan lithium Destroy the victory fruit of China’s new energy. At the beginning of this year, Wang Chuanfu once again shouted to put the three yuan lithium acupuncture experiments in the national standard. I don’t know if BYD has launched the 811 battery. Is there a needle test? For such an initiative without any practical meaning, Wang Chuanfu is always a helpless force, and its lattice is completely responsible for representatives of China’s new energy.

Perhaps the emergence of this 811 battery is contrary to the values ​​of the three-dimensional lithium battery before, BYD officially performs extremely low-key. Interestingly, when the electromotive reporter inquired about the 811 battery information, he did not know that BYD had 811 batteries at all. It can be seen that in order to strongly push the phosphate blade battery, BYD pair 811 Battery R & D confidentiality work How is it, everything is a purposeful arrangement.

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